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The Flu Season - Big Pharma's Favorite Time of Year

The winter months are often a time of festive cheer. Unfortunately, they also bring an increase in the number of illnesses brought on by an array of different reasons. One of the illnesses that we are all familiar with is the influenza virus, also known as the flu.

The flu affects many millions of people each year, and can put a real damper on your holiday plans. With the coughing, runny nose, fever, chills, and body aches, the flu is certainly something you want to try avoid during the season. What's more alarming than just feeling miserable is the fact that for some people, having the flu can be more costly than they may think. Let us explain…

It's no surprise that the flu season is one of the most lucrative times of the year for the big pharmaceutical companies…also known as Big Pharma. If you've been following the Xtend-Life blog you may have read about the scaremongering and swine flu paranoia created by the media in order to help fill the pockets of Big Pharma.

With many of our readers living in the northern hemisphere, this time of year tends to be very cold with dry air helping germs and microbial nasties to move around more freely. The cold weather tends to keep people indoors and in closer proximities to one another than in summer, ultimately increasing the risk of transmitting and infecting each other with the flu.

Despite all of this and what the media might tell you, getting a flu vaccination is not essential. In fact, just look at the following reasons why you should think twice about the flu vaccine:

Flu vaccinations are generally ineffective and totally ineffective against new strains of the influenza virus. In 2004, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the year's flu vaccine had "no or low effectiveness" against influenza or influenza-like illness. As immune suppressors, these vaccines may actually put you at a greater risk of infection…and not just from the flu virus. Influenza type A or B is only responsible for about 20% of all illnesses that resemble the flu. The rest are actually caused by over 200 different viruses meaning that the flu vaccine just will not work. Flu vaccines are a cocktail of chemicals and toxins. Almost all flu shots and vaccines contain Thimerosal, a mercury disinfectant / preservative. Those vaccines that don't contain Thimerosal, still contain loads of other toxic ingredients…what's more scary is that Big Pharma still heavily promotes the flu vaccine to children and pregnant women.

Back in 1980, only 15% of the elderly in the US got the flu vaccine. Now, this rate has skyrocketed to an unbelievable 65 percent! Some people say that this is because the elderly are at more risk of getting the flu, however some studies have noted that part of the claimed "effectiveness" of flu shots is due to the fact that the people taking them are already in good health in the first place.

You cannot beat the best vaccination of all time…a healthy immune system. But how do you get an immune system that's in tip-top condition?

Well, Madelynn Loo, Xtend-Life's Lead Nutritionist says that people should consider a good supplement protocol such as our Total Balance, Omega 3, Kiwi-Klenz and Immu-Stay (as a booster) for their excellent immunity supporting properties.

She also recommends the following 6 points to help boost the immune system.

Madelynn's 6 Tips for a Stronger Healthier Immune System:

  1. Eating plenty of raw, preferably organic fruits and vegetables. Juicing is a great way to add dense nutrients.
  2. Cutting out refined simple sugars and carbs that suppress the immune system. Excessive sugar increases insulin levels, which is one of the fastest ways to get sick and to age prematurely.
  3. Optimizing Your Vitamin D levels through exposure to sunshine to boost the body's T cells which seek and destroy invading bacteria and viruses.
  4. Exercising regularly. Exercise improves the circulation of immune cells that neutralize pathogens throughout your body.
  5. Relaxing! Stress especially for prolonged periods, suppresses immunity.
  6. Sensible hygiene using ordinary soap and water not anti bacterial soaps with dubious health benefits.

Remember no flu vaccination will prevent you from getting the sniffles and sneezes, only a strong immune system brought on by living a healthy lifestyle.


  • “I did get a flu shot…what can I do now to d-tox myself from the chemicals?”

    laura November 02 2016

  • “Your are no different than BIG Pharma….you are pushing your own supplement which also gives NO guarantee of preventing influenza. You also failed to mention that influenza isn’t just an minor inconvenience – people die from it…..particularly the very old and the very young. And the data you mention is 13 years old.”

