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How do you whiten your teeth?

Maria asks:

My teeth have lost their whiteness and my dentist tells me this occurs as we age. He has recommended I have them bleached, I am not keen with that idea, do you have a product that will resolve this problem?

I am currently taking TB, Omega 3 QH Ultra fish oil, and Natural Neuro Memory.


Warren Answers:

There is no supplement product that we are aware of that will alter the color of your teeth...after the event! The products that you are taking along with a good diet will I believe avoid excessive yellowing, but, over time a little bit of 'external' help is needed if you want really bright, white teeth. My suggestion is to have them professionally whitened. I have this done myself about every three years and there is no downside to it as far as I am able to determine. does depend upon the method used. Some dentists sell home bleaching kits which involves putting a gel into a mould and 'biting' into it for a certain period each day. In my opinion these are useless and indeed may be detrimental to your health because you will ingest some of the chemicals that are in the gel.

There are various methods that dentist's use now, laser and 'blue' light being the most common. I have had both. Earlier this year I had my teeth done again with a new technology (Sorry, I am not sure what it is called). The results were great, they have never been so white. I had it done in Thailand where some clinics have state of the art equipment catering to tourists and expats.

What I would suggest is that you research for a clinic in your area that specialises in teeth whitening as it is much more likely that they would have the latest equipment than an 'ordinary' dentist. Talk to more than one clinic with different technologies and weigh up what you feel is the best option. These professional whitening technologies only take about an hour.

Be careful not to drink coffee, cola's or red wine for a couple of days after having it done.


  • “I also use baking soda to help whiten my teeth. It is an old model’s trick that I learned when I was 19 and my teeth look fabulous. I also drink coffee and occassionally red wine. The dentist always remarks at how white my teeth look.”

    Xtend-Life Expert November 07 2010

  • “Use 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2o2). Hold it in the mouth for 10 minutes each day. This will naturally and safely whiten the teeth, and at the same time, oxygenate the gums for curing and preventing all types of gum disease. To make 3%, you simply take 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (this is the standard percentage that it comes in), and you use a formula of 11 to 1. In other words, for every teaspoon, tablespoon, cup etc. of H2o2, you would add another 11 of the same amount of pure filtered water. Example: 1 teaspoon H2o2 plus 11 teaspoons filtered water. This would make a 3% solution. Note: Be extremely careful when working with the 35% H2o2. If you get it on the skin, quickly rinse it, and do so for a couple of minutes. It will cause no harm if rinsed. ”

    Josee November 25 2010

  • “About 12 years ago I had my teeth whitened using the mold/gel technique offered by my dentist, and he recommended only doing my upper teeth (it was expensive to do at the time). It worked great and I periodically re-did the procedure until I ran out of the gel.  By that time, there were over the counter products you could buy (eg., Crest white strips), and every six months I would whiten my teeth again using the strips. I did this for several years with no ill effects. Now I only have to re-whiten them about once every 2 years or so, again using the strips. My dentist always remarks how white my teeth are!  (I also drink coffee and tea)”

    Lee November 09 2010

  • “There used to be a product by that was a toothpaste made out of umbrian clay. I’ve been using it since April 2001 and can testify of its efficacy. The problem is that they’ve not discontinued the product! Why I don’t know as it worked and worked very well. I am looking at alternatives but you might want to look yourself for a clay-based toothpaste. The last couple of times I went to my dentist he told me, "Whatever you’re doing keep doing it." He complimented my teeth and their health, which was great to hear.”

    Glenn R. November 06 2011

  • “The new technology that whitened your teeth…what did it involve?”

    Jane Trammell November 05 2010

  • “I am a coffee and an occasional red wine drinker. I use baking soda to brush with and have naturally white teeth. My dentist was impressed with the results of years of nothing but baking soda for toothpaste. It promotes healthy gums, as well”

    Carrie November 05 2010

  • “Can you please tell me how you use the baking soda on your teeth? do you make it into a paste first? thanks.”

    Sandra August 11 2012

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