Set Your Resolutions in 2016 For Better New Year Success

December 2016, Xtend-Life Expert


How do we successfully set New Year’s resolutions that we will actually accomplish? It might sound strange, but the best place to begin 2017 is in fact at the end of 2016.

The beginning of a new year is full of so much promise. We have a renewed enthusiasm to set exciting goals, perhaps start a new diet, save money or go to the gym more often. But how often do these New Year’s Resolutions quickly lose momentum and fall by the wayside?

Making lasting change isn’t always easy. Statistics show that 45% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions but only 8% are successful in achieving them. (1) This isn’t promising news! How do we successfully set New Year’s resolutions that we will actually accomplish? Luckily we have some New Year’s advice for you along with tips and strategies to help make 2017 your year.

Reflect on your year

It might sound strange, but the best place to begin 2017 is in fact at the end of 2016. This is important because it helps to bring a sense of closure to 2016. This allows you to move forward into the next year without regrets or guilt. You can do this by reflecting on what went well, what you loved and what achievements, big or small, that you are proud of. Then think about any lessons you have learned, what you felt you could improve on or how you could do things differently. You can spend time thinking about this or write your thoughts in a journal.

This process of reflection is a great way to learn and grow and it helps you celebrate the year that was.

Plan for success

Another reason you should start thinking about your resolutions well before the New Year is it gives you enough time to plan. Christmas and the ensuing New Year celebrations are a busy and often stressful time of year. More often than not you won’t have quiet time to dedicate to planning your New Year’s Resolutions. Instead, start the planning process early. This will allow you the time you need to research your goals and to anticipate any obstacles or challenges.  

Ideas to help you create a successful plan

• Write down your resolutions—studies clearly show that those who write their goals down are more likely to achieve them. (2) Remember to also write down your “why” for each goal and to regularly look at and reflect on this.

• Plan the practical aspects of your goals:

  • What will you need to buy? Any special clothes, equipment or health supplements?
  • How will you need to change your daily routine? Will you need to get up earlier or perhaps watch less TV?
  • Do you need to seek expert advice or additional support?

• Anticipate obstacles and plan for any potential challenges that may arise.

  • What coping strategies could you adopt when obstacles arise?
  • Consider potential challenges and be prepared. Write down two ways you could overcome or circumvent each challenge.

Set meaningful goals

The type of New Year’s Resolution that you set can make all of the difference to your success. First and foremost, your goals must be meaningful, and for a goal to be meaningful you need to know why you want to achieve it. For example, many people want to lose weight, or they set a specific goal of losing, say, 10 kg. These are both admirable and important goals, however, so many people will fail because they don’t constantly remind themselves of why this goal is important.

Why do you want to lose weight? Perhaps it is because you want to have more energy to run around after your kids or grand kids? Or maybe, because an illness runs in your family, you are working on disease prevention and being healthy not only for yourself, but because you want to be around for as long as possible for your family.

The reason behind why you want to achieve your goal will give you the strength to be consistent and do the work that it takes to make changes in your life. Write down your “why” and revisit it often to help you to stay motivated.

    Break your goals down into behaviors

    Be clear and specific about the steps and actions needed to achieve your goal. If your goal is to lower your cholesterol this will translate into specific daily actions designed to help you to lower your cholesterol levels. For example:

    • Walk for 30 minutes each morning
    • Make a healthy salad for lunch everyday
    • Practice and learn how to make low-sugar or sugar-free treats
    • Research new health food stores in the area and try low carb products
    • Buy supportive supplements like omega 3 fish oil

    Again, the power of the written word can help to shape our behavior. People who write down and schedule their new behaviors are more likely to commit to these daily actions.

    Have an accountability partner


    An accountability partner can be a friend, family member, coach, training buddy or any other person that you can trust to share your goals with. Make a date to meet with them on a regular basis so that you can update them on your progress. They can also help you to troubleshoot challenges or simply provide motivation when you need it.

    At Xtend-Life, we aim to be the perfect accountability partner to help you stick to your goals. Contact us at for a free consultation to set up a health plan for 2017 and we will put you on our Loyalty Program and/or our Customer Care Program. Our Loyalty Program helps ensure that you are consistent in your health regime with regular orders while our Customer Care Program includes regular followups to check in on your health progress. Both programs are offered to all customers free of charge and dates are flexible with the option to opt-out at any time.

    Partner with us this coming year for assistance and advice on staying on track with your New Year's Health Resolutions for 2017. Our goal is to help make 2017 your happiest, healthiest year yet.

    In good health.




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    • “help i am suffering from bipolar 1 disorder,am on chronic medications for very long time now,am living in remote area, not possible to follow up with my appointments with specialist/,psychiatrist. Am using supplements like omega 3,6,and 9.What else could i do to improve my health? Thank you.”

      susan richard - January 11 2017

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