Season's Greetings...

    Once again we are at the end of another calendar year and ready to start 2011.

    2010 has been a challenging year for many people all around the world. We have been fortunate here at Xtend-Life in that we emerged from the earthquake unscathed and have been relatively unaffected by the general global downturn as we have seen a significant upturn in new customer numbers.


    This has created some challenges for ourselves and in order to accommodate the greater number of customers we are expanding our customer relations team and implementing training programs so we can improve our service further.

    More important is the general health and welfare of you…our customer (If you are not one yet, I hope you will be this time next year). We would like to think that we have played a small part in helping your quest for better and sustained health. We have a lot of interesting developments coming up in 2011 which will benefit you.

    For now, from all of our staff at Xtend-Life whether they are in New Zealand, Thailand, USA, or the UK... BEST WISHES and may you have a happy and prosperous 2011.

    We will suspend our weekly newsletter for 2 weeks and resume blog entries on the 7th January.

    Thank you so much for all your support during 2010. 


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    Discovering your company and your superb products has been a life changing event. Thank you!

    Carl December 23 2010

    I’m an American citizen living in Thailand with my  wonderful and loving Thai wife. In a few months I will be out of Fish Oil and possible some vitamins or other health items that I believe are probably in Thailand already. So when I shed some items I have I will be getting yours as they appear to be of a more higher quality but being of higher cost due to the quality that is expected.

    For now wishing you and all a Happy New Year. 

    Lawrence Wilson January 05 2011

    Hi Martha,
    Thanks for posting your comment here. However, for us to answer your question, could you please send it in English? You can also email our Medical Nutritionist Joanna Maggs at

    Xtend-Life Expert December 24 2010

    Hi Lawrence,
    Not sure if you are aware that we have our own office in Thailand.  If you would like any of our fish oil please give Pearl a call at the office in Bangkok which is (66) 2 685 3877 and she will arrange whatever you need.  Or, you can order online through our Thai website at  
    The range of products we can sell through our Thai office is limited as they all need to be registered with the Thai FDA and some of them are so complex it take years to get them through the process as they have to be modified to meet local regulations.  We have done that for a number of products but not all.  However, it is legal for a Thai resident to order on line from New Zealand for their own personal supplies. 

    Warren Matthews January 06 2011

    Necesito su mail URGENTEMENTE, la verdad, estuve buscando informacin para mi piel que tiene mancha cafs, (melazlas) y no s como entr a su crema blanqueadora.  Estoy en Ecuador, (city Quito) y necesito urgentemente me indique con qu nmero me contacto con ustedes o cual es el mail…….Por favor contstemen urgentemente que estoy desesperada con mi piel, pus est muy manchada, Aqu la luz solar ca perpendicularmente y por eso el sol es muy muy fuerte. Aconsejeme tambin cual es el bloqueador que debo usar, (yo uso factor 100) pero sin embargo contino manchando mi piel…….quiz debo cambiar de marca Yo uso la marca BIODERD.

    Quedo muy ansiosa de su respuesta.

    Martha Naranjo

    Martha Naranjo December 24 2010

    xtend-life merry christmas and happy new to all

    tim December 23 2010

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