Radiation Fall Out And Raw Ingredients In Supplements...

    A number of our customers have contacted us expressing their concerns about the radiation disaster in Japan, and wondering if that this is likely to affect any of our products. I can put everyone’s mind at rest about this for the following reasons.

    1. We hold around 6 months of our raw ingredients in stock for both supplements and skin care products.
    2. New Zealand being in the southern part of the southern hemisphere is well out of the way of the radiation plumes.
    3. The ocean currents around Japan do not come into the southern ocean around New Zealand.
    4. We only source three ingredients from Japan. One is CoQ10, another is L-Glutathione. The third one is the skin care product from Wakame seaweed. We have good stocks of all of them. The Wakame is not processed in Japan but in Europe where the processor has good stocks on hand.
    5. The CoQ10 and L-Glutathione are ‘grown’ from yeast using bio-technology so there is no chance of contamination of either of these two ingredients. The manufacturers are in the south of Japan well away from the affected areas. We have since had reports confirming the integrity of their facilities.
    6. Under our GMP program we follow the trail of every ingredient that we use. In other words we know where it originates from. For example, if we buy herbal extracts in the US or Europe we know where the original herb was harvested from.
    7. The ingredients of greatest risk are those which are harvested in the northern hemisphere, and many of them do come from that region so there is a potential risk.
    8. To eliminate this risk we have made arrangements with the NZ Radiation Laboratory (A government organization) to test any ingredient that could potentially have had even the slightest risk of exposure.
    9. We will structure our future raw ingredient purchasing planning to allow additional time for testing before the ingredient is used. (Currently we allow an additional 6 weeks from the receipt of the goods into our store to provide for testing before releasing from quarantine to use in manufacture.)
    10. If we detected any contamination at all we would either find another source for that ingredient or change the formula to something else with a similar action which has zero contamination.

    In summary, we are very much aware of the potential problems and the concerns of our customers and there is no way any contaminated material will ever make its way into any of our products.

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    Hello dear sir.
    I purchased xtendlife premium fish oil and that includes tuna fish.Tuna fish travells beyond clear waters if I am right .What about this concetrated oil in my xtend life supplement?Do you have radiation analysis for each LOT of  fish oil bottle that goes out on the market,because laboratory numbers are the best criterion .Kind Regards

    aneta January 08 2014

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