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The US FDA has just given the go ahead for AstraZeneca the manufacturer of Crestor the statin drug to promote it to ‘healthy’ individuals who have elevated levels of C-Reactive Protein (CRP). CRP is the test used to measure the levels of inflammation in the blood.

Inflammation in the blood is considered by many experts to be a more reliable indicator of a potential heart attack or stroke than cholesterol alone. I agree with this and have been writing about this for the last seven years…but, it is only now that this is getting recognition by mainstream medicine.

Why? Well there have been studies that show that statins do help reduce CRP. This is what AstraZeneca are hanging their ‘hat’ on because there are now good profits to be made.

Why do I say it is ‘amazing’? Because this policy by the FDA is not going to save lives but rather start millions of more innocent consumer on the slippery slope down the road to poor health and drug dependency.

You do NOT need a statin drug to lower CRP. I am sure the FDA knows that! Some quality fish oils will do the same job, cheaper, more effectively with a multitude of other health benefits and NO negative side effects which Crestor is renowned for. In fact, for years various consumer groups have been trying to get it banned.

I say ‘some’ quality fish oils will reduce inflammation or CRP because I know many don’t (and I have the proof). But, I personally know that our Xtend-Life fish oil does work. How? Well, firstly we had an anti-inflammatory study carried out on fish oil last year which showed it had about two and a half times more anti-inflammatory properties than a ‘normal’ fish oil, but…and this is the interesting bit…about 10 days ago I had a series of blood tests and one of them was to check CRP.

The clinic was amazed at the results. My CRP was the lowest they have had in the clinic and was actually better than a typical healthy young child.

Shortly I will be publishing the results. But, first I am having another test for CRP done by another laboratory to confirm the results of the first one…just to rule out there was no mistake.

Nonetheless, because I know that our Omega 3 Fish oil is responsible for these results I would happily issue a challenge to anyone around my age (63) to match my low levels of blood inflammation. The only condition is that they do not take our oil and they DO take a statin drug.

Please, don’t be talked into taking a statin for lowering inflammation in the blood. There are safer and cheaper and healthier ways to achieve that.

For more information about this news item from the NY Times please click here.


  • “My fasting glucose is 102. My doctor says I’m pre-diabetic. Is there a supplement that I can take to lower my blood sugar. I just recently ordered your Ultra Fish Oil – will that help.”

    Valerie Metsopolos March 11 2012

  • “Hi, i have Hypertension, my blood pressure usually sits between 140/90 or higher, im on ramporil and amlodipne, 10 mg of each, what do you think about me taking Omega 3.”

    Heather February 24 2012

  • “Hi Don, It is really quite difficult to increase HDL. I doubt that Lovaza or any Omega 3 fish oil will raise it significantly, although it may help. The best way to raise HDL is through weight-bearing exercise. It is probably worth trying that. Lovaza is a highly concentrated Omega 3 supplement. Because it is so highly refined the other natural constituents of the fish oil have been removed. We have developed a blend of a highly concentrated fish oil similar to Lovaza and our natural hoki oil which gives the benefit of high levels of Omega 3 and DHA as well as the natural fish oil component which appears to give better anti-inflammatory properties. Lovasa is really not worth the extra cost and in my opinion is not as effective as our blend.”

    Warren Matthews August 02 2010

  • “Hi Janice, Thyroxin has nothing to do with a statin drug, no. You are fine to swap to the Omega 3/DHA Premium or Omega 3/QH Ultra versions if you wish. Joanna”

    Xtend-Life Expert October 13 2010

  • “Is thyroid medication a statin drug? I take a very low dosage .25 mg of levothyroxine – and currently Omega 3 with DHA and TB Womens Premium would it be safe for me to switch to the Omega 3 Plus?”

    janice October 12 2010

  • “I am Diabetic Type 2: Last blood checkup for A1Cs was 7.7 down from 10.0…My cholesterol levels are excellent and arteries were perfectly clear (No plaque buildup and no blood clots found at last angiogram taken july 2006). My Blood Glucose fasting this morning is 140 because I didn’t take my normal 16 units at night. Yes, I’m on 2 insulins: Humalog 14 units 3X day; Lantis 16 units at night plus Metformin 1000 mg 2x per day. Lipitor is 80 Mg. per day and amlodipine beysalate 7.5 mg per day. I also take lisinipril 40 mg. per day and bisoprolol 20 mg. per day; Klor-Con 20 meqs equivalent; Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3 and Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc combo tablet. Is Xtend Life Omega 3 Oil ok to take given all the meds I’m on?”

