New Zealand Southern Skies: The Least Polluted In The World?

The Mackenzie Basin, a region of the South Island in New Zealand that's just down the road from us in Christchurch, has just been approved as the home of the biggest and best dark-sky reserve in the world.

Being a bit of a space and star geek, I have often taken the short drive to the Mackenzie Basin to gaze in awe and wonder at the night sky. It’s like watching any normal night sky...but in super high definition!

This is because the air down here over the vast majority of the South Island is so clean and pristine - it’s almost totally free from not just light pollution but also air pollution and smog.

Now you may be wondering why I’m talking about this considering this is a health blog...

Well, the minute I read this article that Aoraki-Mackenzie Dark-Sky Reserve had been officially approved by International Dark-Sky Association, I immediately thought about our Xtend-Life Natural Energy with NZ Bee Pollen supplement.

Natural Energy is a supplement that uses the potent and beneficial properties of bee pollen along with special synergistic enzymes. The bee pollen found in Natural Energy comes from the pollen that worker bees collect as that go about their work.

If the air is polluted and contains contaminants, the source of the pollen would be compromised and may affect the efficacy of the ingredient, not to mention your health.

This is why Natural Energy with NZ Bee Pollen is not just your average supermarket energy supplement. We source our bee pollen from one of the most pristine areas of New Zealand. Like the Mackenzie Basin in Canterbury, the north-west corner of the South Island is also pristine and free from air pollution.

This is because the area borders one of the biggest national parks in New Zealand...the Abel Tasman National Park.

There are no industrial factories in this area and the prevailing winds come from the south west. If you look at a map of New Zealand, you’ll see this area at the top left of the South Island with the Southern Alps to the right.

The Southern Alps act like a channel for the prevailing winds coming from the south west, ensuring that nothing but the air from the remote Southern Ocean pass over this area.

The Southern Ocean is the only thing that separates this area from Antarctica...the least industrial and populated place in the world. The air down here on the South Island has to be seen (and inhaled) to be believed.

Not only can you see the evidence of this clean air by the stunning night sky, you can also receive the benefits of some of the purest bee pollen on the planet.

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Today I ordered bee pollen suplement and few of your skin care products. I’m very pleased to learn that all ingridients are so carefully used. Can’t wait to received my order

Camelia kiss July 14 2012

I just placed my first order for Xtendlife products this morning and can’t wait to start with your supplements! Based on the fantastic response I have had to my many questions (on chat and email) from your customer support team, I’m totally convinced your products are first rate even before I’ve started using them!

A few years ago, I started using bee products (pollen / propolis / royal jelly) manufactured by Forever Living only because they are easily available in India but was put off when the lables revealed they used a number of additives used to bulk out an already expensive product.

Is there any chance your company is thinking of extending their range to include products containing bee propolis in particular? Since you have pristine bee habitat like the Mackenzie Basin right in your backyard, I would definately trust bee products made by Xtendlife.

Xtend-Life Expert September 12 2012

Hi Ayesha,

Thank you very much for your suggestion, we really appreciate input from our customers.

We are constantly reviewing our product formulations for both skincare and supplements. When a new ingredient is suggested by customers we assess the suitability of that ingredient for the purpose of that specific product. With regard to supplements if we feel an ingredient has merit it is then passed to our R & D team for further investigation.

There is quite a long lead time from the point of commencing evaluations of ingredients to them actually becoming part of a formula and only a small proportion of them stand the detailed scrutiny.

To my knowledge, Bee Propolis is not an ingredient currently being investigated but I have passed your suggestion onto the appropriate people for assessment.

Once again thank you for taking the time to contact us about this.

Have a great day.

Kind regards,


Customer Relations September 20 2012

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