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I seem to be losing my sexual appetite...can you help?

Question: from Christopher

Can you tell me what if any product you would recommend for a 47-year-old male suffering from a loss of sexual appetite?

I also have to pay frequent visits to the toilet every night meaning I have not had a full night’s sleep in years.

I’m also very restless at bedtime and take a long time to fall fully asleep if at all some nights. I've also noticed my memory and concentration is not the best. Anything you recommend from your products?

I’m not taking any supplements at present. My diet is quite healthy and my weight hovers around 13stone. I am 5'11" so this isn't too bad. I also began exercising a few months ago so I'm not entirely a couch potato. Thanks for any advice.

Answer: from Warren

Hi Christopher,

I can relate to your problem as I had a similar one about 12 years ago when I was 51. I seemed to have lost interest in sex and thought that it was all over. I would have to get up two or three times during the night to go to the toilet.

In spite of that I was still healthy overall. I put up with this for a couple of years before I founded Xtend-Life and met Prof. Dr.Munem Daoud who developed the formula for our first generation of Total Balance.

One of the versions was called Total Balance Men’s Plus and included ingredients for an enlarged prostate...and obviously mine was getting larger given the need for the night time visits.

I started taking 6 tablets a day and over the next two years the nightly toilet visits gradually decreased until the need to get up during the night was completely eliminated.

That was now 10 years ago (when I started) and 8 years since I have not had the need to get up during the night. And...most importantly even before my night time visits had been eliminated my sex drive returned and has been maintained ever since.

I am now 63 and am as sexually active as I was in my early 40s...and I believe I will be able to maintain this well into my 80s and least that is the plan.

My prostate is in great shape…no enlargement as well and my PSA is exceptionally low meaning that the risk of prostate cancer is virtually nonexistent.

The bottom line is that I am sure that it is not too late for you to reverse what is happening to you. You are younger than I was when I had the similar symptoms and I have proven that it is possible to not only eliminate the enlargement of the prostate but to protect against the risk of prostate cancer.

Since those earlier days we have refined our Total Balance formula six times and it is now much more effective than it was 10 years ago. This is what I would suggest for you:

  1. Take our Total Balance Men’s Premium – 7 tablets a day.
  2. Take one of our versions of Omega 3 – up to 4 soft gels a day.
  3. Take our Male Rejuvenator at 6 tabs a day for the first three months and then cut back to 3 tabs a day.

I am sure that if you follow this protocol that you will notice a significant change...but, please be patient.

It has taken a while for your current situation to develop and it will take a while to correct it...but, I am confident that you can if you persevere with this supplement regime.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.


  • “My problem is similar to Christopher’s, except that I am 20 years older, actually 68. I am about the same height, but a stone lighter and still active. I have been taking Total Balance since 2003, so I have experienced many of its formulae. Right now I am on Men’s Premium, 7 tablets a day, and Male Rejuvenator, 3 tablets a day. I also take Omega 3, but not your version. My problem is that day or night, unless I am outside working and sweating, I have to find a toilet every 3 to 4 hours. I am taking a product called Prosta-Response to help that. In the first years it did help, in that the interval became about 5 hours, depending on conditions. Now I am down to 3 hours. My prostate is no more enlarged than my physician expects, my PSA is in the safe, not-considered-cancerous range, and I have no other known health problem. I am not on any medication. For years now, sexually, I could take it or leave it. I am still capable and still do sometimes. Like most men, from what I have read, I have always suffered from varying degrees of premature ejaculation. But when I put my mind to it, sex can be much fun, and my wife agrees. The trouble is that I do not often put my mind to it. But what’s more troubling is my watering problem. Sometimes the plumbing does not hold fast and water leaks past the washer. It can be embarrassing. I am only 3 years older than you, Warren, and have always admired your state of health. Mine is not very bad. Can you suggest any solution to my watering issue? Thanks for any advice you can give.”

    Colvin August 06 2010

  • “Dear Warren, Hope you are doing fine. Infact I have been searching for the best multivitamin tablet and found your website. I am 35 and my work starts from 8:00 am and ends around 7:00 pm. Long working hours – all computer work. I have high uric acid (taking Allipurinol 300mg one tablet daily), less citrate (taking 6-7 lemons along with water on a daily basis or Grape Fruit Juice) for vitamins Doctors usually advise Mexaderm and Epivite (for skin). After sex I usually feel week (my face is like dull). Now a days I usually sex 2 times a week or once a week. I need your advises and any suitable tablet which you think fit my body. Thanks.”

    Faraz September 06 2010

  • “Hi Colvin, Firstly, I want to thank you for your ongoing support. Seven years. It is really appreciated. I have to admit your problem has me stumped. With the combination of the Mens Total Balance Premium, the Male Rejuvenator and the Prosta-response you have all the known effective ingredients to keep your prostate in good condition. It seems that the supplements are doing their job in keeping your PSA at good levels but it seems that you have some enlargement of the prostate even if it is better than normal for your age. It may be that when you were 61 that you already had an enlargement and that the supplements have just helped maintain the status quo. I was 10 years younger when I experienced my problems. Perhaps the 10 years makes all the difference. Im sorry, but I really cant give any suggestions re your watering problem. May be an idea to have a check out with a urologist to confirm that there are no obvious issues causing this problem. With regard to the sexual issues it may also be a good idea to have a full hormone panel carried out in case you need a bit of a top up with testosterone, or progesterone. If you decide to do this ensure that it is only done in conjunction with a knowledgeable physician on bio-identical hormones. I am sure that your testosterone will be better than normal given the seven years that you have been on Total Balance which would help maintain reasonably healthy levels…but, it is possible that you may need more. Sorry I have not been of much help ColvinI wish I could offer something more concrete.”

    Warren Matthews August 11 2010

  • “Hi Faraz, This is Joanna. Your symptoms seem quite general (aside from the Uric acid) so I would suggest starting off with Total Balance Premium at full dose (or Standard if you prefer) and Omega 3/QH Ultra at 4-6 per day. These may help to balance your general health, as well as your energy levels, and general stresses and basically ‘reboot’ your system, as well as having an emphasis on your hormonal support and balance which is very important here. You can also add our specific Rejuvenator formula perhaps at 3-6 per day, to try to help further with your hormonal balance which may be at a root cause of many of your current issues. If you wish you can add some of our Skincare regime to help brighten your skin you can do so, any or all of the products would be fine to use to help brighten, soften and importantly strengthen your skin. Ensure that your diet is optimal, your pure fluid intake very high throughout the day, and plenty of regular daily exercise. This is all equally important. Joanna”

    Xtend-Life Expert September 10 2010

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