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Kids and eating habits

Bringing up young children to eat healthily is one of the biggest challenges that parents face these days.  It is not easy to explain to a young child that eating their vegetables and fruit is much better for them than the yummy snack given to them by their grandma who likes to see the look of pleasure on their grandchild’s face.

Let’s face it, even the majority of adults still eat food based on what they like without thinking if this is what their body needs to remain healthy…so, the children are facing an uphill battle and it gets worse each year with more and more tempting ‘artificial’ delights in a packet.

Anyway, there is a little article from Reuters about this which may interest you. "Moms' mealtime tactics tied to kids' eating habits" by Reuters

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  • “My wife and son were both very skepitcal regarding the benefits of a healthy diet and high quality supplements. I had to become an example for them both and results speak louder than words. Now, no one in my house drinks tap water. I gave the skin care samples you sent to my wife and after three days of use, she admitted that they were amazing and made me add them to my monthly order. My fifteen year old son ,who thinks he knows everything, has marveled how great his skin looks after taking fish oil for a few weeks. Yes, this is an uphill battle but becoming an example for friends and family is the easiest way to help them get on the road to a healthy life style. I always tell me son to compare how I look at 55 to his friends father’s who are ten years my junior. How can you argue with results?”

    Carl November 30 2010

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