Invest in Nutrition for a Lean and Fit Body

Men in their 30s and 40s are at the peak of their career and personal life. With the influx of more responsibilities, your health and fitness may take a back seat, which can negatively impact your metabolism and weight. With these simple and practical tips and the Xtend-Life Zupafood Elite supplement, staying lean and fit is easier than ever!

Many men in their 30s enjoy good health and are unaffected by visible signs of aging. However, things are slowly changing on the inside that can manifest in small physical changes. The slightly lower metabolism may contribute to a higher body fat noticeably around your belly. You may also experience a harder time gaining muscle compared to in your 20s.

The good news is, diet is one of the most significant ways to influence your metabolism and weight. And the same principles of healthy eating apply across the entire lifespan. A healthy diet drastically decreases your risk of common diseases related to aging like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Here is exactly how you can combat the slow metabolism and achieve a healthy weight at any age. 

Banish the Diet Mentality

Many people rely on the latest diet to help them lose the extra pounds quickly. Unfortunately, this diet mentality is extremely counterproductive and leaves people feeling deprived and disappointed. The truth is fad diets rarely work and long term yo-yo dieting may post serious damage to your heart. The fluctuations in weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels are thought to be the culprit, according to a 2018 study published by the American Heart Association. This is where intuitive eating comes in. By banishing unhealthy eating habits, the temptation to binge eat or institute cheat days is behind you. Instead, you learn to listen to your internal hunger cues, respect your body and eat balanced meals. You will be able to enjoy your favorite food again in moderation. This will lead to a sustainable weight loss and promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Eat More to Weight Less

Skipping meals in attempt to cut back calories can sabotage your weight loss efforts. It signals your body to store up calories and fat in anticipation for starvation. Alternatively, eating small frequent meals every three to four hours helps to maintain a steady metabolism and burns off excess fat. Studies show people who skip breakfast are more likely to consume additional calories overall and become overweight. What you eat really matters so choose nutrient-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean protein and and whole grains over junk food to keep hunger and extra weight at bay. 

Build a Healthy Plate

A healthy plate is the foundation of a healthy diet. According to the Harvard University’s Healthy Eating Plate, most of your meal (half of the plate) should be fruits and vegetables. The rest of the plate should be equal parts of whole grains and healthy protein. Try to choose healthy fats from plant sources whenever possible to get the heart healthy benefits. Additionally, drink water, coffee or tea and avoid sugary drinks. This guide helps people create healthy, balanced meals wherever they go. 

Watch Those Liquid Calories

Liquid calories especially from sugary drinks add up fast and contribute to weight gain. The worst part is they are empty calories that are devoid of important nutrients. If you drink three cans of soda and a glass of juice a day, that is equivalent in calories to a regular meal! Moreover, soda consumption is bad for your dental health and promotes calcium loss in your bones. Therefore, choose water, unsweetened tea, coffee most of the time and keep sugary drinks at minimum. 

Get a Good Night of Sleep

Getting plenty of sleep is not only good for your energy levels but also your waistline. People who are sleep deprived tend to reach for junk food and give into their cravings. This is due to the decreasing levels of the appetite suppressing hormone, leptin. When you are not getting the seven to eight hours of sleep you need, it triggers ghrelin which increases your appetite. In combination with low levels of leptin, you are bound to reach for that hamburger and French fries. Research studies also seem to suggest a link between sleep deprivation and obesity. 

Get Moving

It is no secret that exercise is a key component to weight loss and building muscle. It ultimately comes down to burning more calories than you take in to create a deficit. Exercise is a crucial part of that equation. On top of that, it helps to relieve stress and boost your mood. Aim for cardio interval training for weight loss and strength and resistance training for building muscle. Men have higher muscle mass than women which translates to faster weight loss because muscles burn more calories than fat. 

Sometimes despite our best efforts, we still fall short of the recommended nutrients. The Xtend-Life Zupafood Elite supplement fills in the nutritional gaps for you. It will improve your existing nutrition status and elevate your health. It contains a unique blend of powerful nutrients such as rare medicinal mushroom, marine collagen and green tea to super charge your body. You will gain more energy, mental clarity and youthful skin, nails and hair. Additionally, kiwifruit powder and organic chlorella work together to detox and rid of any toxins in your body. Lastly, the green superfood spirulina enhances your muscle strength and endurance. 

Nutrition should be a top priority at every stage of life. It is even more so for men in their 30s and 40s as their body is starting to age. By focusing on nutrient-dense foods, respect your body and staying active, you can still take pride in a healthy body and physical fitness.

4 Responses

Your"healthy eating plate" is surprising. Knowing of the founder’s connection with Ivor Cummins it is surprising if that really is his recommendation. Lots of grains and fruits, canola oil, hmmm, i.e. carbs and processed oil, that doesn’t sound right.

Søren Julin April 01 2022

Could you do a little more research on canola oil. My understanding is that it is highly processed. I avoid it.

Gayle July 03 2019

Hi Roland, Thank you for your comment. Nuts are listed as a great source of protein in the graph above, which would include walnuts. Under the Healthy Oils section of the graph, only canola and olive oils are listed as these are more common and readily available. This graph is only a guideline of what you should be eating to boost your nutrition for a lean and fit body, but please feel free to use what you prefer. I hope this helps Roland. In good health -Customer Care Team.

Customer Care Team June 28 2019

I am surprised to notice that wall nuts are not mentioned in your article. Neither for the protein part nor for the oil. The oil is close close to the top of the most unsaturated food oils being used.

Roland Contreras June 24 2019

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