We are no longer adding cotton wool packing to our bottles of supplements

August 2013, Customer Care Team


When we asked for some feedback recently, we learnt that cotton wool in bottles with tablets was causing inconvenience to some of our customers, especially those with joint problems. This prompted us to do additional product testing to check if adding cotton wool was actually necessary.

Our Quality Assurance team verified that our coating technologies ensured that the tablets did not need any protection with cotton wool after coating. After an additional consultation with customers we decided to ship all of our tablet-based supplements without cotton wool.

We've been listening!

In response to your feedback, we will no longer be adding cotton wool packing to our bottles of supplements.

Every now and then, we like to ask you, our customers, for some feedback. It's important that we find out if our products and service are meeting your needs and ask if you have ideas of what we could do better.

When we asked for some feedback recently, we got some surprises. We were pleased to hear what you liked about our products, but we listened hard to the suggestions of what we could do better. All feedback is gold to us!

One thing we learned was that some customers find the cotton wool inside our bottles of tablets annoying. We were curious about this and asked some more questions! Why was it annoying? Well, we discovered that people who have joint or mobility problems often find it fiddly and difficult to remove the cotton wool from the top of the supplement bottles.

The next step was to do some research and find out if the cotton wool was necessary. At the moment, a small plug of cotton wool is added to all our supplement products, except the capsules and the soft-gel tablets, to give them protection during shipping. But we decided to check if it was necessary.

Our Quality Assurance team got to work. They found out that our high quality tablets don't get damaged easily, and confirmed that the cotton wool wasn't actually needed. We discussed this result and checked back with our customers again. Would they mind if we removed the cotton wool? The answer was a resounding no, they wouldn't mind, and some people would find it a lot more convenient.

So, that's what we have decided to do. From now on, all our supplements will be shipped without cotton wool. But I want to reassure you on two counts:

  • every single bottle of supplement tablets exceeds our stringent quality standards.
  • your supplement is exactly the same, whether it has cotton wool added to the bottle or not.

Your order may include bottles of supplement tablets with and without cotton wool. This is because we make our product in batches; the same order may include products from batches made before and after we decided to stop adding cotton wool.

I'd like to close by offering a personal thank you to those customers who shared this feedback with us. And please, if you have any questions about this change or any suggestions about what we can do better, just give us a call.


  • “Hi Mohamed, I agree it’s an important subject. I don’t quite understand your question, unfortunately, so feel free to write to me directly to andrei(at)xtend-life.com so we can explore this fully. Thank you.”

    Xtend-Life Expert - September 16 2013

  • “Hi Jenny, there are a lot of ingredients used in our products (e.g. over 80 different ingredients in Total Balance Premium), and only some of them have halal certificates provided by the suppliers. Therefore, it will be a long process to have all our products certified but we are working on it. In the meantime, plant and animal sources of ingredients are listed on our labels for your information and may help you to decide if these products are suitable for your consumption. If you have any further questions about specific products or ingredients, please feel free to write to me directly (andrei(at)xtend-life.com) and I will be very pleased to help. Thank you.”

    Xtend-Life Expert - September 03 2013

  • “Hi Andrei, None animal things and things from the sea are by default halal and require no certification. I’m curious to though what the halal animal things are in your products? I would not be much concerned if all the animal stuff are halal certified.. and xtend life would not need to certify each other ingredient as halal which is not animal.. example anything vegetarian or vegan is halal by default too. I think this is a important subject that is being raised and i like to know more about it too since my friends and family buy your products too. ”

    Mohamed - September 10 2013

  • “Hi Devan Thanks for your comment. Yes, we still have some stock that has cotton wool in the bottles.  We announced that cotton wool would be ceasing on the latest batches being produced.  At the time of writing we have not produced any batches without cotton wool at that point. Kind regards Tracey”

    Xtend-Life Expert - October 14 2013

  • “I still receive my TB Mens Premium with cotton inside”

    Xtend-Life Expert - October 13 2013

  • “Hi Rick Thank you for your feedback.  Please do let us know if you notice any difference. Kind regards Tracey”

    Xtend-Life Expert - September 19 2013

  • “I have had a broken tablet quite often in a bottle of TB. I live in Canada so I don’t know if others have experienced this. I plan to document this more closely.”

    Rick - September 12 2013

  • “Although this has been raised many times before.. I was wondering when xtend life will certify halal it’s ingredients coming from animal produce? I was expecting that it might be easier for a company based in NZ than America as NZ is one of the largest halal meat exporter in the world example… I know many major supplement companies based in the US in recent have made advances in that area to look out for their Muslim customers needs also Many thanks ”

    Jenny - August 28 2013

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