Health Highlights: Why Women Need Testosterone too

December 2012, Xtend-Life Expert


Testosterone, also known as the male hormone has always been associated with manhood, potency, power, bodybuilding, fitness training and supplementation for muscle growth. The majority of people might think there isn't anything new here, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Testosterone is made naturally by women too (albeit in much smaller doses compared to men), so women also need to be aware of its benefits. Here are a series of health highlights as to why women should also show interest in testosterone.

Testosterone, also known as the male hormone has always been associated with manhood, potency, power, bodybuilding, fitness training and supplementation for muscle growth. The majority of people might think there isn't anything new here, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Testosterone is made naturally by women too (albeit in much smaller doses compared to men), so women also need to be aware of its benefits. Here are a series of health highlights as to why women should also show interest in testosterone.

Psychological Effects Of Testosterone Deficiency

Effects On All-Age Women
Testosterone has different effects on men in comparison to women. From a psychological point of view, it helps men with energy levels and builds up their self-esteem. For women it contributes to libido and sexual desire. This is actually extremely beneficial for the female mind, mainly because it may, in turn, help to fight back frustrations, meaning an improved sexual response. Both physical and psychological issues can limit the sexual response of the female body leading to women who may rarely or never have an orgasm. It is likely to conclude therefore that improved sexual activity and awareness comes with tremendous positive benefits.
Significant drops in testosterone, coupled with a general imbalance of both male and female hormonal levels, may also be linked to low self confidence, depression and even obesity. Taken separately, each of these aspects is harmful: while low self confidence leads to unsuccessful professional activities, depression also causes psychological trauma. Obesity itself implies a fight between a woman's looks and feels, not to mention the society bullying and judgmental surroundings. Any type of imbalance between body and mind can damage an individual's general state of well-being.
Aging Women: Post Menopause Testosterone Deficiency
Aging women struggle even more with testosterone deficiency. During menopause, the levels of testosterone in the female body tend to decrease along with the more commonly known imbalances in oestrogen and progesterone. This also happens during post-operatory situations of ovaries removal or Hysterectomy. This drop in testosterone (and female hormones), along with an increased risk of conditions such as osteoporosis, can put older women at greater risk of, for example, bone fracture. Older women suffering from testosterone deficiency may also experience breast tissue sensitivity and cardiovascular diseases.

Beneficial Effects Of Testosterone Rebalancing

The medical world supports the use of short-term testosterone supplementation for women with severe deficiencies or related conditions. Older women with osteoporosis and low testosterone, for example, may benefit from testosterone supplementation to help strengthen her bones and muscle mass. Or women who struggle with draining menstrual irregularities due to diagnosed testosterone deficiency. For women who take such supplementation it is also thought to improve concentration and memory, reduce irritability and depression, while also increasing the general state of well-being.

Solutions And Alternatives

Luckily, today's modern technology and scientific discoveries allow us to fear less the imminent severity of health conditions and gives us solutions and alternatives to fight back, in order to save or prevent pain and struggles.
Men have started taking testosterone supplements and vitamins - an example is the Male Rejuvenator - in order to increase their self-esteem, body image, concentration and erectile functions. Successful businessmen have shown increased testosterone levels, which leads to the conclusion that job performance and professional commitment is linked to energy levels and self confidence.
Women have also made their move in this direction. More women are drawn in by vitamins and supplements that are rich in Tribulus, an extract that naturally boosts and balances testosterone. An example would be the Hormone Support For Her, a product rich in Tribulus extract, which helps women increase their libido and sexual activity, generates energy by fighting fatigue and improves concentration and memory.
It is important to point out that the majority of women need a healthy natural testosterone level, not direct testosterone use. The aim of supplementation is to maintain and optimise natural function. Excessive direct testosterone intake by women could lead to excessive body hair growth, acne, and scalp baldness. It is all about balance. The Tribulus in Hormone Support For HerAs a general conclusion, we can say that both younger and older women must take into consideration the effects testosterone deficiency has on their body and mind, alongside other hormonal imbalances. All there is left is to find the proper ways to fight any type of deficiency, in order to feel good, healthy and to maintain a positive reasoning. Hormone Support For Her supplements, may be a helpful step in this direction.


