High concentration of Omega 3?

May 2010, Warren Matthews


Question: from Lexor M

A friend of mine told me his internist recommended an Omega-3 supplement called Omax3, with over 90% Omega-3 concentration. I wasn't aware Omega-3 supplements were that pure. Anyone know anything about this product?

Question: from Lexor M

A friend of mine told me his internist recommended an Omega-3 supplement called Omax3, with over 90% Omega-3 concentration. I wasn't aware Omega-3 supplements were that pure. Anyone know anything about this product?

Answer: from Warren

Hi Lexor,

When you say pure I am assuming that you are referring to the high concentration of Omega 3. Yes, there are indeed high concentration Omega 3 fish oils. In fact the tuna oil which we blend with our natural hoki oil is over 85% Omega 3...

BUT, the interesting thing is that when the oil is so heavily concentrated there are components of the oil that is lost through in the concentration process. And, these components are important to achieve the overall benefits of the fish oil. It is just not the Omega 3 itself that provides the benefits.

This is why we blend the highly concentrated Omega 3 oil which is in ethyl ester form with our natural hoki oil in triglyceride form. We have found that by doing this that it has a significant impact on the oils anti-inflammatory properties. (It is the anti-inflammatory properties of fish oil which provides most of the health benefits.)

By blending the two oils we reduce the total Omega 3 to a bit over 50% BUT, we DOUBLE the anti-inflammatory properties. If you go to our Omega 3 product page and open up the Buyers Guide you will see the proof of this.

It has now been proven not only in the laboratory but in people as well. For example, my C-Reactive Protein levels which is how you measure inflammation in the blood is better than that expected in a healthy young child...and I am 63. These results with others will be published in a later article.


  • “Hi Warren, My name is Ignacio, I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have just ordered a 2nd bottle from your Omega 3 premium product as I feel very satisfied with the results after a few taking the supplement. I am sure youve noticed everyone talks about Resveratrol these days. I was just wondering if you guys are planning on producing Resveratrol in the future and if you really consider it to be a healthy, and reliable product. Thank you.”

    Ignacio - May 15 2010

  • “Hi Cathy, I have spoken to Warren and he remembers seeing something about this sometime ago but cant recall the exact details. If you have a link to send us well be glad to comment further.”

    Xtend-Life Expert - May 11 2010

  • “Hi Warren I have been taking your premium total balance unisex and the omega3/dha fish oil. (3) for over a year now.. My cholesterol and crp levels were very high in november. Had them checked just the other day.. They have improved. at least the crp was down to moderate.(1.60) but my doctor still wants to get my cholesterol at a better level. So she has me on a prescription Niaspan 500 once a day to try and lower my levels as I do not want to take statins.. I am on a very low sugar less then grams a day and low carbohydrate diet.(my choosing) I am not over weight so my body seems to hold the cholesterol. Is there anything else I can do to improve my levels .. of total LDL cholesterol -direct 165 . sum total cholesterol 231. My triglycerides are at 105 . I am only 55 year old female and don’t want to worry about heart disease in my old age or sooner. It does not run in my family.”

    Suzanne - May 17 2010

  • “ Dear Warren, I would love to hear the comment posted by Cathy about the fish oil dissolving the styrofoam cup. It was advertised in our local newspaper and the consumer kind of showed very worried of what she has been consuming all this while. tks.”

    Ann - May 12 2010

  • “Hi Phil, The 2:1 ratio regarding EPA to DHA is nonsense and not supported by any scientific or medical rationale. It came about by marketers of fish oil who have a ratio similar to that pushing that this is the right ratio…but it is not. The reality is that it is desirable to have higher levels of DHA and this is supported by science. The reason? Well DHA is a more complex fatty acid than EPA and the body can easily convert it to EPA IF it needs to. This is because it can drop off the required number of double and carbon bonds to become EPA. On the other hand the body has extreme difficulty in going the other way. Just like it is easier to fall off a ladder than walk up it! The levels of Omega 3 in fish oil are only part of the story when it comes to reducing inflammation. We have proved that in a study. If you go to our Omega 3 product page and download the Buyers’ Guide there you will see what I am referring to. Hope this helps. By the way, as an athlete it is important that you take additional anti-oxidants as your intake of oxygen which generate free radicals is higher than for a sedentary person.”

    Warren Matthews - August 05 2010

  • “Hi Warren A little confused with youe age. In this post you are 63. A day earlier in your reply to David "what about this for a supplement regime" you are 61”

    scott - May 03 2010

  • “Hi Scott The blog entry titled "What about this for a supplement regime" is nearly two years old. It was previously raised on Warren’s Blog in September 2008 and we felt it was necessary to include it on the Xtend-Life Blog for new visitors. At the top of the entry, there is an explanation of this in bold. Feel free to click on the link and read through the various topics, questions, and other entries posted on Warren’s Blog. Sorry for the misunderstanding – hope this helps clear any confusion.”

    Xtend-Life Expert - May 04 2010

  • “Hi Robert, Sorry, but we cant answer that because the tests that we did were based against the normal Omega 3 fish oil, and also a very high concentrate Omega 3 fish oil. We would however be most surprised if the cod liver oil came close to the anti-inflammatory properties of our blendbut, at this stage we cannot prove it.”

