Good teeth and a healthy body go together...

Over the years I have read a lot of material that supports the above statement. I have also observed real life situations relating to this with people that I know. The health of a person’s teeth is in my view an indicator of their overall health.

Studies have been carried out by many different organizations all with similar results.

What is not clear is whether the poor state of the teeth is the cause of the other ailments, or, the ailments themselves are the cause of the poor state of the teeth. Irrespective it does reinforce that the health of your body should be addressed as a whole...not in part. All our systems are interlinked.

This is why targeting of specific symptoms with pharmaceuticals never works long term. You may supress the enzymes that are used to generate the symptoms but the underlying cause of the problem remains untreated.

Symptoms are merely warning signals’ alerting to you the fact that something is wrong. There is no point in supressing them and ignoring the cause. Sometimes, the cause is obvious...such as a headache as part of a hangover.

This is where symptoms are valuable. It sometimes enables you to determine the cause of the discomfort and in this example cut back on the drinking to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Of course sometimes the cause of a symptom is not so clear. In those cases it is important that you try to get to the bottom of the cause not just mask it by taking a pain killer. If there is no direct obvious cause then focus on improving your general health because that may help ‘fix’ whatever the problem was.

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself...if given the tools to do so...which means effective fuel by way of food and supplements where applicable.

Oh...and don’t forget that exercise will also help provide the fuel because when you exercise it stimulates the hormonal cascade system to release more hormones into your system which in turn works with other nutrients to repair those parts of the body that need it.

Back to your teeth! Make sure that any problems with your teeth are attended to promptly. Don’t risk potential infection finding its way into the rest of your system.

Here is an interesting article relating to this.

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very wise too to check you don’t have mercury fillings still in your teeth!

Carmen March 30 2011

Nice teeth

People Palash January 09 2017

So true. If you brush, floss and use a natural mouthwash at least twice daily your health will benefit. Individuals who avoid proper dental care run the risk of inflammation and the disease that will follow.

Carl March 30 2011

Why would this make sense? Say someone has a problem in enamel formation but otherwise exercises, has an excellent diet and does everything to be healthy. Their teeth would not be good but why shouldn’t their health?

Alex April 08 2011

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