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How A 51 Year Old Woman Beat Chronic Stress to Pursue Her Dream To Be A Competitive Surfer

Chronic stress is one of the most dangerous conditions facing society today. It gradually builds up over time, constantly draining the body of energy and essential nutrients, causing constant fatigue and basically depriving the person of not just their health…but also lifestyle and happiness. Just look at Marguerite Vujcich...

her story has inspired many people and sends a strong message to all workaholics who cannot find the balance between good hard work and enjoying a happy relaxing life outside of the office and corporate environment.

Marguerite’s story is one that many people can relate to. The former barrister was so committed to her work that she eventually became very ill with all the stress…finally collapsing at home and hardly able to raise her hand.

She recovered and decided to throw in the towel…ultimately turning her back on the stressful environment she came from and choosing to follow her passion for surfing. Now, at the age of 51, she’s ranked seventh on the New Zealand women’s surfing circuit…competing against other women 30 years her junior!

She’s been quoted as saying: "It doesn't matter what your age is. Challenging yourself is how you stay young."

Marguerite has a point, there’s definitely nothing wrong with being a hard worker. In fact, a bit of hard work never hurt anyone…actually, a bit of ‘good’ stress can actually be good for you. Challenging yourself exercises not just your mind but also your body and emotional wellbeing.

There is however, a distinct line when it comes to finding a balance between a successful career brought on by commitment and hard work and still enjoying quality of life with your family and friends by living the lifestyle you want.

The body can easily cope with stress provided you give it the nutrients and rest it needs to handle various situations. The way chronic fatigue creeps up on you is through nutrient deficiencies and prolonged bouts of sleep deprivation…all compounding the stress you’re feeling and fast-tracking your route to a total breakdown.

By complementing your diet with products like Total Balance and the Neuro-Natural range of supplements, you’ll be giving your body the ingredients it needs to not only handle stress but also to support the rest of your systemic functions and emotional wellbeing.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, it’s time to live the lifestyle you always wanted…and by reducing your stress levels through proper supplementation and nutritional support, you’ll be taking the first steps to a happier you. Oh…and don’t forget to include our Omega 3 DHA/Fish Oil in one of the three forms.


  • “Hi, I am Rajeswara Rao from India. My brother’s son sent Omega3/DHA Fish Oil gels and I am using them. Within a short time, I am feeling like more energetic and confident. Thank you. I up date soon on my further progress. Rajeswararao”

    T.V.B. Rajeswararao May 17 2011

  • “I think your right, 3 weeks does seem a short time to evaluate these things. ill stick with the protocol and finish off my 3 month supply, ill try to add some omega 3 as i believe this would be beneficial. thanks for the sharp response.”

    wes July 18 2011

  • “Hi Wes, thanks for your comments and questions. Given that your stress and anxiety seems to have a specific trigger, potential ADHD, I would be inclined to say concentrate on this root cause first. So I would agree with the Neuro-Natural Memory at 6 per day to try to help achieve this. Ideally, if you are able to, also include Omega 3/DHA (any of the 3 versions to suit your budget) at 4 per day (safely up to 6 per day if needed), and also Total Balance Premium (or Standard), version to suit you, at full recommended daily dose. This would be a full protocol, although if you are unable to take all three you can try the Neuro-Natural Memory on its own, or just with one of the Omega 3/DHA range products first. Ensure that your daily diet is as optimal and healthy as possible, and your pure fluid intake throughout the day too. Plenty of daily exercise to keep oxygenated too, this helps concentration. I would monitor your initial progress from there, say at 3-4 months or if you feel necessary before that time, taking this ‘whole’ approach. Then re-evaluate how you are doing in case you need any adjustment in your regime. With regards to the Lithium orotate, Neuro-Natural Memory already contains lithium (in a more compatible carbonate form), so you wouldn’t need to take this in addition. See how you get on and come back to me anytime with any questions. Joanna Maggs MSc”

    Xtend-Life Expert May 19 2011

  • “Thanks for the reply Joanna. I was surprised how quickly i got the order through, i think the order was processed on the Monday in new Zealand. i started taking the supplements Saturday morning in england! impressive. I started the lithium orotate and noticed a big improvement. i then started the natural memory which i have taken for around 3 weeks now, (got through 1 bottle) my memroy and concentration have improved a bit, but not maybe as much as i was expecting…..however i did notice that i has a boost in energy in a couple of days! (alpha lapoic acid?). Although i haven’t followed the complete protocol you outlined above (finances) and omega 3 and dha do have major benefits for ADHD. i was wandering whether i could expect to see a greater improvement with these supplements? i have another 5 bottles to go, or do you think that after 3 weeks if i haven’t got a huge benefit they might not be working for me? Also, i have read that taking large amounts of soy lecithin combined with phosphatidyl serine 300mgs a day could be beneficial for my symptoms, i know neuro memory does have these 2 ingredients in small quantity, but would i be ok to take these supplements as well as neuro memory??.. a booster if you will. Cheers. ”

    wes July 18 2011

  • “All supplements of this kind are long-term longevity supplements, so 3 weeks is indeed a very short timeframe to evaluate. Usually a 3-4 month trial is advised as a good guideline start. Also because you were on a higher dose single ingredient before, which is only for short-term effect, your body will need to adjust as it would have begun to rely on that. So yes i would continue and hope to see further improvement. Ensure that if you are not taking the full recommendations or doses, that you do at least concentrate on your diet, fluid, and exercise levels alongside what you are taking, as this will also help greatly. Taking high doses of the additional individual ingredients is only ever for short-term use, not long-term. I would see how you get on first as you may find this unnecessary, but if you do, ensure it is only for a few weeks at a time.”

    Xtend-Life Expert July 18 2011

  • “Dear Warren I have just read your great article about my burn out in your 12 April edition. I thought you may be interested to hear about my book which I have just written called "The Surfing Lawyer." You can have a look at the reviews on my web page called I really enjoyed reading your magazine. Perhaps we could link our web sites? I am training very hard at the moment. We have the first competition dates set for January. My coach who is 27 believes he can get me to number one! I am so excited about this and believe that I can get to number one as well! I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kindest regards Marguerite Vujcich”

    Marguerite Vujcich November 05 2011

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