StemEnhance...does it work?

We quite often hear in the media about stem cell research, and indeed there is a lot of interesting stuff going on in this area. Is it practical to stimulate stem cell growth naturally in our bodies?

Marilyn raised this question whilst she was investigating a product called StemEnhance.

This is what she asked:

Hi Warren, I have been taking your wonderful products for a few years now and have recommended several friends. Just recently, two products, StemEnhance and StemFlo have been mentioned to me. I am very suspicious of all 'miracle cures' and I was hoping you could give me your considered opinion as my aunt has started on a regime of these products.

Thanks and regards, M

My Response:

I had a look at their website. It’s hard to form a considered opinion as the evidence is not in plain language and there is not much of it. There is no indication of what dosage was used in their study and what the final benefits if any were. Also, it was obviously very small.

I tend to be quite sceptical about products that are marketed via the MLM model. It is a good way to sell product if the evidence is weak but there is a good story to be told which can get people excited.
What adds to my scepticism is that this product has been around for a number of years but it has not created any 'buzz' in the industry. If it really works as well as is claimed you can be sure we would be aware of it. Generally if an ingredient is really good the developer of it normally sells the ingredient to manufacturers to incorporate into products.

If it was good that business model of selling to manufacturers world-wide would generate much more revenue to the developer and a lot less hassle than setting up an MLM company to promote it.

So…my only comment would be to not get excited about it. Try it if your instincts tell you to, but don’t have great expectations. My view is that the best way to ensure an on-going production of stem cells is to focus on your overall health. That means feeding your body with the nutrients that your organs need which translates to a multi-spectrum nutrient formula such as Total Balance. This ensures a range of nutrients with proven efficacy and clinical data which in turn may help your body in its production of stem cells. If you have been using our products for a number of years…you are already doing this.

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I have used Stem Enhance for almost a year, and have  recently opted to stop using it.

My experience was that it actually seemed very beneficial in the first 3 months. My chronic knee pain quickly alleviated, and my hernia got a lot better and less painful.

So in those respects I was quite impressed.

But long term it has ceased to really serve much purpose to me I think, and my hernia is still a problem. I have stopped taking it, and unless I drastically miss it, I doubt I will go back to it.

Some people swear it does wonders for them……….

I wasn’t overly impressed by the marketing hoopla surrounding the product that is true.

My advice is read a few testimonials, bearing in mind that a lot of people have a vested interest in selling it, and maybe some have a vested interest in knocking it down. and boardtracker are good tools for searching forums.

Marcus October 22 2010

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