    Old Nurse May 17 2017

  • “I couldn’t agree with you more. Unfortunately where I work the hospital requires me to wear a mask when the CDC decides the flu season is at it’s heightened point. Every year I wear a mask at my job from mid December thru May 31st. I am a registered nurse and I work in L&D. I feel as though this year I was going to take the vaccine so I wouldn’t wear the mask. I am scared however. I have only received the flu vaccine twice in my life and both times I was pretty ill. Every year I go thru this frustration. I enjoy my job but feel as though I am being pressured to take the shot. ”

    Anne Livoti October 27 2016

  • “Iagree with the article so much! I am a nurse in a small rural hospital and I refuse to get the shot and have had some run ins with some nurses about it. It’s my body and taking the flu shot makes your immune system weaker with all the toxins in it”

    Sue October 29 2016

  • “Hi Anne. Yes you are being pressured into taking the shot. The mask wearing enforced by hospital managers is intended to shame you into compliance. It is not a functional deterrent as their (masks) effectiveness is very short lived. I used to work in a public health cardiac catheter lab where surgical mask wearing was enforced even for those staff not directly working in the sterile field. Down the road in private practice those same cardiologists and associated staff did not wear masks, even those in the sterile field. Is that science? No I think not, it’s more like stupidity. It just depends who is in charge. The rationale in your case is that patients immune systems will likely be compromised due to drugs and surgical procedures which is certainly true, however do flu vaccinated staff magically carry no pathogenic microbes that could be dangerous to immune compromised patients? You can bet that they do. So where’s the logic? Access the Cochrane report online for 2010 showing either zero or slim benefits of flu vax in forty years of reviewed data.”

    Andrew Large October 27 2016

  • “Thank you Dean.   :)”

    laura November 21 2016

  • “my mother had a flu shot…the doctor insisted…she went down hill almost immediately…4three months later she died…I still say she died from an impaired system and the shot! she was 91 and never had a shot before!”

    jill patterson March 06 2017

  • “I work as a medical secretary in an NHS Hospital in the north of England and every year there is a huge campaign to pressurise all employees into taking the flu vaccination, with temporary and mobile clinics all over the place.  It is actually quite difficult to avoid having a vaccination as it is seen as being anti-social and irresponsible.  I avoided having it last year (did not catch flu) and have so far managed to avoid it this year……..but they are after me!”

    Susan Thompson October 27 2016

  • “Hi ‘Old Nurse’, Thank you for sharing your opinion. We have never been likened to big pharma beforebut, never mind. I am 70 years old now as are many thousands of our customers who like me refuse to have a flu shot. Based on my experience and that of many others we feel the upside of having a flu shot is less than the potential downside. A flu shot is a lottery at best as there are so many variants of the flu virus which as a nurse I am sure you are aware of. Whether someone uses our supplements or not to strength their immunity is irrelevant. The message is to simply use a quality supplement for that purpose whether it be ours or anyone elses. We are all aware that it is virtually impossible with modern diets to get all the nutrients that are needed to sustain a strong immune system which is why we made the recommendation. As a point of interest I never get the flu and yet I travel on long haul flights (9 hours+) twice a month and am exposed to other peoples germs. Kind Regards, Warren”

    Warren Matthews May 18 2017

  • “Hi Sue, Susan, Andrew and Anne – it’s unfortunate that in some organisation in some countries, getting the flu shot is strongly encouraged to the point that you feel forced to comply. Colds and flu are as common as the change in seasons so it’s almost a gamble whether you’ll end up getting the sniffles or not. Basic hygienic practices (without be totally germ free), avoiding Ted in accounts who insisted on coming to work despite coughing, sneezing and spluttering, and supporting the health of your immune system are the best ways to try and minimise the chances of getting the cold or flu this winter.”

    Xtend-Life Expert November 14 2016

  • “Hi Laura, the best detox for you body is by giving it the nutrients and ingredients it needs to carry out the natural process of detox as efficiently as possible. The ingredients to help support the body’s detox process can be found in Total Balance’s Core Wellness Products, namely Total Balance, Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil and Kiwi-Klenz.”

    Xtend-Life Expert November 14 2016

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