Is Ultrasound worthwhile for Pregnant Women?

For many years I have asked this question of many women…staff, and even my own daughter. Why are you getting an ultrasound? The general answer is to ensure that the baby is OK and also because they are curious to know the sex in advance so they know whether to paint the babies room blue or pink.

They all believe it is safe and not harmful to the baby…because that is what the doctors say. But, are they right? I don’t know because I have not personally studied the subject but my view on this matter is why subject the baby to a treatment which no one really knows whether it is safe long term?

There have been many, many protocols and treatments over the years that have been deemed safe by the medical profession only to find, sometimes decades later that they were wrong. So, in my opinion why take the risk. I have expressed this view many times but it seems curiosity always gets the expectant mother and they do it anyway.

Anyway, here is a guy that has done some research on the matter and has written an article about it. If you or any of your family or friends are pregnant it may be a good idea to read the article and at least be better informed to make your own decisions. The article can be accessed by clicking here.

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Great article!

Consider this:

<p class= x_title2 >Unknown effects of repeated exposure:

Audible sound travels at 10 to 20 thousand cycles per second. Ultrasound travels from 10 to 20 million cycles per second. In a study conducted in 2001, a small hydrophone was inserted in a woman’s uterus. The recorded sound reached 100 decibels, similar to a subway train coming into a station. In addition to sound, vibration and heat affect the fetus during an ultrasound.

The exposure to the fetus depends on the equipment, length of procedure and number of procedures. Long and short-term effects of accelerated sound waves on a developing fetus are unknown. Beverley Beech, a consumer activist in the United Kingdom calls routine fetal ultrasound the biggest uncontrolled experiment in history.

Cindie July 22 2011

I refused to have any ultrasounds 6 years ago when pregnant with my daughter. I encountered significant pressure and negative reactions from doctors and mid-wives which varied from ridicule for my ‘irrationality’ to accusations that I was endangering my child. When I pressed them, none could give me a really good reason for having the ultrasound. I think they were disturbed that I was making my own choice and not following the standard path.


Anna Williamson July 22 2011

GOOD FOR YOU Anna! I have also tried to question/go against conventional medicine and have been made to feel a freak and a silly girl by various Doctors. It is hard, but the more people who do it, the more they will have to justify their actions.

lynn July 22 2011

Anna Williamson! You did good. Pass it on to your daughter and anyone else.

Wally July 22 2011

Thanks, Penny. It’s working.

Michelle August 29 2011

Hi Warren,

The link to the article is broken, will you be able to load it up again. I am really interested to find out any negative side effects with ultrasounds. I have had many in the past and never question whether it is safe or not.



Michelle August 24 2011

Hi Michelle,

I am sorry to hear your experience with this problem, somehow the link works on our end.

Anyways, the article link is

Hope this is helpful!

Xtend-Life Expert August 24 2011

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