    Brenda Harrison January 27 2011

  • “hello all i just prchased omega 3 ultra with coq10. after reading which was the best fish oil supp i came across this one.. i have one main concern im currently on exforge hct high blood pressure medication. is this safe to use, i went to the doctor and.they didnt believe on the use of vitamins from supplements. please help. thank you”

    john November 14 2012

  • “I have low (good cholesterol) levels. I believe my last count was 31. My bad cholesterol is really good. I also exercise 60 minutes a day. Eat a low fat diet and I am taking 2000mg a day of Niaspan. However, I cannot increase my "Good" levels significantly. I have been taking over the counter fish oil. My doctor just perscribed Lovaza. From what i am reading, there seems to be more "Bad" than good. Can you comment on Lovaza versus "over the counter?" Don”

    Don July 29 2010

  • “ Hello, I take Lipitor 80mg, Ezetrol, Plavix 8mg and Atacand 8mg. Can I take Xtendlife Ultra ? Lee ”

    lee November 10 2010

  • “Hi Lee, You can take Omga 3/QH Ultra, yes. Take it away from any of your meds preferably, and take at 3-4 per day. If you need help with any of your cardio or cholesterol conditions we do have formulas that could be looked at potential alternatives, depending on your actual medical situation. Feel free to take a look at our Cholest-Natural, Cardio-Klenz, and Total Balance, and ask if you need any further advice. Joanna”

    Xtend-Life Expert November 11 2010

  • “Hi Philip, You are fine to take the Omega 3/QH Ultra whilst on these meds, yes. In fact the fish oil will likely be helpful to your condition. I assume you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol? If you wish to let me know more info, and your full figures (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides, CRP if you have it and BP), I may be able to advise further if you wish to try to avoid the need for aggressive statin medications. We have our Cholest-Natural and also Total Balance that may be helpful for you to add to your regime for this purpose. Thanks Joanna”

    Xtend-Life Expert November 09 2010

  • “My blood chemistry shows that  my total cholesterol is 278 mg.  HDL is 53 mg and LDL 182 mg. Triglycerides is 216 mg. Please recommend the kind of supplements that I should take to lower these readings. Thank you.”

    Suzie February 10 2011

  • “I have been taking Sinvastatin (40mg/1 per day) and 81 mg asprin for almost two years since a heart attack then open heart surgery. I have also been taking CoQ10 and Omega 3 from a different company this whole time. I read about your Omega 3 Ultra and was very excited about what I read, especially when you stated that if on statins I should be taking Ultra (even doubling the dose to 4 per day). After I ordered a warning came up that stated if I am on boood thinners or asprin I should not take more than 2 per day. I take just an 81mg of asprin daily. I want to get the full benefit of the Ultra. Is it safe to take four for the first few months as recommended when on statins. I am now feeling very good. BP 123/70 and all other stuff is great also. Please advise. I just ordered 4 bottles.”

    Garry October 01 2011

  • “Hi, I just ordered my 2nd month’s supply of Omega 3 Ultra and like the results I have seen so far. My doctor just prescribed me Simvastatin 20mg to be taken twice daily,and Gemfibrozil 600mg 1/2 pill at night. She said it would be ok to continue my Omega 3 Ultra regimen. She was unfamiliar with your product, so I just want to double check with you to confirm that using these drugs together would not have a negative side effect. Thank you. Philip”

    Philip Higgins November 06 2010

  • “Bloodwork Oct. 2010 224-Cholesterol 36-HDL 6.2-Cholesterol Ratio 133-LDL Cholesterol 274-Triglicerides 10.1-AIC 108-Glucose Fasting 23-Vitamin D3 49-Microalbumin, Urine Hi, above is my bloodwork for October 2010. I have diabetes type 2. I have been taking Lovaza for two years now, and I haven’t seen hardly any change in my triglicerides. My concern is that I’m down to two meals a day, I’m trying to eat less refined foods and have incorporated vegetables and fish more than anything else. Furthermore, I have edema…the whole body is inflamed. Any advise is welcomed. Thank you. Lety”

    Leticia December 10 2010

  • “  Dear James,   Thank you for choosing Xtend-Life to partner with you on your journey to better health and wellbeing.   I would ask that you please clarify your blood levels for us. The general consensus is that 120/80 is a normal blood pressure level and total cholesterol is generally around 180-220mg/dL. Based on these standards, your levels do not seem accurate.   We would advise that you also speak to your practitioner before starting on our supplements. While we are qualified nutritionists, we are not trained medical practitioners and we are not able to advise on the interactions between your prescription medication and our supplements. If your doctor affirms that there would be no negative interaction, please still ensure you take them at least 3 hours apart to minimise any potential interaction between the two.   Please contact us on our email address <a href= > with your blood levels so we are able to get a better understanding of your situation. Alternatively, please feel free to give us a call to speak to one of our qualified staff.   Our hours of operation are New Zealand time, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm. Our free phone numbers are USA and Canada: 1888 487 9304, UK 0 800 520 0311, Australia 1 800 983635, New Zealand 0508 983635. The rest of the world is 0064 03 384 5574. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Madelynn Loo Online Nutritionist / Customer Service Representative B.Sc. Human Nutrition; Food Science ”

    Customer Relations August 06 2013

  • “Hi John You will of course need to check with your doctor as we have no information regarding the actual status or severity of your health. However, generally speaking at a standard dose of 2 per day this should be fine to take. Just ensure it is taken away from your medication by 4+ hours.”

