The Digesten-K story

October 2011, Warren Matthews


We have been requested by NZTE (New Zealand Trade and Enterprise), a government organisation to consider the possibility of supplying one of our products to a specialty pharmacy chain in New York. Normally we don’t do this but we will consider it for our Kiwi-Klenz (formerly Digesten-K) product as it is a product that should really be taken by everyone.

We have been requested by NZTE (New Zealand Trade and Enterprise), a government organisation to consider the possibility of supplying one of our products to a specialty pharmacy chain in New York. Normally we don’t do this but we will consider it for our Kiwi-Klenz (formerly Digesten-K) product as it is a product that should really be taken by everyone.

Anyway, they asked us to put together a brief ‘story’ about how Kiwi-Klenz (formerly Digesten-K) came about…so, I thought that it may interest many of our readers so I have posted a copy of it below.

“Since the founding of Xtend-Life almost 12 years ago we have always recognised how critical a healthy digestive system is for overall health. Not only is it essential that food can safely past through the digestive system with no ‘clogging’ which causes poisons to seep into the blood stream but also how crucial it is to extract the maximum amount of nutrients from both the food we eat and the supplements that we take. As we get older this becomes an increasing challenge.

Our flagship product Total Balance contains enzymes and other nutrients that help with the digestive system but we were always conscious that a dedicated supplement for digestive health would be desirable. We have reservations about probiotics as they are not ‘natural’ and no one knows if they would upset the natural balance of intestinal flora given that only a few of the flora are present in the probiotics. Our belief was that the answer lay in developing a product that will do everything that a probiotic will do… and much more…and do it naturally.

NZ Extracts in New Zealand had recognised the same need as ourselves and were aware through human clinical studies on Kiwifruit that this fruit had all the properties desired to ensure a healthy digestive system…particularly if the skins were included. In addition to the essential enzymes it was a very effective natural prebiotic, and it also had the ability to supress the growth of pathogens. The challenge was how to get all these benefits in an easy to swallow one a day capsule. After much research NZ Extracts developed a methodology which involved a low temperature triple water extraction process which retained the activity of the key ingredients and enabled the beneficial components of two kiwifruits including the skins to be condensed down to one capsule.

We at Xtend-Life recognised the uniqueness and efficacy of this extract and conducted our own informal study with exceptional results. Based on this we negotiated a world-wide exclusive agreement to be the sole supplier of this ingredient by incorporating it into a new Xtend-Life product.”

For more information on Kiwi-Klenz (formerly Digesten-K) please click here.


  • “Have you had any negative feed back for Digesten-K ? Here is my experience with it… I took one cap daily as directed for 60 days…before I started I had regular easy bowel movements, very seldom any indigestion and head pains were something other people got, not me. During the course of this 60 days this happened… My bowel movements progressively became more constipated, indigestion almost became a daily event which I was able to fix by drinking plenty of water each time it occured. I developed a constant nagging pain that would move from behind my eyes to either side of the head, sometimes it would disappear for a while, it would also be there when I woke up in the morning….OK so that is the bad news, the good news for me is when I stopped taking the caps, as I had run out, all these symptons have now disappeared, so you will appreciate that I am not keen to continue with them. My wife also has been taking them and she feels that she has had some benefit from them. I might mention that our diet is largely vegetables, fruit, muesli, a little meat (once or twice a week) and we make our own bread.”

    Peter Torckler - October 07 2011

  • “My hope is that you stay true to your ingredients. Too many times I have seen this type of a deal with a "chain store" destroying the original product. Pressure comes to lower the price for consumers and compromises are made in the original composition of ingredients to meet the demand. Stay true.”

    Agatha Karpowicz - October 07 2011

  • “Hi Guy’s…thanks for the comments. Peter…you ask if we have had any negative feedback re Digesten-K.  The answer is yes, but it has only been a very small fraction of the comments that we have had which have been overwhelmingly positive.  We recently had an independent reseach company do a survey amongst our customers who have been using Digesten-K and the results were very interesting.  We are in the process of getting clearance from the research company to publish the results which was done completely anonomously.  Customers will be able to view the results themselves.  It is an interesting product, and quite understandably so because everyones digesten system is is a different ‘state of repair’.‘ I am familar with the product that Anna refers to and would be interested to hear if you try it because the enzyme activity in that product is quite a bit less than Digesten-K.  It is really odd that you have had those problems and I cannot explain it.  If you contact our customer relations they will arrange a refund for you.  I hope however that your wife will get the benefits. Bern…what you are experiencing is good news.  It will settle down.  There is obviously some ’adjustment’ going on.  We have had reports of this before.  One customer in particular had a condition which the Doctors had been trying to correct for many years…unsuccessfully.  He started using Digesten-K and for the first few weeks he apparently was terrible to be near…even cleared out the Dentists office when he visited. However, his digestion system is now working better than it has since he can remember and the problem which the Doctors were not able to deal with has been fixed.  So…perserverence will I am sure pay off.”

