Giving Students No Other Meal Options...But Healthy Ones!

I came across this Reuters article the other day and it struck me how naïve and/or PC authorities can be when it comes to student meals in cafeterias. You see, the article discusses the blatantly obvious…that students still ignore menu labels that show whether a meal is unhealthy or not.

However, no one stopped for a second to ask why unhealthy meals are being served in the first place. It’s almost like saying “here’s some cocaine kids but remember to look at the warning label on the packet”. Why offer it at all…it’s just wrong!

Some of you may already know my feelings towards the fast food industry and this doesn’t reduce those feelings at all…instead, it stokes them like a roaring fire. Are we living in a world where the only healthy meals we can get means growing and harvesting our own, 7 days week, year after year? It seems so.

Until authorities do something about what is offered to our kids to eat at school as well as what us parents have as options for lunch at work, then it only makes sense to take pack healthy meal options for your kids (and yourself).

Establishments in the hospitality industry don’t seem to help and in fact, some actually encourage this problem. Just look at any common kiddies menu at any restaurant…try find something that isn’t deep fried in batter or dripping with oil and trans-fats.

It’s near impossible. Restaurateurs argue that “the kids won’t eat restaurant-style food…even if it’s priced accordingly to suit the parents’ budget.”

To some extent this is true, which leads me to where the buck should stop…the parents. If you’ve been force-feeding your child on ‘cheap and convenient’ junk food from a young age, one can’t expect the child to know any different when it comes to choosing healthy options on a menu.

They’ve been hard-wired from a young age to munch on nothing else but deep-fried battered excuses for food that have more trans-fats than one would imagine. It’s not surprising that the youth today are battling mental disorders like ADD, ADHD, depression and self-esteem issues. The physical health disorders like obesity and type 2 diabetes only compound the problem.

Authorities, teachers and especially the parents need to make a stand and work together for the health and wellness of our youth. Failing which will no doubt result in problems far worse than what we’re currently experiencing.

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