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Interesting Developments in Telomere Lengthening

Over the last few years I have been following developments in the ongoing research in developing protocols for lengthening telomeres, or reducing the rate at which they shorten.

If a successful protocol is eventually developed it will probably be the biggest ‘anti-aging’ breakthrough of all time.

This is because telomeres which are the ‘caps’ on the end of our chromosones get shorter every time the cell divides.  When they get too short the cell dies, and when enough cells die the organ of which they are part also dies followed by our own death.  

So, if it is possible to reduce the rate of shortening, or even better, add some more length to them then longevity may increase, but even better longer telomeres are believed to reduce the risk of degenerative conditions.

Research has been going on for years in this field and it has been established that there are a number of nutrients that will contribute to this objective.  Omega 3 fish oil is one of these nutrients and there are others (which we use in Total Balance) but the overall impact on telomeres although helpful is still somewhat modest.

However, it seems that researchers at Stanford University have potentially achieved a breakthrough.  I just found this in an article and thought that many of our readers may be interested. You can read a summary of the story by clicking here ("Telomere-lengthening procedure turns clock back years in human cells" by gizmag), or find more information by visiting the FASEB Journal.


  • “Thanks for the comments. Mohamed, I have also been testing out TA65 for the last year.  I can’t comment on its efficacy as yet as I have not had another test done to check it yet.  I have to do the test in Madrid and I haven’t had time to fit in a visit there yet.  But, I may be able to have it done somewhere in Europe when I am next there in April. It has to be done by the same laboratory using the protocols. There seems to be some evidence that Omega 3 fish oil will help but the measurable benefits are not all that great.  Likewise some of the ingredients in Total Balance seem to be effective but there is definitely no magic bullet (at least which I have been able to find) in the form of a nutritional supplement. But…we are not giving up.  :) ”

    Warren Matthews February 11 2015

  • “Just noticed your ‘byline’(?) below for the first time.. ie: ‘Using science to get the best out of nature’ and the thought struck me that it seemed rather unfriendly to nature.. and ‘predatory’(?) of man.. so I figured there has to be something friendlier. This is what I then thought of and if you think it is something you’d like to use then you’re welcome… "Using Science to Bring You the Best of Nature". Hi Warren… been reading your stuff for years with a great longing to be able to afford it… but never in my lifetime expecting it to happen. Just recently however some news came that gives me hope I’ll soon be able to send an order for the first time. What a wonderful blessing that will be. Thank you for doing the wonderful work you do.. and sharing it with the world to help everyone be their healthy ‘best-they-can-be’.. and being there for us all. Looking forward to ordering your products soon. Col.”

    ColinB February 03 2015

  • “Interesting development! The fact that any cells can be supercharged. However around telomerase activation  always one thing that has overshadowed was uncertainty that inactive cancer might be activated.. yet have not seen any evidence of that yet happening to individuals going through telomere treatment using for example TA65 made from concentrated astragalus which itself was used by the Chinese for thousands of years as a herbal supplement. It’s only main substance in the market that has received credible attention in the market that is used in clinics in America. It’s pretty expensive though for most average people. Many claim health benefits though that have used special concentrate form of astragalus. I know Warren you have been working on a telomere product and have been trying it yourself.. any update on results of that you can share possibly? Any possible launch date of that product along the new Total Balance? It would be interesting to see updates you have on new products and updated ones.  Thanks!”

    Mohamed February 03 2015

  • “What has definitely not yet been demonstrated is that lengthening of telomeres in normal healthy people has any effect whatsoever on health or aging. While telomere research may have application for individuals suffering diseases such as progeria, many scientists studying aging have come to believe that telomere research generally is a red herring, and better answers will be found elsewhere.”

    Christine Sutherland February 24 2015

  • “try " telomeres " !!”

    adrian rich February 03 2015

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