Mercury in Fish Oil?

    A customer submitted a question saying: “I wrote a note a short time ago to you and then I went through all the blogs and I have seen the test results on concentrations of PCBs in the fish oil. However, do you have similar test results for mercury? I have strictly avoided tuna and I am concerned about the presence of tuna oil in the fish oil.”


    This is a valid question and one which no doubt other readers would like to know the answer to. So we have posted on the website a copy of the latest analysis on all our Omega 3 products from an independent government approved lab. The testing limit for mercury is 10 parts per billion which is 0.01 parts per million. This is what we have set our specifications at. Our spec is the toughest in the industry being 10 times tougher than the industry in general. As a comparison you can click here.

    To review the test results,

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