Nature alive and well in Bangkok

    As many of you know we maintain a sales office in Bangkok to service our health clinic customers and physicians, mainly for ourOmega-3s.

    I travel there frequently where I have an apartment. During my trip last month I noticed that some birds had built a nest in a plant I have on the balcony and there were some eggs in it. This trip I woke up on the first morning to hear a lot of birds chirping.  

    I went out to the balcony and found a bird feeding a bunch of young ones…some which still hadn't opened their eyes but their beaks were certainly open for the food.

    That was 10 days ago and I took this blog post’s photo this morning. It is amazing how fast they have grown. I thought this was quite fascinating as the apartment is on the 23rd floor as you can see from the photo on the left and yet the birds selected this particular plant. It is not the sort of thing you expect to see in Bangkok. I appreciate that this is somewhat off subject but I figured some of you may like to see it.

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    Hi Stanleygood to hear that you have been getting benefits from our Omega 3 Fish oil. We shifted our offices last November to M-Thai Tower level one at All Seasons in Wireless Rd.

    Same complex as the Conrad Hotel. The phone number is the same. The good news is that we have been able to able to reduce the price in Thailand as a result of the Free Trade Agreement between NZ and Thailand kicking in this year.

    If you give Pearl a call she will make sure someone takes care of you. However, if you want the Ultra version or some of the other supplements we will have to supply direct from NZ as those products have not as yet completed their registration process with the Thai FDA so we cannot market them in Thailand as yet.

    Warren Matthews July 26 2010

    That’s so cute! They knew whose balcony to pick :)

    Pauline July 22 2010

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    Xtend-Life Expert December 03 2012

    Hello Warren,
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    Where can I get it in Bangkok?

    Piao December 02 2012

    Yeah had the same happen in my London flat in high building, really interesting when it happens in the middle of the city and yes it is fascinating!

    Alex July 23 2010

    Hi Warren

    Since at the topic on Bangkok.
    Is the Xtend-Life’s office still at 2nd floor MPA building? When i came to know about Xtend-Life on the internet, I had to assure myself that I am dealing with a bona fide company. Visited the Bangkok office in Jan 2008 before I started taking your supplements. I remembered meeting two very helpful and sincere Thai gentlemen(one was the manager and the other, product executive). Sorry, I could not remember their names but they assured me that this is the best. I bought two bottles of the Omega 3(expensive though @THB 980 each) but I never looked back. The next two days when I was in Pattaya, I felt the effects of the Omega3. The brain seemed active and it made me very alert.
    When I returned after the holiday, I started ordering Xtend-Life till today. I had tried a few of Xtend-Life’s range of supplements but the basic must have are Total Balance(std) and Omega3 Premium, now upgraded to QH Ultra. Also occasionally, a bottle for Male Rejuvinator at 3 tables per day.
    Looking forward feel the benefits of Omega3QH Ultra.


    stanley July 22 2010

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