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We have been hit by a severe earthquake…

Many of our readers will recollect that Christchurch, New Zealand where our factory and offices are located got hit by a large earthquake in Sept. We were lucky that there were no fatalities at that time.  

However, today around lunch time we had another massive earthquake.  Unfortunately this time the quake was centered almost under our offices and half the depth from the last one.  5km compared to 10kms in Sept.  As a result it was a lot more violent and the damage has been much more widespread.


Sadly many people have lost their live by being crushed in their cars or trapped in collapsing buildings. The unofficial estimate at the time of writing this is 200– 400.


This time our factory was severely damaged although our offices are not as badly affected.  Most of our staff have serious damage to their homes.  Severe aftershocks are continuing….four in the time it has taken for me to write this.


For our customers who have just placed orders which were to have been shipped today there will be a couple of days delay as the airport is currently closed but should resume again soon.


We will be assessing the damage tomorrow and will determine how long it will take us to get back into production.  We should have enough inventory on hand to ensure continuity for our customers until we get back into production.


We will put a hold on blog entries for the next week although we will post updates.  Email and phones should be back on line again soon.


We apologise for any disruption to customers, but it will be temporary and we will be back to normal as quickly as possible.



  • “We all wish the best for you Warren and Co. and families, in your recovery – Godspeed! Crisis management – Warren you are the true gentleman and more forgiving then I, as any comment arguably may be fair – I think Jeffery is on another planet though and needs to get invloved in a real crisis recovery – give you(me) a break.”

    Rob March 30 2011

  • “Warren and Staff; Glad to see you survived the disaster Nature had thrown at you. "Be strong David – your personal loss can never be replaced but memories cannot be taken away." Nice to see all the support you have been getting world-wide. It is very indicative of the impact Xtend-Life has had on the world and speaks for the products and services. For those offering prayers, might I convey thoughtful support for your continued success. If there is a God – you can be assured that God created and executed and was in control of the quake. So to all of you out there don’t pray to the same guy implying you don’t AGREE with his wrath!. There is NO God, Nature is nothing more than Physics, Chemistry, and Math – no more, no less. Time itself is a continuum without beginning or end. We’ll ALL be united in some primordial soup of quarks, and subatomic particles when our Universe collides with some other Universe creating singularity and the beginning of a New Universe in much the same way as ours came to be. The rest is all superstition – stoked by the power-hungry mongers controlling humanity with fear and the promise of eternal life. More of humanity has been destroyed by Abraham’s hoax than any natural disaster. The fact is that you are living on the Ring-Of-Fire tectonic fracturing of the earth’s crust and as such will be subject to the same occurrence in the relatively near future. Japan, NZ, Alaska, Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vesuvius in Italy are not great alternatives for relocation of your factories. Each of those areas are a disaster area waiting to happen. God has nothing to do with it either. Just Physics. Wally (Love In Sanity)”

    Wally Tokar March 25 2011

  • “My heart was broken when i saw the devastation in Christchurch.  My heart is warmed by the sense of togetherness you all have – God bless….and stay strong! a friend….Lonnie”

    Lonnie March 06 2011

  • “Dear Matthew: I had you and your family of employees and personal friends on my mind the day that I heard about New Zealand’s earthquake. I waited until now to see if your web side would be up and I am so happy to see your comments that everyone had survived. I felt greatly relieved that no persons were missing and everyone was accounted for. Houses and manufacturing plants can be rebuilt but losing a loved one is forever. My heart rests easy now. It is such a blessing to be spared the losing of loved ones, employees and friends. God looked after you. With Blessings Margit ”

    Margit Dawson March 14 2011

  • “Hi there After reading your newsletter ,my wife and myself were shocked to hear that another large earth quake struck again today..Hope no one was hurt today.Really feel sorry and helpless to hear whats happening.God Bless you all in Christchurch and deepest sympathy to all the families who lost their loved ones.”

