Users of Multi-Nutrient Supplements have better overall Health than those who just use Multi-vitamin/mineral Supplements!

*archived entry from Warren’s Blog, November 1, 2007

This was the conclusion according to a study published in ‘Nutrition Journal Oct 2007’. Basically the study looked at long term users (20 years plus) of multiple dietary supplement users and compared them with those long term users who just took a standard multi-vitamin/mineral supplement, or, nothing at all.



‘Multiple dietary supplements’ mean a combination of a broad spectrum of supplements, including amino acids, herbal extracts, phytonutrients, and other specialty nutrients.

The researchers found that those who took multiple dietary supplements were in significantly better overall health than their counterparts whom just relied on the standard ‘multi vitamin/mineral’ supplement. This was measured by higher blood levels of key nutrients, more optimal levels of key health biomarkers, lower levels of diabetes and elevated blood pressure.

In fact, they determined that as a group they were 73% less likely to have diabetes and 39% less likely to have high blood pressure.

No surprises here really!

A simple multi vitamin/mineral supplement just doesn’t ‘cut it’ if you want optimal health! Vitamins and minerals are only a small part of the overall health equation. There are many other substances that are much more powerful in helping prevent the degeneration of your cells and DNA. Vitamins and minerals are often just co-factors to help these other nutrients.

In other words they are essential, but not the answer for optimal health just on their own. Put another way, if you want to give your body the ammunition that it truly needs to avoid degenerative disease, don’t rely on vitamins and minerals alone. Also, don’t get ‘hooked’ by the premise that ‘more’ is better and the answer is simply to increase the intake of vitamins and minerals. That won’t work either.

Interestingly we were one of the first supplement manufacturers in the world to recognize this important premise. In fact, back in 1999 we were the first company to combine enzymes with our multi-nutrient supplement Total Balance. Since then other companies have followed, but it is only as a token because in order for the enzymes to work in their role of improving the bio-availability of nutrients they must be enteric coated.

So, if you want to maximize your long term health, start as early as you can and use a broad based supplement such as our Total Balance. Also remember that it is never too late to start and start accruing the benefits.

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Hi Farid,

Thats odd about the bloating for Serenity. Did you try it over an extended period or just a short time? Did you take it on its own without food?

Warren Matthews April 29 2010

Thanks for update Eliseo. I’m glad to hear you’ve made the switch to Total Balance and that you’re already noticing improvements in your health.

Warren Matthews April 22 2010

Hi Warren,

I have to admit, I am also a firm believer of your product. About a year back, I found out I had stress related gastritis, and other stress related issues, but the stomach problems where by FAR the worst. That being said, I was skeptical but I decided to try the Omega 3 and TB supplements, thanks to my brother’s advise, and they have worked wonders to help me. I can almost eat whatever I want now, and sometimes I DO need to take some antacids, but not too often, and I have stopped the higher end medications as well. However, the strange thing, and this is my one regret, for some reason the Serenity product made me bloated after a bit of use, and I had to discontinue it.

Thanks again though!

Farid April 27 2010

Hi warren,
I believed that’s true. I really noticed that even I am taking multi-vitamins and minerals for almost 2 years now with proper diet and exercise, my health is still deteriorating. I have still common cold and flu for almost every week. That’s why I am switching to Total balance. I started taking total balance since April this year and I already noticed a difference like an increase energy, no more cold so far and I’m still waiting for more benefits of this product in long term use. I’m so happy right now using your total balance. – Eliseo

eliseo orag April 20 2010

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