Welcome to the Flu Season!

September 2011, Xtend-Life Expert


This time of year it seems there are lots of people who have a cold, flu or some type respiratory infection. What a bonanza for Big Pharma drugs and flu vaccinations!

This time of year it seems there are lots of people who have a cold, flu or some type respiratory infection. What a bonanza for Big Pharma drugs and flu vaccinations!

Consider the recent alarmist statement made by Prof John Oxford, a virologist at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, in the UK. He claims that Britain is facing one of its worst winter flu outbreaks in years, and that older people will be hit harder than they have been in recent years.

'Scaremongering'? Swine flu all over again? Or fact?

We have mentioned previously how the swine flu paranoia was just a multi media frenzy to drive our money into Big Pharma’s pockets.

Similarly, although the flu season may be upon us with the dryer winter air helping germs to move more freely, it doesn’t mean a flu vaccination is critical. On the contrary. Once you realise the potential harm they can do, you may want to avoid them like the plague!

Flu Vaccine Perils

  1. All vaccines are immune suppressive: they suppress your immune system, which may not return to normal for weeks to months. This could increase your risk of contracting the flu or another infectious disease.
  2. Flu vaccinations are notoriously ineffective in reducing illness and mortality from the flu.
  3. After the largest flu-vaccination campaign in Canadian history, a Canadian-led study concluded that vaccinating nursing home workers had no effect on confirmed influenza cases among the homes' elderly residents.
  4. Only about 20% of flu-like illnesses are actually caused by influenza type A or B, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The other 80% are caused by more than 200 other bugs that can make you feel just as sick -- respiratory syncytial virus, bocavirus, coronavirus, and rhinovirus, to name a few. The flu shot will do virtually nothing to prevent those latter viruses that cause 80% of flu-like symptoms.

Only a healthy immune system can do that!

Indeed, if you do get flu and have a good immune response, you will probably recover quickly without serious complications, as well as obtain natural immunity to that strain of influenza and to similar ones. Vaccines bypass your natural first-line defence (your lgA immune system), so provide only temporary, typically inferior immunity compared to that your body would receive from naturally contracting and recovering from a disease.

It also appears that you can actually be exposed to the flu virus and not get sick. A new study by University of Michigan researchers may help put to rest the myth that you have to avoid the flu virus in order to avoid getting sick. When they infected 17 healthy people with the flu, only half of them got sick. The other half? They felt perfectly fine.

The difference is largely attributed to the health of the immune system and levels of free radical scavenging antioxidants.

To boost your immune system your best bet is to focus on your general health. So...

Boost Your Immune System by:

  • Eating plenty of raw, preferably organic fruits and veggies. Juicing is a great way to add dense nutrients.
  • Cutting out refined simple sugars and carbs which suppress the immune system. Excessive sugar increases insulin levels, which is one of the fastest ways to get sick and to age prematurely.
  • Optimizing Your Vitamin D levels through exposure to sunshine to boost the body's T cells which seek and destroy invading bacteria and viruses.
  • Exercising regularly. Exercise improves the circulation of immune cells which neutralize pathogens throughout your body.
  • Relaxing! Stress especially prolonged, suppresses immunity.
  • Sensible hygiene using ordinary soap and water not anti bacterial soaps with dubious healthy benefits.

For further immune and health protection, consider a good supplement protocol such as our Total Balance and Omega 3 Fish Oil. I would also add our new Kiwi-Klenz product to this protocol. This also has excellent immune enhancing properties.

On a side note, I should mention that our Chairman Warren Matthews tends to find all these references to recommendations for the over 65’s to have the flu jab rather amusing. He will be 65 next birthday, never gets a cold or flu, does a LOT of long distance travel and as such is exposed to the bugs in an aeroplane. His position is that if you take care of the basics of diet, exercise and supplementation you just shouldn’t get sick. He refuses to take medication or vaccines of any sort and I know he gets upset when he hears ‘experts’ such as Dr Oxford advocating that everyone should be vaccinated.

Anyway, the ‘flu season’ doesn’t have to be a ‘blue season’. Your lifestyle is one of the greatest predictors of whether you ‘get’ and suffer from the flu.

Live healthy and enjoy what poet Keats called "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness".


  • “Hello Nick You are of course correct that Health and wellbeing is a function of a healthy lifestyle which includes quality supplements.We always stress this in our communications. Indeed the above blog emphasizes how a healthy immune system results from a healthy lifestyle! I am very sad to hear of your heart problems. Yes, swine flu may well have influenced this. But it is possible that there were underlying weaknesses and imbalances in your immune system which enabled the virus to take hold. Perhaps if you follow the guidlines mentioned in the blog, it would help to strengthen your immune system? Thank you for your positive comments about the supplements you are taking. As to being a ‘larger global business’ if our route ‘was the route’ to preventing all common health problems’ that is not our intention. How can we do what you say? Ultimately it is up to each individual to do what they believe is right for them. We can only offer objective, well researched information so you can make an informed decision. If you ever wish to express your concerns to Warren, you may easily contact him by using the ‘Contact’ button at the top of this page. Thanks Caramia ”

    Xtend-Life Expert - October 01 2011

  • “I have been using your products ever since I has Heart Failure in Jan / Feb 2010 and they are very good but don’t try and play God with your products. By taking your supplements and leading a healthy lifetyle you can reduce the propensity to catch and allow them to take hold however not with virulent viruses like influenza. You may mock swine flu as a media stunt attatching paranoia to it but swine caused my heart failure leading to viral mycarditis, cardiomyopathy and AF. You are always disenfranchising the pharma businesses and in some respects you are right to but complimentary supplements and pharma prescribed products can live together. Lets face it if your route was the route to preventing all common Health problems then with all due respect you would be a larger global business. There are many elements that make up a healty lifestyle and not just supplements. You shouldn’t mock the flu jab and if was your CEO and you would have quoted me I would have seen it as arrogant and a poor naive marketing ploy. However I believe your Mens Total Balance and Omega QH ultra are good. ”

    Nick - October 01 2011

  • “Hello again Don As promised I am getting back to you after discussing your comments with Warren. Like many others in the scientific and medical community we have researched what Prof Peskin is claiming. The overwhelming consensus is that his views have no sound basis. It appears that he tried to manipulate his ‘findings’ to favour his own products. Warren’s words are: "If there had been any validity to his position we could have easily produced a similar product (for less money), and we didn’t."    Thanks Caramia”

    Xtend-Life Expert - October 02 2011

  • “Hello Don Good on you for researching the right fish oils for you! You raise a valid point about Prof. Brian Peskin, particularly regarding his championing of what he calls Parent Essential Oils. I will advice after I have discussed this with Warren. Watch this space! Regarding his ’YES" product, I cannot comment because information about it is poor. I need detailed ingredient and COA (Certificate of Analysis) data to be able to comment knowledgeably. If you can provide this I would be happy to comment. Thanks again Caramia ”

    Xtend-Life Expert - October 01 2011

  • “FISH OIL; According to Professor Brian Peskins, of Texas University, Fish Oil suppresses the immune system, look him up he has various articles on his website, and he states that they discovered this several years ago, but Omega 3 seed oils which he has developed now and is sold by a company YES Products in the states. This is supposed to be very effective form of omega 3 oil. I have therefore avoided taking any Fish oils for the past 6 years, and have taken the YES Omega 3 Oil only, and it seems to work very well, I would like to hear from you about this matter as I am about to start with the YES omega Oil before this winter flu season comes along and any advice would be helpful. Regards, Don”

    Don |Walton - October 01 2011

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