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Folic Acid and Cancer

Recently Joanna wrote an article on the blog answering customers concerns about a study carried out in Norway which was suggesting that folic acid could cause cancer. It was clear that this study was not one which could be relied on and Joanna supplied a number of references to support that position. 

The article can be viewed by clicking here

As a follow up to Joanna's article, I thought that I should let you know about another study carried out by the American Cancer Society, which concludes that there is no evidence at all to support the suggestion that folic acid can cause colorectal cancer. If you would like more details, please check this article "'No evidence' for folate-colorectal cancer risk: American Cancer Society" by By Stephen Daniells.


  • “Hi Joseph, the NZ authorities beleive rightly or wrongly that supplementing with high levels of folic acid is not a good thing. As a result our hands are tied. I think an extra 400mcg of folic acid over and above what we have in TB is fine although personally I don’t bother with any extra.”

    Warren Matthews June 24 2011

  • “why do New Zealand regulations force you to only include 69% of the rda for folic acid in Total Balance Men’s Premium product? What is the reasoning behind this? I have been taking extra folic acid to compensate for this (Source Naturals MegaFolinic), which provides 800mcg or 200% of the rda, in the form of calcium folinate. Is this a good idea, or not?”

    Joseph Thorpe June 23 2011

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