World Anti-Corruption Day

    The 9th December is 'International Anti-Corruption Day'.  Whereas I appreciate that this is not directly related to health matters it is indirectly in that corruption in all its various forms impacts on all of us in some way which in turn can affect our health whether it be mental or physical.

    Corruption is much more wide spread that most people realise and it affects the behaviour of people in all walks of life.  Much of it is quite innocent such as doing a favour for someone in return for them doing something for you.  That’s not a problem when it is transparent and nothing is hidden.  It is when it escalates to when someone uses their influence to bring about a particular result in return for some form of gain which can be under many guises.

    It is frequently done in business even though it is illegal in most countries although rarely enforced.  Over the last decade the area that has received most scrutiny has been the incentives given to the medical profession by Pharma which has led to the over prescribing of many drugs.

    Even worse than this is the corruption that goes on at political level which can have such wide reaching impact on the well-being and health of the general population.   No-where is that more apparent than in Africa.  What is interesting is that we are all quick to condemn the dictators and despots who get wealthy at the expense of the general population, but, they are not the only ones to blame.  Without businesses from western countries have a lot to answer for in allowing businesses to perpetuate the practice of making payments to politicians in positions of power.

    We have been faced with occasions in which difficult business paths in overseas countries could be ‘smoothed’ by the ‘transfer’ of money but as a matter of principle we refuse to do it and instead take the more difficult path, and we always get there in the end.  Of course we are not adverse to showing our appreciation when an official is helpful but that appreciation is either in the form of flowers or perhaps a bucket of kiwifruit to be share amongst others in the office.

    It would be a far happier and healthy world if everyone was more aware of the implications of corruption and did their bit to help reduce it.  To have a look at where your country ranks in the international corruption 'stakes' please click here ("2011 Transparency International CPI Report shows 80% of humans live under corrupt government").  

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    Regret that the recent revelations for the EQC in Chch may alter the premier position that NZ has attained. There is corruption and corruption – and the perceptions of the society.

    Paying baksheesh to  a wharf worker in India to get your container out of the sun and on to a truck – or – fighting the "Old Boy" network in Christchurch? Now the latter would never stoop to take "money" but can (and have), made impossible or even destroyed the chances of people doing business in the city. Which is worse? The Indian who might make three or four days extra "pay" (may be $5.00 a day) on a quite open basis – or the quite covert form of the other?

    I’ve had to deal with both – one only costs money – the other can be soul destroying.

    Murray December 08 2011

    I agree with the above post, in regard to the US. If the rankings had just taken issue with the US federal gov’t, and not included the states and cities, I think it would be ranked at #1 or at least tied for it. Although the city I live in, Columbus, Ohio,  has a city government that is utterly corrupt and now makes minor offenses such as parking space violations $500 fines. They also set up the parking places to entrap people.

    In addition, companies like Monsanto push their noxious poisons, that are shown to cause sterility in animals, on other countries like India- and then just walk away when the crops fail and farmers lose everything. The US Congress, Courts, and Executive branch ( including the current president) are 98% all bought off and paid for. This allows companies like Monsanto to put their key people in positions like for the head of the USDA, so that they can make and enforce safety regulations at their whim, like approving new dangerous GMO crops like alfalfa this year- which will contaminate the entire organic alfalfa crop in the US, as well as the organic meat industry, thus knocking out their biggest competition without a single shot fired, and at the same time poisoning the US population, while our leaders glibly stand by and watch and snicker as they get the cash, lucrative jobs, and other quid-pro-quo’s stuffed in their pocket. The sicker they make the US population- the easier to control. This people are sociopaths, psychopaths, incompetents, and mentally-challenged,  with no concern for fellow humans or the fact that they are poisoning themselves in the process.

    Our founders warned us about the dangers of not keeping an eye on our leaders in this democratic republic, and keeping politicians in check so that they remember the power is loaned to them from the people and can be taken away at anytime should  they not be using it correctly. Now we are at this very juncture, yet the people are too dumbed-down and complacent from the many years of fluoride in the water and prescription, unsafe, mind-altering drugs, which have taken away their will.
    You have gangsters running the white house using the same techniques learned from Al Capone in Chicago. These are bullies and criminals, and will only back down when people have the guts to stand up to them and show them it will pay for them to continue to abuse people.

    If these criminals and treasonous traitors have the gall to raid peaceful Amish farmers selling healthy raw milk (the same raw milk the founders drank with no problems) with swat teams and machine guns, while letting dangerous GMO’s, EMF radiation, chemical herbicide, pesticide, and insecticide poisons sprayed like candy on our food and them dumped in our water, along with refusing to report on the real nuclear fallout we are being subject to from Fukishima and or raising the limit of what they consider safe, you can see we are living in barbaric times with Atilla the Hun ruling us.

    Bob December 09 2011

    Perceptions are one thing, reality is something totally different. Everyone must understand that the corruption of this world is intense and getting worse. The push for the New World order is well underway and we’re starting to see the effects of that here in United States and certainly around the world. We are seeing that at least here in United States Especially with the recent activation of the FEMA camps as well as other laws that are coming into place undermining the Constitution which our founding fathers established over 200 years ago. But this isn’t just effect the USA. I believe that the attack on the supplemental industry is one of the ways the New World order is flexing its muscle. Another concern in fact is that the New World order is is instituting chem trails (and now with nano-chems) throughout the world and making people sick with the intent of population control. We ALL must wake up to the evil that is upon us. Pray, hope, don’t worry!SEE:

    Medjugorje December 09 2011

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