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Good news: orders are up to date now...

I’m pleased to say that the backlog of several thousand orders has now been cleared and as from tomorrow we will be on top of them all.  This has been made possible through the efforts of many of our staff who have been working long hours and through the weekend to make it happen.

Also, what has also been a great help in achieving this was due to some of our staff whose houses were not severely damaged and who still had water, power and internet opening them up to enable additional staff to move in with the computers for processing orders.

We had another staff member ‘ferrying’ the paperwork across town to our admin offices/warehouse where we carry out the packaging and dispatch.  That facility is still without water, power, internet or phones but we have a generator to operate the shrinkwrap machines.  Communication between staff located there is still on cell phones.

We have more offices in the front of our factory just around the corner from the offices/warehouse.  Those offices generally just house our Quality Assurance team of five people but, as at today we are squeezing a lot more in as our IT team have been able to get temporary internet into this building.

The clean-up of the factory is now complete and we are working on contingency plans as to how we can recommence manufacturing before our inventory runs out…we are confident that we can do that so customers do not have to worry about running out of product.

Our normal phone systems which are links our offices, factory, Thai offices, UK office and various off site offices together is still not operational and won’t be until we get power back to our Settlers Cres offices.  However, we have a temporary patch in place so you can still reach us by phone if you need.

So, all in all good progress is being made.

Once again our heartfelt thanks for all the messages of support.  In addition to the comments here on this blog we have had hundreds of emails which we have printed for all staff to see.  There are over 60 pages of them!
You may have heard on the international news that it has been estimated that around 65,000 people have left Christchurch as a result of the earthquake.  That is sad for them as it is a great place to live and as the city is rebuilt we will end up with one of the safest cities in the world.  There is a great opportunity to make it even better.  Those people who have remained are positive and the general atmosphere is good although we all carry the sadness for those people who have lost loved ones.


  • “We are so relieved that you’re all okay and hope you’ll be able to eventually continue where you all left off before ’quakes started. Good luck and God bless!”

    John Jackson March 09 2011

  • “First and foremost, I am glad things are picking up and my heart goes out to everyone that suffered from the quake. I am a new customer that just received his first order last Monday, and have experienced such profound results in the few days while using your products. That aside, I want to whole heartedly commend your organization and staff for your efforts. You experienced something tragic and you faced it head on and pushed forward. You have given by far the best service I have ever received. With everything that was happening you still processed the orders through hardship and got it to me. I deeply thank you for your dedication and I will be a loyal customer for the rest of my life. I am only nineteen so it will be a long time. All the best, Rick~ ”

    Rick C. March 10 2011

  • “Hi everyone. I"m so glad to hear you all survived the quake. It is remarkable that you have progressed so far and so quickly. This is a great testament to your staff and company ethics. I look forward to receiving my next order and if it’s late, don’t worry ,I’ll wait. Stay safe. Donna”

    Donna Kaye March 09 2011

  • “Hi Warren, Thank you for the update. Your staff and their families are a testament to the wonderful company you have built and I applaud each and every one of them for their hard work and dedication in such turbulent and challenging times. This has not been an easy few weeks for any of you and the strength of character, determination and perseverance you have all shown is an example to us all. Well done on the fantastic progress you have made in the face of adversity. I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers, and especially those who lost family and friends. Regards, Mary ”

    Mary Ruddy March 09 2011

  • “As fellow Kiwis up here in Auckland, allow me to send you our heartfelt support and best wishes. I cannot believe how it has affected the mood of the nation – and the incredible outpouring of donations from all corners of the world. In fact just an hour ago – I was out walking my dogs and found myself chatting to an English couple who were in Auckland for the day off one of the many cruise ships in port. They told me the passengers and crew on their ship had raised over NZ$10,000 in the last few days for the Red Cross earthquake appeal. It was so humbling all three of us shed a tear for Christchurch and we were perfect strangers to each other. With the dramatic Port Hills right behind your premises – the Southern Alps in the opposite distance and the breathtaking beauty of the Canterbury plains – you will have no trouble pulling people back into your beautiful city given time. I still intend to retire there – but unfortunately the property I had bought for my retirement is now in ruins in the CBD. I look forward to buying another one given time – nothing will put me off living down there. Take very good care – Brett”

    Brett March 10 2011

  • “Hi, Just to say it’s great to hear you are getting back on your feet and really appreciate the update in what is obviously still a very difficult time for you all. Wishing you every success, All the best, Ric”

    Ric Hawkins March 09 2011

  • “I would like to commend you and your staff for a remarkably efficient job you have done in restoring operations and customer service during the aftermath of this terrible disaster that struck your beautiful city and country recently. I wish you and yours and All New Zealanders a speedy recovery and good health to guide you through these tedious and stressful times. Godspeed, and my sincere thanks for your continued efforts and research in providing high quality health products.”

    G.R. March 21 2011

  • “First of all, I am happy to know that your hardworking and "never say die" team get back on their feet so quickly during this very difficult time. Congratulation! Secondly, I am happy to get my order shipped today and many thanks for your team great efforts. It is sad to hear that so many people have left Christchurch, but it is understandable in the circumstances, but I am sure that some will return. Meantimes, special thanks to those who have stayed behind to help others and rebuilt the city. I hope the city will be fully rebuilt soon and become an even better place to live. Good luck! ”

    Jessica Seto March 09 2011

  • “Hi Warren, Just a quick note to let you know that you and your staff have been in my thoughts and prayers every day. I am so happy to hear that your staff responds so well to adversity. Those supplements you sell must really work, eh? :) I placed an ordered two days before the earthquake hit you all. I figured I wouldn’t get my order for a while. It arrived March 4. That’s amazing! I am sharing my TB Premium with my mom and QH Ultra with my dad until their orders arrive. I am so thankful for your organization. Your supplements have CHANGED my life. Never thought I would say this, but I am thankful for my Crohn’s diagnosis, because without it, I wouldn’t have found you and now I am healed. Doctors still can’t find any ulcers or inflammation in my ileum. You all stay strong and know that you have cheerleaders and prayer warriors in Detroit, Michigan who are ever grateful for the great work that you do!!! Best, Tiff G.”

    Tiff G March 12 2011

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