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Managing Depression And Anxiety

One of the biggest problems with depression and anxiety disorders is that they tend to fly under the radar because the person suffering from the anxiety either doesn't recognize the symptoms or simply ignores them...thinking that he/she can simply ‘get over it’.

Being constantly pushed to the edge of your emotional borders can result in desensitization or even post-traumatic-stress-disorder (PTSD). The person becomes a ticking time-bomb ready to go off in a fit of rage or emotional outburst at the slightest trigger. Some people may even sink into serious depression which can result in even more serious consequences.

Depression and anxiety are emotional disorders that take place in the brain. They are often the result of methylation.

What is methylation?

Basically, it’s a process whereby specific chemicals called ‘methyl groups’ are added to various constituents of proteins, DNA and other molecules in order to keep them in good ‘working’ condition.

Serotonin is a chemical in the brain that works like a natural antidepressant. If it’s not methylated, it will become inactive which in turns leads to depression. This is why it’s important to ensure your body gets the best methylating substance possible...namely SAMe.

Natural Alternative Solutions

SAMe is one of the alternative solutions nature gives us. It’s more natural and more effective than other herbal antidepressants such as St John’s wort and kava because it targets methylation. It’s also another reason why people suffering from depression should avoid taking synthetic and pharmaceutical antidepressants which may have side effects and could do more harm than good over time.

A natural and healthy option to address depression and emotional distress is to try our Neuro Natural Serenity which contains optimal amounts of SAMe, as well as other active ingredients like vinpocetine, valerian and hops...all have been scientifically shown to help with mood disorders, anxiety, psychological stress and help relieve feelings of nervousness and irritability.

So if you’re suffering from depression or know of someone who is going through a rough time emotionally, why not address those unsettling feelings and tackle depression naturally?


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