  • “Hi Jackie, Thank you for contacting us and for your interest in our supplements. Female Rejuvenator contains key ingredients such as L-tyrosine, Red clover extract and Don Quai extract which may help with loss of libido and vaginal dryness.  It is okay to start our Female Rejuvenator whilst on the estrogen pessary, but it is important to ensure that your Doctor knows what supplements you are taking and why.  By starting this regime the long-term aim would be to come off these more direct hormones. They wouldn’t be compatible to take long-term together, but short-term, in a process of transition and weaning down of the meds, this would fine, as long as it is under observation and monitoring by your Doctor. Kind regards Tracey   I hope this helps Jackie, but if you have any additional questions or health concerns please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.”

    Tracey - February 25 2013

  • “Hi, First of all, I’m in love with your products and the quality that you maintain. I started years ago with the facial products after seeing an article on excellent facial moisturizers that you don’t have to break the bank to use. Over the past year, I’ve branched out with Kiwi-Klenz, premium fish oil, and now Joint Relief, which is making a tremendous!!! difference. I rarely take my 800 mg prescription strength ibuprophen, used to be twice daily. When a huge storm is coming and my hip tells me about it long before the weather man, but that’s really the only time I think about it. Thank you! I’m writing, actually, regarding your article about how females need testosterone also….boy, did you nail that one!!! I’m now 58 years old, but had a total hysterectomy when I was 36. My surgeon didn’t start my estrogen until a week post-op (barbaric if you ask me) and at that time, even the specialists turned a deaf ear if you asked about a small amount of testosterone (Mans’s drug) to help you feel better….especially when you’re still in your 30’s!! Luckily, I live close to one of the few clinics on the east coast of the US that administers Sottopelle, a bio-identical hormone pellet, (not a synthetic hormone) that is inserted under the skin and releases as your body calls for it. That has changed my life the past 10 years for the better, and I think the testosterone pellet is every bit if not more important than the estrogen. The only downfall to the pellets is that it is very costly….$270-$300 per insertion and I seem to burn through mine in 3-4 months instead of the 6 months that some people can go. When the levels start dropping, or if I put off an insertion too long, it’s like falling off a cliff or if you ask my husband, he would probably say Dr. Jekyl/Mr.Hyde. Since your product Female Rejuvenator is not like taking the exact hormone itself, I just wondered your opinion on trying it to help balance the levels that I get from the pellet, especially since neither one is a "synthetic drug". I will talk to my doctor on next insertion, OR make an adult decision to try it on my own…not trying to get medical advice from you. I’m also an R.N. and know the whole world has to practice CYA medicine, but thought you might discuss this over coffee in the lab….knowing you probably can’t give me your REAL opinion. Thanks for listening! Hope to discuss this if I win a trip to New Zealand some day! :))”

    Anne - January 29 2013

  • “Hi Anne Thanks for your information. You can try Female Rejuvenator whilst still using a bio-ID method. I would stick with a half dose of 3 per day however, and see how you get on and ensure that your doctor knows exactly what you are taking so he/she can monitor you regularly to ensure no interactions of any kind. If you find that this helps, you could then look at/discuss going down and off the bio-ID method and into a higher dose of Female Rejuvenator, and also Total Balance Womens range for more optimal long-term support, if you wished to.”

    Xtend-Life Expert - January 30 2013

  • “I suffer fom vaginal dryness as well as lack of libido. My doctor prescribed me estrogen pessary 10 micrograms . I also decided to use bio identical progesterone cream. My question is this, will it be alright for me to use female rejuvenator on top on top of the above mentioned? Is it safe? Thank you! J D”

    Jackie Davidson - February 25 2013

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