    Xtend-Life Expert November 15 2012

  • “Hi Brenda, Ok, First of all to answer your direct question, yes, Omega 3/DHA is fine to take whilst on these meds. Try to ensure that your supplements, generally, are taken away from your meds by 2-3+ hours at any one dose. Just for further advice, with regards to your info and your condition…. You mention that your cholesterol levels are all excellent, but you are on a statin drug, Lipitor. Discuss this with your doctor, as if your levels are all good, you don’t need to be on this drug. Statins have many side effects, and shouldn’t be taken unless absolutely necessary. You are on a lot of cardio drugs I notice, but I am not sure of the severity of your cardio problems, so perhaps regularly go over exactly what you do and don’t need with your doctor, and if you wish to consider trying to wean down on any of these, in favour of a potential natural solution, it may be that our Cardio-Klenz may be helpful (along with the Omega 3/QH Ultra version as the version of choice of our fish oil) at full doses, and even our Total Balance formula to help generally support these and further balance your systems, including cardio, to help maintain health once reached. With regard to your diabetes, we do have a specific Diabet-EZe formula that you may like to look at for future use also. This may help you, in time, reduce your diabetic drugs and may also help your surrounding vulnerable systems. Feel free to take a look at our product info on this. Bear in mind also that if you are taking the Cardio-Klenz, Total Balance formulas you may not need additiona separate individual supplement tablets, as you now have. This will partly depend on your actual needs for these individual ingredients, and any deficiencies you have. Joanna”

    Xtend-Life Expert January 28 2011

  • “I high blood (110/70), cholesterol (98 overall), A1C 6.0, blood/sugar 98, Psa 4.09. Under active thyroid. I take simvastatin 20mg,synthoid .025 mg, losartan 25 mg, spironolactone 25 mg , gabapentin 600 mg 3 times daily, nortriptyline 25 mg and several vitamins which includes spiraling, kelp, dandelion roots, omegaxl, alfalfa, omega smart ultimate fish oil super critical. With the above, how can your better help me?”

    James Cooper July 27 2013

  • “Hi Lety, Ok, as well as your diabetes, your cholesterol levels are out of balance, so this needs some help too. If you are on any medications please let me know what these are just to confirm no interaction with the below info. I would suggest Cholest-Natural for your cholesterol balance, at 2 per evening to begin with (can be double dosed if wished). This may help all your levels, including your triglycerides, but also ensure that your diet continues to be good. Little and often is better than just 2 meals a day, so bear this in mind, and concentrate on as natural a diet as possible, increased daily fluids, through the day never too much all at once, and plenty of daily regular exercise (cardio and weight bearing). I would recommend Diabet-Eze to help your diabetic status, at 6 tablets per day preferably. Omega 3/DHA or Omega 3/QH Ultra would be suitable for you to take at 4-6 per day to aid both areas and your general inflammation and oedema. You may wish to compare this to your current Lovaza. This link from our Chairman may help with a little information on how to compare them. And Total Balance would be helpful to add to support all of the above and your surrounding systems to aid healing. This, working as a ‘whole’ approach with diet, fluids, and exercise, should be a good start for you Lety. I would re-evaluate how you are progressing with follow up figures every 3-4 months or so. Joanna”

    Xtend-Life Expert December 13 2010

  • “G’day ! Just found your company after looking at a  " Comparison of health supplements " site  and you came up No. 1…..congratulations !   My problem stems from a surfing trip to Bali 4years ago, when I contracted Salmonella, and as luck would have it, I have the HLA B27 gene, which contributed to my acquiring reactive arthritis. Currently I have sacro-illiitis, and wondered if any of your products would be beneficial.  I’m 66 yrs. old, pretty healthy, but it seems the omega 3s, coq10s [ I’m on 40mg of simvastatin ] and other stuff I take may not be doing me a lot of good , if indeed most other manufacturers’ products are inferior [admittedly they’re a lot cheaper !! ]   I’d be grateful for your comments….thank you’”

    adrian Rich April 16 2012

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