No One Has A Successful Weight Loss Pill...

September 2010, Warren Matthews


No one has a successful weight loss pill, but everyone keeps on trying to develop one and consumers keep buying them.
Pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money in trying to design...

No one has a successful weight loss pill, but everyone keeps on trying to develop one and consumers keep buying them.
Pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money in trying to design one and even more in trying to convince consumers to buy them.

On the other side of the spectrum, dietary supplement companies turn out products with the latest ‘wonderful’ ingredient that is going to guarantee that you will lose weight. We have seen them come and go over the last 10 years. None of them worked.
For the overwhelming majority of people it is simply NOT possible to lose weight by just taking a pill.

Over the last 10 years we have been asked consistently by customers why we don’t produce a weight loss supplement. I remember a number of years ago when Hoodia from South Africa was all the rage that we had lots of enquires to produce a Hoodia product.

We did investigate it and what we found was interesting which was most of the products on the market were not actually Hoodia at all. Genuine Hoodia is only produced in quite low quantities in South Africa and is a controlled export. We managed to get hold of some of the genuine extract from a producer in South Africa and tested it amongst some customers, none of whom receiving any direct weight loss benefit.

My personal opinion is that there is no effective weight loss pill, either in dietary supplement or pharmaceutical form.
I notice that the latest pharmaceutical weight loss drug ‘Lorcaserin’ is running into trouble with seeking FDA approval. Not only is it barely effective, there are now safety concerns being raised about its side effects such as heart valve disease and psychiatric problems.

Another long time weight loss drug Meridia is also under scrutiny after its removal in Europe over heart attack concerns. It is still available in the US.

So, what do you do if you want to lose weight?

I know it is not easy and it requires strong discipline. The first thing is to toss everything out of your cupboards and replace packaged processed foods with real natural food. Lots of good vegetables and fruit and protein in the form of quality fish, chicken and meat! (unless you are a vegetarian)

Avoid excessive alcohol and soda’s or energy drinks, bakery goods and snacks. Ensure that you are taking quality fish oil and a good multi-nutrient such as our Total Balance to help offset any nutritional deficiencies that can make you hungry.

NOTE: The fish oil is really important because ironically excess weight can be a factor of a fat deficiency. Fat in fish oils have components that help in satisfying hunger.

AND…most important do some exercise. Weight loss can only come about if the calories used exceed the calories in. It is really a simply equation.

If you are thinking about a pharmaceutical solution, research it very carefully first as the benefits may be very low and the risks high. Also, don’t be taken in by claims of a natural miracle weight loss pill…it doesn’t exist. If it did you can be sure we would be producing it.


  • “I think this is because the weight loss supplement or pills never really break down enough to get absorbed into the bloodstream and the body. So, you would be advised to consult your doctor or another medical profession about how certain things will effected you.”

    Ben Tien - October 02 2010

  • “Thanks for your comment Ben, but not all pills do not break down in the body. Some of the cheap mass produced pills do not but most quality ones do. The problem relating to weight loss is that no pill can beat nature and cause weight loss healthily without lifestyle and diet adjustments.”

    Warren Matthews - October 04 2010

  • “This thing of supplement or pills to lose weight is complicated. There are a lot of factors involved and which decide if they are efective or not. Of course, no supplement will be of any help to those who eat things that make them store body fat. If supplements are of any help, it is only for these who follow the right diets and make some moderate exercise every day.”

    Axel - August 11 2011

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