    Lou Chand March 24 2011

  • “I am so sorry to hear about your current conditions.  With all of the attention on Japan right now there is not so much focus on other areas of the world.  To me, it goes along with the bible which tells us that there would be "earthquakes in one place after another".  These and many other things are certainly coming true.   Matthew 24:3-14 It is truly sad to hear about so many troubles and lives lost, etc. Also it is kind of you to be so concerned with people getting their orders under your dire circumstances. ”

    Peggy Wille March 24 2011

  • “Hello Warren, If there is anything your X-tend life family here in the U.S. can do for your employees, please let us know. We know that sometimes help gets caught up in the bureaucracy when natural disasters happen. You are in our thoughts and prayers.”

    Patti Owski March 01 2011

  • “I am saddened to see bad things happen to good people. However, I hope that you have a speedy recovery mentally, physically, and spiritually, and come back with an ever stronger sense of mission, pride, caring, and professionalism. You are the best at what you do and no earthquake will stop you from continuing to improve your products and your business. G-d be with you. Take care, Michael”

    Xtend-Life Expert March 02 2011

  • “You all have our prayers and best wishes.. God bless ”

    Francoise March 04 2011

  • “You all have been in my daily prayers. Like so many others, to me Christ Church NZ is Xtend-Life. Thank you so much for the updates. I send prayers and healing thoughts for a full recovery. God Bless each of you! Pat ( USA)”

    Pat Parrish March 02 2011

  • “Thank you for the updates, Warren – like so many others, I have been thinking about and praying for all the people of Christchurch, you, and the Xtend-Life staff during this tragic event. God bless you all - Sharon (USA)    ”

    Sharon March 01 2011

  • “Like everyone else who has posted, my thoughts went immediately to your team. I hope that slowly you are moving closer to normality. Patricia”

    Patricia from Cyprus February 28 2011

  • “Sending thoughts of strength and prayers of hope to all of you and the people living and working with you. You are all important and more than just a great company too! Keep the faith, Mary Stuart ”

    Mary Stuart March 01 2011

  • “My prayers go out to you guys! word of encouragement in troubled times, ""Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."You have heard Me say to you, ‘I am going away and coming back to you.’ If you loved Me, you would rejoice because I said, ‘I am going to the Father,’ for My Father is greater than I." John 14:27-28 "He shall cover you with His feathers, And under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler.You shall not be afraid of the terror by night, Nor of the arrow that flies by day,A thousand may fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you." psalm 91:4-7”

    Lucas Salisbury March 01 2011

  • “Like most Australians I’ve been watching all this on the news as it happened. Totally scary and horrific to say the least. I wish you all the very best, and hope that a degree of normality can start to return to daily life now, even though the emotional scars of this event will surely be with you all for some time to come, if not for ever. Please take care of yourselves!”

    Mark February 27 2011

  • “My thoughts go out to everyone at Xtend-life and all their families.  And thanks for all the updates….I always think of Xtend-life whenever I hear about New Zealand in the news, so it’s comforting to know that you all are okay.  My prayers go out to David and his wife.”

    Jason February 27 2011

  • “I am sorry to hear about the tragedy over there but glad to hear that everyone at Xtend-life is safe. Please take care of yourselves! May God Bless you all! Best regards Daniel from Malaysia”

    Daniel Wong February 27 2011

  • “I am so glad to find your blog. I could see from maps that the quake was near your facility. I have been concerned for you and your staff and hope that all are okay.  Sorry to hear about damages to your homes. I hope that repair and recovery from the trauma is swift. ”

    Evelyn February 27 2011

  • “sending healing thoughts and prayers your way ”

    lorraine February 26 2011

  • “To all those at Xtend Life: I simply cannot believe what I am seeing on the news. Please know that as loyal customers we will all patiently await your return to business. In the meantime, take care of yourselves and those around you. Life is far more important than business. From what we are viewing from afar, one can only assume surviving and rebuilding are the order of the day……anything else can wait. Our thoughts are with you at this devastating time. Sheila (BC Canada)”

