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Start Smoking and Drink more to reduce risk of Prostate Cancer - NOT !!!

Wouldn't that be a ridiculous thing to do? But, if we were to believe all the nonsense studies that are picked up by the media at times that could be one of the latest messages.


So, where is such a study suggesting that smoking and drinking more will reduce your risk of prostate cancer? Well, it is in the study that hit the headlines over the last week suggesting that men who took Omega 3 supplements had an increased risk of prostate cancer.

I have seen some pretty irresponsible studies published over the last 14 years but this would have to be one of the worst. It seems to be designed to attack supplements even though it was not even about comparing control groups who did or did not take Omega 3 supplements. Instead it measured a slight difference in Omega 3 levels in different groups. The difference between the groups on which conclusions were drawn was 0.2% percent. The difference is so minute that it could come about from eating a fish sandwich before the test was done.

That is what the authors drew their conclusions from.

As many scientific experts have pointed out the conclusion was irrational and the study should never have been published. They point out that if the correlation was really true then why is it that populations that have the highest intake of Omega 3 from fish also have the lowest incidence of prostate cancer? The Japanese for example!

As I mentioned earlier the authors also found that non-smokers and those who didn't drink were also at greater risk of getting prostate cancer!! This was in the same study but was not picked up on by the media.

For the last 16 years I have been a heavy user of Omega 3 fish oil. I take 4 soft gels of our QH/Ultra every day, and before we had that version I used our basic Omega DHA/Fish Oil. I will be 66 years old next month and my PSA levels are 0.5 which is exceptional even for a young man let alone someone of my age. Interestingly it has improved over the last 16 years, not got worse and in my opinion proof of one of the benefits of a high daily intake of Omega 3.

You may wish to read an article published in Nutraingredients in which there are a number of comments from experts relating to the study which frightens people from using their Omega 3 supplements.

You can access it by clicking here.

In conclusion, don't stop enjoying the benefits of your Omega 3 supplements as a result of the media coverage of such an irresponsible study.


  • “Hi Arrie Re: Omega 3 and Prostate Cancer I have prepared the blog article above about the Omega 3 Study. The study and the media reports about it were very irresponsible and gave misleading information about the true results.  The study was not even about users of Omega 3 supplements. I would urge you to read the article if you can as Omega 3 fish oil is a crucial component in any good health program. If there is any further information that we can provide for you which may help restore your confidence in the efficacy and safety of Omega 3 fish oil supplements please do not hesitate to contact us. All the best, Warren ”

    Warren Matthews July 23 2013

  • “Dear Warren, Newly research from Ohio State University revealed omega3 can cause Prostate Cancer. I have been years taking your Omega3 and so worried reading the research. Could you pls explain if it is true ? Thank you Arrie”

    Arrrie July 22 2013

  • “While renewing my orders, I was very glad to read your response to the study. Unfortunately for me, I was diagnosed with medium grade prostate cancer one week before I read the news report referred to. I’m 62 and my PSA was 3 three years ago. It is now 8, having gone up each year over the past 3 yrs. It has not affected me in any way but the PSA reading so far. Though I do smoke, I am very healthy and aerobically athletic (cycling mostly). I think I’ll start taking my Omega 3 again. I just started the Neuro-Natural last month and can actually feel the difference already. The same applies to the Green Lipped Mussel Powder I started taking four or so years ago. Mens Total Balance and Omega 3 I take on faith, to cover all bases :o) People always comment how much younger than 62 I look; and I credit much of that to xtend-life products. Well intended doctors caution against buying products outside of the US. It’s a relief to know that my trust has not been misplaced. Prostate cancer being slow growing, I’ve elected to monitor my PSA for a while, rather than undergo radiation treatment. Thanks again for clearing things up. ”

    Kenneth Curtis July 27 2013

  • “Hi Alex There is still a lot of work to be done on our new version of Total Balance, so unfortunately it won’t be until the second or third quarter of next year that we release this new product. It will be exciting – can’t tell you too much now but watch this space! Thank you for your commitment to Xtend Life, it is much appreciated. Kind regards Warren”

    Warren Matthews August 05 2013

  • “Hi warren, There has been so much talk about telomeres in the past few years.. since that noble price research.. and companies promoting products that they claim increase telomere size are popping up energy where.. the most credible is TA65 which by the way is licensed to nutraceutical companies by the maker since it patent I think.. It’s seems to be an exciting area in natural medicine and was wondering where Xtend- life stands on this fast moving area? Thanks for the earlier reply by the way! ”

    Alex August 20 2013

  • “Thank you for taking the time to address that ridiculous article about prostate cancer due to high levels of omega 3s This country shames us when such propaganda is televised and spread throughout social media. We did fear this information and after stopping our omega 3/dha fish oil, we suffered the consequences, something fierce! Stupid is, as Stupid does! (Forrest Gump’s mama)”

    Xtend-Life Expert September 09 2013

  • “Hi Candee Thanks for your feedback!  It’s great  to hear that you are taking your fish oil again! My husband and I wouldn’t be without ours either! Kind regards Tracey”

    Xtend-Life Expert September 19 2013

  • “Hi warren, I’m curious to when your long awaited new version of Total Balance will be available? And what new things could we expect? Kenneth I’m just curious to how long you were on Total Balance and the fish oil? By the way saw the fish oil report few weeks ago and it did sound fishy! And won’t affect my intake of supplements.”

    Alex August 02 2013

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