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A couple of days ago Dean wrote a blog post about how 'grudges' may impact on your health.  He raised some valid points and they should indeed be reflected on.  As I've been around for about 30 years longer than Dean I thought that it may be a good idea to expand on this theme a little based on my personal observations and experience during my lifetime.


Dean has reservations that holding a grudge will give you cancer.  He may be right, no one knows for sure.  However, I am totally convinced that your thinking does play a very real role in your overall health, and if it is negative enough it may well potentially trigger cancer.  It is scientifically proven that good emotions and thoughts will trigger off beneficial chemical reactions in your body such as those that come from laughter.


It is also well established that stress which is an emotional state can severely affect your health in a negative way by setting off chemical, harbouring negative thoughts and grudges may well over time cause dangerous chemicals to be produced in your body which may at some point just tip the balance whether you get cancer or not.  In that regard it is always important to understand that we all have cancer in our bodies.  Whether it manifests itself depends upon the anti-cancer components within your body keeping it at bay.


This means trying to maintain equilibrium through a combination of lifestyle, diet, exercise, adequate nutrient intake via supplementation and correct thinking.  Getting any one of these out of balance may trigger of an unwanted effect.


So, if you holding a grudge, thinking negatively or feeling sorry for yourself because something has happened to you outside your control or someone have treated you badly, what should you do?


It took me almost 60 years to figure this out!


The answer...'ACCEPTANCE'


This does not mean that you lay down and roll over when things happen to you which are unjust and allow it to happen again.  Rather it means to accept that it has happened and then plan and take the necessary actions to avoid a recurrence in the future.  If it is something that you can have no influence over then plan your life accordingly, however, most negative things that happen to us are due to our own actions.


When you accept something it no longer has any power over you and you do not damage your body in any way.


If there is one thing that I have learnt in my life to date is that there is no past, no future only right now.  You cannot change what has happened in the past but the past can potentially destroy you if it is responsible for making you harbour a grudge or resentment to others.  Let it go and move on.  Plan for the future...don't live for it.  


I made that mistake for many years.  I always planned for the future, and figured when I achieved this or that then I would be happy...but, when you get there the goal posts change and you then think, oh, I still need to do this or that and then I will be happy.  But, happiness does not come from the attainment of goals or material possessions.  Happiness is a state of inner peace and that is what we should all strive for.


No matter what our circumstances are inner peace can be achieved today...not tomorrow.  Even the poorest people who have nothing can have inner peace whereas others who have everything do not and continue to chance a rainbow which they will never find.


Acceptance that there is only today, no yesterday and no tomorrow will go a long way to ensuring your long lasting health and longevity, particularly if you combine it with the other principles that I mention above.


Sometimes people only experience inner peace just before they die.  Don't wait until then...the sooner you discover it the longer it is likely to be before the final day of reckoning.


  • “Never a truer word was spoken. I know that it hurts me in every aspect of my being when I am feeling resentment or bitterness. I find I can usually reach a place of forgiveness or acceptance fairly quickly by always remembering something my Dad helped me undertsand years ago – if I had walked in the other person’s shoes my whole life then I would have acted in the exact same way. I would not be whatever I expected them to be (kinder, smarter, more loving, more righteous) I would be exactly the same as them and act in exactly the same way. We are an accumulation of our life’s experiences and sometimes those experiences lead us further away from our source (God). I know what it feels like to be "lost" and that knowledge is more likely these days to evoke compassion from me rather than resentment or anger. I don’t expect people to harm me and invariably they don’t. When I witness people behaving in an "ugly" way I feel sorry for them more than anything because I know it feels awful to be in that kind of place. Truth be told I have the hardest time exercising this compassionate approach with my husband because I "expect him to be nice" (tongue in cheek). The bar is raised with him and, of course, it should not be. Continuing to work on that one. Handling stress is another thing and I need mountains of work on that one. Actually meditation would probably take care of that but I am always "too busy". Go figure. Good health to all.”

    Pamela September 24 2011

  • “Oh my friend, do you make sense! I am sure this acceptance of today is what has kept me in a relatively good state of mind and health although I certainly haven’t mastered it by all means. It’s good to know someone else has this (potentially selfish) belief that from time-to-time, as my personal experience has shown, does need to be measured against the needs of others close by.”

    Larney September 22 2011

  • “Acceptance? hummmm Christian’s would say ‘forgiveness’ and ‘let go and let God’”

    Clare Harris September 22 2011

  • “True true true… I eat healthy foods, exercise – but stress and bitterness over things that people have ‘done’ to me in the past are a great weight to carry around. This is an area I must work on, as bitterness truly does sour every good thing that comes along.”

    lynn September 22 2011

  • “Every Philosopher/Saint always ask for the same thing i,e inner peace. Control your temperament and  try to be live in the state as per wishes of almighty. No grudges can live you peacefully. Every one has to face his own destiny. Never try to take revenge/avenge for the other actions. God is supreme  and his every action good or bad be taken as blessing in disguise. Vikas Khurana”

    vikas Khurana September 22 2011

  • “I belive the best way to cope with the highs and lows of life is to give back PLUS 10%. The bad guys soon learn to back off !”

    Geoff October 23 2011

  • “Excellent article. In my long-short 65 years life, I was burned many-many times,but what safe me, I am "Phoenix bird’, my friends called me this way. My rule in lives – hurry to do good things, and doing this you can meet a lot of unadequate responses or ungrateful people, which always hurts, but "art" to accept  and go away from negatives helps to manage with situation. I always tell, if you can not change the situation why to be worry about, it would be just keeping in your heart and not help to cure.Thank you very much for your article.  ”

    Anna C. September 23 2011

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