Improved diabetic kidney health with Omega 3?

    According to a recent article, increased intakes of omega-3 fatty acids may reduce kidney damage in type-1 diabetics. With the reported incidence of the disease on the rise and with many diabetics being at an increased risk of kidney disease, this is something that those people with type 2 diabetes should take note about. Another study analysed data from 1 770 children at a high risk of developing type-1 diabetes. The study reported that omega-3 fish oil may actually reduce the risk of type-1 diabetes by 55%. The benefits of supplementing with Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil may even extend to sufferers of type-2 diabetes.


    Researchers in Hong Kong recently evaluated kidney function by measuring creatine levels. High amounts of creatine indicate potential damage to the functioning of nephrons in the kidney. In Diabetic Medicine (Vol. 27, pp. 54-60), the researchers said: “Our results showed a significant decrease in serum creatinine level after fish-oil supplement in Type 2 diabetes mellitus patients…Prior studies have [also] suggested that fish-oil supplement has renoprotective effects in diabetes mellitus…”

    When taking these various studies into consideration, it’s likely that our Omega 3 DHA Plus Fish may even provide additional health benefits for the kidneys. It contains natural Astaxanthin which has been shown to help support the health of people with diabetes as well as those who are pre-diabetic…

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