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Omega 3 and nutritional supplements may reduce aggressive behavior

According to a new study from The Netherlands nutritional supplements containing vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids were associated with a 34% reduction in aggressive behaviour among 200 young adult offenders during a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial.


It’s hardly surprising, considering that omega-3 fatty acids and many other key nutrients are vital for your emotional wellbeing as they’re ultimately determined by the brain…an organ that relies on optimum levels of these ingredients for overall health.

The ingredients found in our Total Balance and Neuro-Natural products have been carefully blended into a synergistic combination, making each product unique for its array of health benefits. Our Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil is another excellent supplement for optimal brain health and function.

It contains superior levels of DHA when compared to other fish oils, making it the ideal ‘brain-food’ for everyone…young and old, especially for pregnant women and their babies…helping prevent post-natal depression and even the reduce the possibility of brain conditions later on the child’s life, many of which are associated with violent aggressive behaviour.


  • “I know Omega 3 is good for pregnant women. What about calcium? I’ve never really liked milk and I know you guys don’t recommend it, I like soy milk but it supposedly messes with female hormones during pregnancy, so what would be a good form of calcium for pregnant women? And what do you think about anti acid tablets with calcium in them? I read in one article that there is too much aluminum in the anti acid tablets. Is this true?”

    Crystal May 12 2010

  • “Thank you that is really helpful.”

    Crystal May 17 2010

  • “Hi Crystal Calcium is good but there is no need to take extra unless you feel you have a deficiency. For a pregnant women the best option is to eat as much as you can of fresh dark green leafy vegetables. These are high in calcium and is the best type. At the same time, make sure you are getting other good nutrients that will help both you and the baby. Stay away from anti-acid tablets. Reducing levels of acid in your stomach is not a good thing and could lead to other problems in the future.”

    Warren Matthews May 13 2010

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