    Warren Matthews - May 06 2010

  • “Hi Robert, If the drug is not helping your AFIB then it seems to me that there is little point in taking it if you have no other symptoms. My suggestion would be to take a double dose of our Omega 3 DHA Fish oil as there is evidence that it may help this condition. By the way, we will be releasing our new Omega QH Ultra later this week which is the same as our Premium Omega 3 PLUS is has Kaneka CoQ10 in the ubiquinol form which has really strong evidence supporting its use for circulatory issues and strengthening the heart. I would suggest you give this a try. To be sure that your circulatory system is in good condition it might be a good idea to check your homocysteine, C-Reactive Protein as well as your triglycerides and cholesterol levels. A simple blood test is all that is needed.”

    Warren Matthews - May 11 2010

  • “Hi Warren, I am curious as to how Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil stacks up against Xtend Life’s Omega Three DHA product, especially with regard to inflammation. I would appreciate being enlightened on this subject. Thank you.”

    Robert - May 05 2010

  • “Hello Suzanne, I’m replying on behalf of Warren who is on a remote island in the Pacific and he is only able to get intermittent internet access. Good news that your cholesterol levels have improved! Indeed, your levels are not bad at all and certainly do not justify statins or any radical measures. As you will see from our blog post titled Low cholesterol is BAD for you, cholesterol is vital for overall good health. A total cholesterol level of less than 200 can in fact be damaging! You are certainly doing the right thing by not taking statins and by eating a very low sugar (especially) and carb diet. Though please do not eliminate complex carbohydrates from vegetables and fruits as they are a healthy source of energy and fibre. Simple carbs from pastries, cakes, refined sugars are a no-no! To improve your cholesterol levels further, especially your LDL level (which, if I understand you correctly, at 165 is perhaps a little high), you may like to consider these three options: 1. Review the fat content of your diet and reduce saturated fats common in dairy, processed meats and refined cooking oils. 2. Consider our Cholest-Natural, a proven natural alternative to statin drugs which balances your cholesterol levels. 3. Gradually wean yourself off Niaspan 500, the synthetic form of the natural water-soluble B vitamin, niacin. Both are used to balance cholesterol levels. The synthetic form especially is known to result in bad flushing, itching and liver malfunction. Hope this helps!”

    Xtend-Life Expert - May 18 2010

  • “Hello Scott, You sound meticulous! For me, age doesn’t matter as long as you’re healthy. Right!!!”

    eliseo - May 04 2010

  • “Hi Ignacio, I’m replying on behalf of Warren who – for the next few days – will be is on a remote island in Tahiti with limited Internet access. Thanks for your kind comments about the Omega 3 Premium. Regarding your question about resveratrol…we agree that it’s a good ingredient and we actually use a high quality version of resveratrol in several products, particularly in our Total Balance range.”

    Xtend-Life Expert - May 17 2010

  • “Warren, I am an athlete who cross-trains intensely 4-5 times per week. I am fit with around a 10% BFI. I have been taking another brand of fish oil with a 50% concentration per capsule 1200mg EPA 400mg, DHA 200mg. I have read that EPA to DHA should be at least 2 to 1 ratio or the higher EPA to DHA ratio the better. What are your views? Does this help with inflammation especially for active people or athletes to control inflammation especially after hard work outs? Thank you…. Phil ”

    Phil Sarris - August 02 2010

  • “hi warren,  i have occasional afib,and taken 25mg of toprolol with no other risk factors. I do not like taken drugs and this drug does nothing for afib. do you know of any suppliment that could help with afib.    thankyou”

    robert muscolino - May 07 2010

  • “Hi Ann, I’ve answered Cathy’s question about this in the Q&As section of the blog. My comments are included below: "We’ve taken a look at various links onlineincluding a video featuring a styrofoam cup being dissolved by an apparent good quality fish oil. I’m sorry but the facts just don’t add upit’s a hoax. Styrofoam is essentially a non-polar polymer that is unstable most of the time. This means that styrofoam dissolves in most oils…including gasoline, industrial glues as well as solvents such as acetone, and hydrocarbons. Looking at this list of chemicals, I’m sure no one would like to ingest them. One has to wonder why the fish oil in the video helped with the dissolving process? "It would seem that there are some impurities in the fish oil which caused the reaction as shown in the video. Quite odd really! You mentioned that our fish oil didn’t dissolve the styrofoam cup you used when trying the experiment for yourself. I certainly wouldn’t expect it to and I wouldn’t expect any pure fish oil to do so. The purity of our Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil far exceeds the standards set by ALL international specifications. "For someone to suggest that the fish oil is not pure if it does not dissolve styrofoam is really quite ludicrous. It is a bit like saying that water is only pure if is dissolves it as well. The only way water would dissolve it is if some solvent or impurity was added. It was also suggested that a quality fish oil also dissolves cholesterol. This is also nonsense. If is did then it would make all fish poisonous as we would surely die if our cholesterol was dissolved. Cholesterol is essential for life. Fish oil can help with cholesterol levels but it does not do so by dissolving the cholesterol. I really wonder where some of these people dream up these things. "Never mind there are plenty of them on the internet. If it was true then I would be in a pretty bad way after consuming high doses of our own fish oil for almost 10 years…but, in reality I am in perfect health. Hope this helps."”

    Warren Matthews - May 13 2010

  • “some company posted on the web saying that the way to distinguish whether a fish oil capsule is pure is to cut open it and see if it dissolves styrofoam.  my friend showed a link on the youtube showing a fish oil dissolving in hot water inside a styrofoam cup ate through the bottom and made it leak so fast after just a minute or so.  i would appreciate your comment and knowledge to explain such a case and the logical explanation behind this.  thank you! ( i also tried to cut open your Omega 3 capsule and drop the content onto a styrofoam surface; nothing happened. i do believe your product is the best one on the market though.) ”

    Cathy - May 09 2010

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