    Warren Matthews - October 10 2011

  • “I have a condition called Chron’s Disease and decided to take Digestion K after reading the description on your website. I have had this condition for over 20 years and tried a few products with success such as peppermint tea, acacia fiber, and a product from Mannatech called ambrotose with lecithin. I also read the book "Eating for IBS," by Heather Van Vorous. All of these really helped and I could not suggest them more to a person who suffers from the same condition as I do. In fact those products and the suggestions from the book kept me off prednisone for 12 years. My experience with Digestion K only after one month has been wonderful. Many of the products I mentioned before would help if I followed the very strict diet mentioned in the book (I do suggest people who struggle with IBS or other conditions to read it). BUT I could not eat things like red meat, pizza, milk, high fat foods etc. Since taking Digestion K I have been able to eat red meat and pizza again with only very minor reaction if any at all. I still cannot tolerate things like hot dogs, and high fat sausage, but to be able to eat red meat and pizza every few days is a MAJOR thing after almost 20 years of not being able to. Thank you so much for a product that is better than anything else I have taken, Dave E. USA”

    David - October 23 2011

  • “Dear Peter, I love X-tend life Co. But I did not try  Digedten-K  yet. I just want to tell you, I am taking for years Probiotic Advantage CR, formulated by Dr. David Williams, which contains probiotic blend and Actazin – a powerful green kiwi extract from New Zealand, that includes: prebiotic to strengthen the  probiotics, enzymes to help break down hard-to digest proteins, insoluble fiber to keep the probiotics moving. I was suffering severe constipation problems for many years, not any more. You can try it.”

    Anna - October 09 2011

  • “I wonder if my problem is because the skin of the fruit is used as well and when I eat Kiwi fruit I don’t eat the fruit, is there something in the skin that I could be allergic to?”

    Peter Torckler - October 17 2011

  • “I understand what you say Agatha.  Even if a deal is done there will be no compromise.  We do not need them. They would only represent a very small fraction of our sales and we can happily do without them.  More than likely nothing will happen because the margins that they would get from us are a lot smaller than other companies. If they want a bigger margin they would have to raise their price higher than our retail because we are not changing ours.  Our business model is supplying direct to consumer and that is not going to change.”

    Warren Matthews - October 07 2011

  • “Thanks for that Anna…My wife and I have enjoyed using X-tend Life products for years and so have been surprised at the result that I have had with Digesten-K, particularly as I have never had these symptons when I have eaten Kiwi fruit which I really enjoy.”

    Peter Torckler - October 09 2011

  • “I have been taking Digesten for a few weeks and I have noticed that I have the most horrible flatulence ever. I do hope it goes away soon since the smell is horrible.”

    Bern - October 10 2011

  • “i am alittle concerned about those (like myself) who are allergic to kiwi fruit. i going to assume that this would be one that we shouldn’t take~ to be on the safe side. ”

    Ann F - October 10 2011

  • “I have a quesiton regarding Digestion-K — while I understand the ultimate goal of the product is to restore a healthy digetive system – there is a saying — one should clean out the cupboards before restoring them with new canned goods. The body is a wonderful machine — in fact, it can take a pounding year after year and keep working — well for a time anyways. Would it not be prudent to first clean out the digestive systems, then take the Digestion-K to restore the flora to that system? One way of clearing out the digestive tract and killing any parasites is to take an internal salt water flush — basically this is salt water, but one know that salt is a great neutralizer — especially to parasites! Ever see what happens when salt touches a leech? So would flushing out ones digestive system first and then taking the Digestion-K be a route to consider? ”

    Michael - November 12 2011

  • “I’m surprised to hear any negative feedback on this product, too. It has by far and away surpassed my expectations! I only take one pre day and I am as regular as I have ever been.”

    Keith K - October 12 2011

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