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Giving away Skin Care Samples!

Over the last year or so, many customers who are using our supplements have asked if we have samples of our skin care products available... in particular, our Women's Day Cream, Night Cream and Men's Facial fluid.

Well, the good news is that...

we have now prepared some 5ml tubes of each and we are going to start distributing them today.

To help offset the postage cost, we are limiting these samples to those customers who purchase 3 items or more (Hope you understand this). It doesn't matter what the three products are. Even if one or more of them are a skin care product we will still include the sample pack in your order.

The process is automated, so they will be automatically included in all orders that qualify. We have made up enough packs to last for a few weeks, and hope you all enjoy it!


  • “I am looking for a product to help my husband’s issue with blackheads. He has a patch of blackheads on the sides of both eyes that are getting worse with age and no amount of washing, squeezing, etc has helped over the years. They seem to get worse with each year of age. He has undergone cancer treatments and many surgeries in the past two years due to his inner tissues not being able to repair themselves. A nurse mentioned that he may be collagen deficient. In doing some research, I found that a collagen deficiency could cause these blackhead patches. Which of your products would you suggest might help him with these issues?”

    Joyce November 23 2010

  • “Ive been using the womans line for some time. It is the best skin care line ever!! The only thing I wish you carried was a whitning cream for the body lotion not just for the face.”

    Tess October 22 2010

  • “I thank the LORD for you for producing superior products . I’ve been having sleepless nights for almost a year now. My doctor told me that I’m pre-menopausing ( result from my blood test), and prescribed Trisequens so I can have my monthly menstrual period back. I’m 41 , and I couldn’t believe I’m in this stage already. I don’t want to take the medication because of the side effects on my health, so I tried your TB Women & Omega 3 Premium this week. To my surprise I can sleep well now! I got the supplements in the afternoon of last Tuesday, Oct.19, I immediately took 2 capsules each & that night , I started having good sleep! I feel better than before as I can really feel the big difference. Not to mention I love you skin care products very much! May GOD richly bless you! Kathy Shih – Oct. 22”

    Kathy October 22 2010

  • “I agree with John G. It would be great to be included in the sample offer, too. I join in the accolades for your products. Honesty and integrity is of utmost importance and you have it!!!”

    Wilma October 22 2010

  • “Hi all, My query would be of the same as eliseo.  Would the packs be run out by Nov 10?  Thx ”

    E October 22 2010

  • “The Free Skincare Promotion has now finished, anyone who have placed their order with 3 or more items before the 18th Nov (NZ time) will automatically receive their Free Samples. Hope you all enjoy it, thanks!”

    Xtend-Life Expert November 18 2010

  • “It would be nice if you would include a sample for those who have auto -ship orders. I think they would be considered loyal customers who may want to sample other fine products offered by Xtend-Life.”

    JOHN G October 22 2010

  • “Hi Joyce, As your husband needs help with collagen repair and protection, I would advise first of all to perhaps consider the Men’s Facial Fluid, and as this specific problem is around his eyes, the Eye Contour Serum. This may help to build up the skin and strengthen it, as it has been depleted perhaps due to the medications and surgical treatment he has had to undergo. This may help him in the longer term. These products are not for acne treatment, they are to concentrate on the strength and health of the skin from cellular level, to help reduce and protect against aging and further degeneration. Acne itself needs a ‘whole’ approach, not just topical, and dealing with from both external and internal levels.   Our Total Balance and Omega 3/DHA Premium formulas are good for overall balance of the body, and general skin health. So these formulas may be helpful to help improve general skin health, which may benefit in turn his general skin condition.   Breakouts and oiliness can also be helped with dietary improvements and increase in pure fluid intake. So ensure these areas are also addressed.   Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic which can be taken orally or applied direct to the affected area with cotton wool to help. Be sure to only use a little if you apply direct, and to ensure it doesn’t go in the eye itself. Joanna”

    Xtend-Life Expert November 25 2010

  • “I agree with John and Wilma. On my auto order, I have three items coming in November. Shouldn’t that count?”

    George Cawthorne October 22 2010

  • “Thank you for producing high quality effective supplements.”

    Carl Montalbano October 22 2010

  • “I am really interested in purchasing your product but not sure of which one to buy. I have skin damage on my face and lines on forehead. Thanks”

    Claire November 08 2010

  • “Hi, I used your products years ago when,visiting some friends in Australia,I was stimulated to know and use them. When I cameback to Italy, I ordered some of your excellent products, but i had problems with the italian customs. Please,do you know if now it could be easier for me to purchase something? Have you other italian customers? Thank you very much for your attention. Bianca Sarolo”

    BIANCA SAROLO October 22 2010

  • “Hi Claire, The whole skincare facial range Day cream, Night cream, Cleansing mask, Hydrating mask, and Eye Contour Serum – would be good for you for optimal help. Or all products are fine for you to try individually if you prefer. I would start with the Day and Night creams if you can’t manage the full range. If you have pigmentation you could use the Whitening cream on these particular patches to help lighten the skin, whilst the other products help to tone and even complexion. All the products help with anti-aging, firming, lifting, and anti-wrinkle. Joanna ”

    Xtend-Life Expert November 09 2010

  • “Hi! I am about to order your products amounting to more than $300, I just realised that your free samples skincare giveaways unfortunately were over on the 18th nov, could you still pls provide those samples?? My friends would like to try some samples first, awaiting your reply, thank you. Warmest regards, Filza (Singapore)”

    filza November 30 2010

  • “hi;i would like to try some scinccare product but i dont know which one i should buy.i’m 35 and have firm lines on fore head,neclace,and around eye counter, if you give suggestion will be graet thank you from now..”

    ozlem October 27 2010

  • “Hi Warren, I’m a loyalty program member, I have two orders above $60 (per order) this coming November. Can I still avail the sample? Thanks. ”

    eliseo October 22 2010

  • “Woot. just stumbled upon this. I emailed your company about placing an order and it should go through on the 22nd. Just emailed them again to see if I’m able to get the samples. Hope I do. They’re for my parents and my mom buys lots of creams and lotions from differing companies. The price is expensive so I didn’t want to pay for something I wasn’t sure would work. This is a great way to for customers to expand into your other range of products but were too afraid to because of the price. -David”

    David L. October 22 2010

  • “Great samples and arrived so quickly, thank you.”

    NG January 09 2013

  • “I have been purchasing your supplements for depression (serenity) for the past few months ($102.90) per order.  I have today placed a further order for two bottles ($102.90).  Does this entitle me to your free skin samples (ladies day and night creams)?  I would really like to sample your skin creams – I am very impressed with the products I have ordered from you to date. Thank you. Sandra”

    S & W Morfoot November 17 2010

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