    Sheila February 26 2011

  • “To everyone at Xtend Life. I am so very sorry to hear and see the images of this devestating tragedy. I don’t know any of you personally but I was worried and hoped you all were ok. I do understand the helpless, no-wbere-to-go experience of the earth moving beneath you. I experienced one severe quake when living in California – not as severe as what you have just gone through – but bad enough. One aftershock felt as though a giant ball had rolled right beneath my feet and I could feel the ground rising up and down in a long, rolling wave. This is not the avenue anyone would choose to be the focus of the world’s attention, but despite the devestation, you are all being outstandingly courageous and optimistic. I pray for as swift a return to peace of mind, body, soul and security as possible to you and the people of Christchurch. Debra Ontario, Canada”

    Xtend-Life Expert February 27 2011

  • “<p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal > <p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal >  <p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal >Hi, Warren, <p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal >  <p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal >I followed the thread of events and your updates after the earthquake. I saw the pictures in which the buildings, especially the old ones, fell like a house of cards. I thought of the material, environmental and human loss and I felt sympathy. A feeling of helplessness naturally overwhelms us when we see the new "post-war" face of the town. And thoughts like "You cannot prepare for this" come into mind. <p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal >  <p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal >Still, after the shock, trauma, tears and suffering, people will have to face reality and strive to make their city and their lives safer and better. So, after all the rubble is dug up, all the dust is settled, after all the victims are accounted for, buried and mourned, people of Christchurch will be confronted with questions like: <p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal >  <p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal >… Will we ever feel safe again here? <p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal >… If we want to stay here, we have to rebuild. But how do we rebuild in order to minimize the damages of other earthquakes, or possibly avoid them? <p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal >  <p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal >The perspective I offer here is this: <p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal >  <p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal >The city structures in the present days, especially as a whole, as a complete city system, no matter how modern in some places, are still outdated when compared to the knowledge and technical possibilities we already possess for some time now. And as a point of reference, just take a closer look at the Venus Project proposed by Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows, as one of the best possible versions of city systems and architectures we have now to implement in the future. <p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal >  <p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal >Much of the present city planning was done by people who lived a 100, maybe 200 years ago, depending on the city systems or structures we want to talk about (living areas, housing structures, transportation system, sewage, industrial areas, etc). We inherited this structures and partially modified or renewed them. Those people back then didn’t know better at that time. But today, we definitely do, though most of us are not aware of this because it is not something as well advertised as some company’s new product in a TV commercial. <p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal >  <p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal >I think that as long as we cling on the past, we cannot possibly expect a better future. Simply patching or rebuilding a city the same way it was before will only lead to the same kind of tragedies it was hit by in the past. Things like fire-, earthquake- or tornado-proof buildings should become a standard, not and option. <p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal >  <p class= x_x_x_x_MsoNormal >And city planning is a very long talk, but don’t want to make this message any longer than in is. I just hope that the people of Christchurch will not only want to simply go on with their lives, passively leaving themselves at the mercy of nature, but will find the strength and the wisdom to research and take into account the best knowledge and technical possibilities available when they plan to rebuild their city, their lives and the lives of the coming generations. I hope they will plan wisely for the future. And the future starts now.    ”

    Marius February 26 2011

  • “Hi Folks, There’s not really anything anyone can say to make things better at a time like this, is there? Just to let you know that you’re all in my thoughts and I hope you manage to get your lives back on track asap. Best Wishes Alan”

    Alan Allport February 26 2011

  • “I have been following the tragedy in Christchurch on NPR, with great concern for the Xtend Life staff.  The pictures you sent are just horrifying.  I’m glad that the company is in such good hands and that your employees are doing as well as they are.  I agree that possible late product shipment is the least of concerns in this situation.  I pray that your IT staff’s wife is soon found and safe.  You are all in my heart and prayers.”

    Janet Eisenbise February 26 2011

  • “In hope of quick recovery and no more disasters I’m sending my deepest sympathy to all the Xtend-life staff as well as all the people in Christchurch… With best wishes, Damir, Croatia”

    Damir February 26 2011

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