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Genuine Mistake... or Dishonesty?

Good Health Inc of Texas is conducting a recall of its Vialipro Dietary Supplement. This is because the FDA found it to be adulterated with sulfoaildenafil, an analog of an FDA-approved drug used to treat erectile dysfunction.

The manufacturers claim that it was it was one of the ingredients in the formula that were adulterated and they didn't know. But, they should have picked that up in their testing.

However, quite apart from that the fact that they should have identified the adulterant, the product itself could never meet their claims without it. They suggest that the product is as good as Viagra but that is impossible without a chemical additive such as was found.

There is no natural substance that can give immediate effects such as Viagra... although there are natural ingredients that over time will help negate the need for such a supporting drug as Viagra.

So, was it a genuine mistake or a deliberate case of dishonesty? You are best to judge that for yourself, but if it was a mistake then there is certainly a case for incompetence.

I have to say that this sort of thing annoys me. This type of product will not work and consumers should not be misled. If a man really needs something like Viagra it is best that he buy the genuine product and knows what he is getting. But... with a sensible supplement regime and a good lifestyle it should not be necessary.


  • “warren, what is your secret to very, very ,very healthy c reactive protein 0f .05mg/l and what do you consider as a healthy range crp thanks for your feedback”

    tim November 18 2010

  • “Hi Tim, Not an easy question to answer as I can only give an opinion as to what I think is the reason. The main one I think is time. I have been taking our Total Balance for 10 years now and that definitely helps CRP. Then about 8 years ago when we developed our fish oil I started on that. I think that these two products are the prime reasons why my CRP is so good…but, as I said it is an opinion. I know the results but it is impossible to know 100% for sure the cause.”

    Warren Matthews November 20 2010

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