Take Your Pick Guys... Dysfunction or Good Hair?

You'd be amazed at the choice that some men would prefer... especially in light of the hair-loss drug called finasteride. According to this article, some of the potential side effects are low libido and the inability to orgasm in men using the drug.

Worse still, these symptoms may still occur for many years after stopping the drug! The following excerpt from the article looks at the study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine...the results may shock you:

“...the new survey of 76 men aged 21 to 46 found that sexual problems including erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation lasted at least three months after men stopped taking the pill.

“Among the study participants, some of whom had taken finasteride for just a few days, 94% said they experienced low sexual desire, 92% reported low sexual arousal, 92% developed erectile dysfunction and 69% had trouble having orgasm.

“Participants had taken finasteride for 28 months on average, and reported sexual problems for an average 40 months, but the study author said that 10% of the surveyed men had used the drug for less than a month.”

However, as scary as these side effects are, some men still take hair-loss and baldness so seriously, they may ignore these risks and use this drug or other expensive and potentially dangerous hair-loss ‘cures’.

Male pattern baldness is caused by various factors such as genetics, aging and nutrient deficiencies. Some men find that by taking a daily nutriment supplement like Total Balance, their rate of hair-loss reduces and according to one Xtend-Life customer, his grey hair even returned to its natural dark color.

Now although this is just one person’s experience there are definitely benefits from taking a supplement like Total Balance which targets two of the above mentioned causes of baldness...aging and nutrient deficiency.

Although, some men still go bald no matter how healthy they are or what their age is. I’ll put myself into this category. Even though I’m healthy, reasonably fit and 31 years old, I’ve got way more forehead than I used to have when I was 16!

Nevertheless, I’m comfortable with my receding hairline. By keeping it really short, it’s one less thing to worry before stepping out the house. I’ve embraced my baldness and accepted that it’s my genetic make-up that caused the hair-loss. Best of all, my wife loves my current appearance so that’s an added bonus.

Some men on the other hand prefer to have a full head of hair and there are safe methods out there which men can choose to get a head of full, thick natural hair that’s actually their own follicles.

Some of these treatments are expensive but they can be effective...unlike pharmaceutical drugs and ‘miracle hair-loss treatment creams’ currently on the market which come with a list of potential side effects.

Whatever your preference is, I’d encourage you to weigh up all your options before thinking about any hair-loss drug.

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Some of the side effects last forever until we replenish whatever it was they destroyed for us.. I found the reduced Omega that seemed to be caused by an anti-depressant I was given for sleep ..Does not make sense.. but it appeared to reduce my Omegas . and I craved fatty foods until I took enough. like 6 a day of flax and other oils, it soon made me dislike chips I cannot eat them now.. that craving would have gone on forever I assume.. and i did gain 40 and more pounds, so I could have become 300 pounds, and not even know why… I often wonder if this is taken into consideration when they call their patient obese after that?
Do they do a proper history on obese people and see what they have been taking for the past 10 years or so.. Some never come out of it.. How sad that is, and doctors tell them it is an addiction… so they can never feel it can be fixed.. and of course the Omegas also help the brain . so it is not OLD AGE.. I do not believe it exists.. they use it as an excuse to sell all sorts of pills we do not need.. Please explain to us all how the tetracyclics like Mitazapine work, so I understand how to keep the Omegas balanced.

The other thing is the Baldness.. I had heard many many years ago that males with hair on body and little on head, had a high testosterone level, and just needed estrogen to balance it.
The next idea for hair growth in both sexes, is taking the 3 lipotropic factors.. can it be ? I found my hair went from any grey to all brown, and it grows new ones all the time. I can feel the short new hair all over.( they are inositol, choline bitartrate, and dl-methionine). Is there a study somewhere about these ? How much would be the right amount? It seems simple, but may be much more complicated than I think. thank you for working so hard, and being so helpful. mary

mary dicerni April 09 2012

I’m an Extend-Life customer and must look into the Total Balance range. But today I was interested to spot this subject of Propecia / finasteride.

I took it for about a year or so, on private prescription from my usual NHS doc here in Scotland. I didn’t see much change re. my hair (and have gone on to embrace your attitude, Dean, with neat short hair that is indeed one less thing to worry about!).

However, I stopped taking the pills as I realised that they were indeed having an effect on me in the ways described in the research above. On Googling the subject I was horrified to hear of the problems guys were having. That was 10 years ago. I have never fully recovered – the pills certainly damaged my sexual capacity. Thankfully I did stop in time, and did recover enough. But I still have difficulty in ejaculating and sometimes need to use Viagra – despite being fit and well in every other department.

I’m not cynical by nature – these side effects were, I’m sure, not known of at the time, and perhaps do not affect enough people. But there is no question whatsoever that these hair-loss prevention pills did, in my, as in many others, cause profoundly upsetting side effects.

Thanks for drawing this to the attention of your blog readers!

Garry March 30 2012

Hi Rachella

Thanks for your comments. We’ll be talking about baldness in the June issue of the Xtend-Your-Life newsletter. I’ll be sure to mention women’s hair-loss in the article.

Xtend-Life Expert March 29 2012

Would you kindly also address women’s hair loss ?
Thank you.Rachella

rachella March 29 2012

Are you aware of similar side effects using Propecia?

Kay March 29 2012

I spend a significant amount of time researching product ingredients before use to make sure they are safe. I’ll never compromise my health (esp. sexual health) for hair. Most of the products I’ve tried are herbal and the most successful product is Hair Essentials. This product just works and without side effects for me.

As always, be sure to stop ALL supplements for a few weeks once a year to allow your kidneys and liver to clear out. I do this AFTER my yearly 2-3 week internal cleanse when I return to eating normal without any supplements.

lightwaves April 01 2012

31 yo guy here.. been on meds for a couple of years and have got zero side effects, and certainly no dysfunctions hehe.

for now i am choosing good hair!

Jay March 29 2012

Taking finasteride is not all about vanity however.  In my case I was running with a PSA near 25 and after taking finasteride (5mg) for 6 months or so it went down to about 9 where it has more or less stabilised.  I should mention that over the previous 12 years I had 3 biopsies all of them negative for prostate cancer.

Having said that, I would dearly love to not be taking finasteride for the reasons mentioned above. Other side effects are very low amounts of ejaculate (or none), and breast enlargement.  I certainly have experienced the first, and am suspicious that I might be affected by finasteride with the second issue.

I have now been taking finasteride for about a year but about three months ago started taking it every 2 days, and now every 3 days. To my knowledge psa has not started moving up again .. yet.   I have been taking male rejuvenation so will see what the next results are, even though I realise this is unlikely to affect psa.

The only positive is that the back of my head started growing rich black hair according to my wife, who gives me a regular no 1 haircut.

Grant March 30 2012

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