What about the CoQ10 in Total Balance?

    Recently a customer asked “why we don’t use the Ubiquinol form of CoQ10 in our Total Balance range of supplements?” Good question.

    The Ubiquinol is too unstable to use in the Total Balance formula. When it is exposed to air it degrades very rapidly and converts to the Ubiquinone form. We can avoid this problem when we formulate our fish oils because we carry out the blending under a nitrogen blanket and the Ubiquinol is not exposed to air. As far as I know we are the only manufacturer who does this.

    It is not possible to do this when formulating the Total Balance. This is because Total Balance formulation is comprised of all powders and there are up to 85 of them. This requires a very complex blending process which can take up to a couple of hours in a special blender.

    If we were to use Ubiquinol much of it would be converted to Ubiquinone during this process, so it negates the benefit of paying almost 10 times more for the Ubiquinol.

    When we complete the development of the next generation of Total Balance we will eliminate the CoQ10 Ubiquinone as most of our customers also take our fish oil and now that we have our QH Premium CoQ10 version it is possible for everyone to get their supplies of Ubiquinol in a very economic form and with the convenience of having it combined with our Omega 3 fish oils.

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    I have taken your Total Balance and Ultra fish oil for quite a long time. Recently my homeopathic doctor put me on something called ’ oemine’…it contains broccoli. The dose is two in the morning. My very loud and often fast heartbeat has gone very quiet with a slower rate!! I still take Total Balance but have given up the Fish oil……didn’t have the same result. BUT I think Total Balance is marvellous!! Many thanks Jil

    jil bartley April 21 2011

    Dennis and Ron…Yes, the CoQ10 is essential for those people on a statin. However, even one capsule of our Omega 3 QH/Ultra which has 25mgs of Ubiquinol is still more potent than 150mgs of Ubiquinone in tablet form. So, the normal dose of 50mgs of Ubiquinol in the standard dose of 2 soft gels of QH Ultra is really very potent and adequate for most people, even those on a statin.

    Because we add the Ubiquinol basically at cost into QH/Ultra it is a very economic way to get it. If additional amounts are needed then the daily dose of the QH/Ultra can be increased to four a day which is what I take. That provides 100mgs of Ubiquinol a day which is equivilant to about 600mgs of Ubiquinone. So Ron, it is not really practical for us to increase the amount in Qh/Ultra as the current level is about right.

    Warren Matthews April 22 2011

    So if COQ10 is removed from TB where do I get mine from as I am allergic to fish.

    Allan April 22 2011

    Obviously, it sounds, there is new generation of Total Balance in the pipeline? What will be new about it? I see your dropping Ubiquinone. Is there anything else that will be dropped? Anything new and exciting added?

    Andy April 21 2011

    Bob…yes, we are intending to remove and replace any shellfish derived ingredients and any other potential allergens that we can.

    Warren Matthews April 22 2011

    Would you consider an increase in the amounts of HGH, to what ever degree, in the TB Premium? Will you be increasing the Ubiquinol amount in the Omega Ultra since the Ubiquinone will be eliminated in all TB’s?
    We are very pleased to read that you are continually defining the ingredients in all formula’s.

    Ron April 22 2011

    Hi Andy,

    Yes, a new generation of TB is in the works but it will be around the end of the year before it is complete. We have got some new and exciting additions but I’m sorry I can’t give you the details of it yet as we are still working on them. What I can say is that the new generation will be a definite step up on what we currently have and help us stay at the top of this field.

    Warren Matthews April 21 2011


    What about soy? Would it be possible to have soy free supplements for people who want it? I’ve noticed that there is soy in all TB Premium, including the Unisex.

    Thank you.

    Vera April 27 2011

    Ron…not sure what you meant by increasing the amount of HGH in TB premium. Are you referring to precursors of HGH?

    Warren Matthews April 22 2011

    Please take the shellfish out of total balance.

    bob April 21 2011

    wow, this is interesting to know about the new generation of TB! So excited now!!

    RB April 21 2011

    Hi Warren,
    Thanks for the plans about removing the shellfish.  I am a long term TB premium customer who just discovered it was in there and had to send a recent order back for a refund. I will buy again after it is taken out. 


    Wayne Stephens April 24 2011

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