Omega 3 helping Autistic kids

    A couple of weeks ago, whilst I was at our Thailand office in Bangkok, some of the staff there asked me if I would come with them to their monthly visit to the Autistic Thai Foundation, so that the administrators of the foundation could meet me and I could meet some of the families whom we are helping out.

    I thought you may like it if I shared this little bit of news with you.

    Very simply we are donating our Omega 3 DHA/fish oil every month to 30 poor families in the hope that it will help their autistic children. We have only been doing it for a few months but we are getting some positive results.  For example, one parent was telling me that his son who could never concentrate on a computer game for more than a few minutes is able to focus on it for about an hour.   Other parents said that they have noticed an overall improvement in the alertness of their children.

    We will keep an eye on how it evolves and if it continues to be positive we will expand this program.  We made up a special batch of the Omega 3/DHA in smaller soft gels to make it easier for the children to swallow.

    If we continue to find that it helps the children we will look at adding the smaller soft gel into our range.  That decision will be made probably before the end of the year and we will introduce it as soon as possible afterward... but it could take 2 – 3 months as we have to plan for splitting off some of our oil into a separate production run, prepare new labels, etc, etc.

    Just a few words about the Autistic Foundation.  It was set up about 20 years ago by a parent of an autistic child and is still administered by the same people.  It is accredited by the government and has a number of branches throughout Thailand.  Most of their funding comes from the sale of a variety of ornaments or gift packages.  The children make these with the help of their parents many of whom are unable to work because if the need to take care of their children full time.  The items that they make are excellent.

    If you would like to know more about this organisation you can go to their website at  Unfortunately it is only in Thai at the moment. We are investigating possible ways in which we could help them expand their work.  They have 100,000 members in Thailand.

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    News to me

    Paul Fischer January 26 2012

    I read your info on the kids with Autism from Thailand. I am so proud to know that some companies have some passion for helping. I am a Home Health Aid who HAS A PASSION FOR HELPING OTHERS.

    I live in Florida and I must say what good work you are doing.


    Zah. Hosein.

    I have ordered your products and is awaiting my delivery from someone.

    Keep up your good work.

    zah December 02 2011

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