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Total Balance: How long will it take to notice the benefits?

For many of us, waking up feeling good is our most important goal of the day.

We want to have the energy we need to tackle responsibilities at home and at work while finding time to cook healthy meals and grab a workout, and with our fast-paced, info-at-our fingertips lifestyle, we want it now.


Eating a healthy diet – one that supports energy and provides us with the foundation we need to perform – is half the battle.

But many of us still are looking for a pill or product to make us feel better, ease stress and protect us from future illness. In fact, in 2006 alone, Americans spent almost $23 billion on supplements as a way to improve health, most commonly popping multivitamins, calcium, vitamin C, fish oil and vitamin A. (Ref. 1)

The big supplement scam

Then, late last year, an editorial suggesting that supplements aren’t really worth the money captured worldwide attention.

Experts on both sides weighed in, and a lot of good information about the supplement industry was revealed, most importantly, the overwhelming instance of synthetic nutrients that occupy most supplement bottles. (Ref. 2)

That’s something Xtend-Life founder Warren Matthews has known ever since he embarked on his search for his own synergistic formula for good health, and turned up little more than disappointing news about how synthetics are processed - using coal tar and other toxins – and how they are made to look identical to natural nutrients, but actually aren’t.

Total Balance is different

When Matthews started on his journey, he realized most of the supplements on the market were what he called “a joke,” so he decided to do something about it.

He teamed up with an industry expert, Dr. Munem Daoud, and the two worked together to create Total Balance, a supplement that is much more than a multivitamin. It contains more than 70 different ingredients including enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and micro-nutrients that have been shown to help fight off health problems and slow down the aging process.

It is designed to offer a complete system of nutrients to feed and revitalize all of your cells, providing the energy we’re all looking for when we get out of bed.

When will I notice results?

For someone who is suffering from nutrient deficiencies, eating an unhealthy diet or isn’t getting much exercise, you’ll likely notice the effects of Total Balance right away, as cells that were starved for nutrients start to be nourished. (Ref. 3)

Total Balance also features ingredients that encourage the release of toxins, which may initially cause unexpected – but normal – adjustments.

“Depending upon the state of your health you may experience symptoms such as slight nausea or headaches over the first few days,” our experts say. “This can occur if you have high levels of toxins in your body. Total Balance helps to activate your system to get rid of them, sometimes resulting in these mild temporary feelings. If you experience this we recommend that you reduce the dose rate until they pass.”

Women who suffer from hot flashes, PMS or stress may also experience pretty rapid results, but for others – especially those who have a healthy lifestyle at the start of their regimen – the nutrients and their beneficial effects may build up over the course of two or three months.

Most people taking Total Balance may experience an increase in energy and an improved sense of well-being, but for some, changes may be so subtle they won’t be noticed unless you stop taking the supplement. In fact, the benefits can be so gradual that you really don't notice them at all until you realize that last year you didn't get the usual one or two colds or, didn't catch the flu.

To get an idea of how quickly the products might start working for you, consider the following testimonials:

“After two months taking Total Balance Women's Premium and Fish Oil Premium, I am noticeably healthier and more relaxed with increased energy and resistance to the winter bugs.”

Nikki in Australia.

I had cancelled my loyalty order last year around this time and I have to say it was the worst decision I made. My wife had started on them and she noticed a big difference quickly (who doesn't) and that was on half the recommended amount. I also have missed the noticeable benefits. I have taken vitamins my entire life. Everything from local store brands up to the top of the line commercially available products. No line of product has affected me as dramatically and as quickly as Xtend-life Supplements. Thank you for a great product.”

Trevor in the US

In the years since the development of Total Balance, the formula has been tweaked as more research has been unearthed about the ingredients in the supplement and how they are used in the body.





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