Get more energy by simply rinsing your mouth?

It sounds ridiculous but it seems that according to this article in the New York Times, exercise scientists have found that athletes can improve their performance in intense bouts of exercise, if they merely rinse their mouths with a carbohydrate solution.

Believe or not but apparently they don’t even have to swallow the solution to get the boost you need.

The following excerpts are from the article:

“It appears that the brain can sense carbohydrates in the mouth, even tasteless ones. The sensors are different from the ones for sweetness, and they prompt the brain to respond, spurring on the athlete.

“Many athletes depend on sugary beverages to keep them going. But often, when blood is diverted from the stomach to working muscles during intense exercise, drinks or foods cause stomach cramps. So a carbohydrate rinse can be a way to get the same effect.”

However, the study and ‘discovery’ provides more questions than answers. For example, is this just limited to trained elite athletes? Is this ‘rinsing’ beneficial for most athletes? Sure the brain plays a big part in exercise physiology, but what about giving energy to sites that actually perform movement…like the muscles?

There has been loads of research done on the natural energy boosting benefits of Ubiquinol (the potent form of CoQ10). It plays a key role in the electron transport chain which is essential for energy production in the muscles.

Ubiquinol has also been shown to help provide cardiovascular health support which is good considering these two systems need optimal amounts of natural energy for improved performance and endurance.

You can read more about these studies by visiting the More Info tab on our Omega 3 / QH Premium CoQ10 product page.

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