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FDA recognises some of the dangerous effects of Statin Drugs...

The US FDA now requires the manufacturers of cholesterol lowering drugs known as statins to add warning to their labels.  This will affect the popular brands such as Lipitor, Crestor and Zocor as well as the generics.

The reason!  The FDA has finally officially recognised what has been known for years…statin drugs can cause memory loss and more recently that they may raise levels of blood sugar and thus promote diabetes.  Some analyst’s suggest that they could contribute to around 100,000 extra cases of diabetes a year.

The FDA does warn patients not to be scared into stopping taking their drugs “because they have been shown to significantly reduce the risk of heart attack or heart disease”.  ‘Significant’ is a debatable point as there are many groups of people who receive no benefit from these drugs at all.

Recent studies have indicated that any benefit that may be derived from the statin drugs does not come from their ability to lower cholesterol but rather the beneficial effect on inflammation in the blood as measured by C-Reactive Protein.  Interestingly for years we have argued that C-Reactive Protein is a more important marker for heart disease than cholesterol.  This is now being gradually accepted by mainstream medicine as a fact.

However, you can reduce the inflammation in the body by using high quality Omega 3 fish oils along with a quality multi-nutrient supplement such as our Total Balance.  My own levels of C-Reactive Protein is testimony to that.  They are at the levels of a healthy child not a 65 year old man.

Back to the statin drugs…I wonder when the FDA will require manufacturers to put a warning on the label about the potential of impotence in men which is also common with users of this drug!

There is some more info about this on a Reuters article which you can access by clicking here.


  • “Is it safe to take the mens total balance line while on Metoprolol 25mg twice a day?”

    James December 25 2013

  • “Dear James, Thank you for your question. As you are currently on prescription medication, we would recommend that you first discuss this with your doctor. Your safety is our top priority and we would like to ensure that there would not be any negative interaction between your medication and our supplements. Once your doctor has confirmed that this would be safe for you, we would still advise that you take our supplements at least three hours apart from your medication to further minimize any interaction. You may also like to have a look at our Cardio-Klenz product which is specific for cardiovascular health. It contains a combination of potent ingredients which support overall heart muscle function and reduce plaque build-up in arteries. It may also help to reduce platelet aggregation, strengthen arterial walls and improve circulation. You may like to discuss with your doctor if this could be a natural alternative to your current medication. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions or concerns. We are happy to be of assistance. Our hours of operation are New Zealand time, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm.  Our free phone numbers are USA and Canada: 1888 487 9304, UK 0 800 520 0311, Australia 1 800 983635, New Zealand 0508 983635. The rest of the world is 0064 03 384 5574.  Or email us at <a href= > We look forward to hearing from you soon.   Kind regards,   Madelynn Loo Online Nutritionist ”

    Customer Relations December 31 2013

  • “Postscript to the cited Reuters article which states that reports of memory loss generally have not been serious and the symptoms were reversed by stopping use of the statin. This erroneous statement, by the FDA, flies in the face of thousands of testimonies of permanently statin-damaged lives.  These are not mild and inconsequential side-effects and  -  world-wide  -  are affecting millions of people on statin-prescribed drugs. Major recent studies are reporting that ALL statin users are suffering cognitive damage to some measurable degree. To my mind this is tantamount to legalised murder by prescribing physicians. (See research, books and papers by Beatrice Golomb, Uffe Ravnskov, Peter Langsjoen, Malcolm Kendrick and Duane Graveline.)”

    Moyra P. March 09 2012

  • “IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!! need to take ALL of these OFF THE MARKET… use Fish Oil.”

    Jewels March 09 2012

  • “I knew about these for some time and warned about them. Seems FDA and health authorities are the last to know, or they are ignorant of the ironic adverse effects. One major adverse effect of course is statins block/impair absorption/utilisation of an enzyme that cardiac muscle is particularly rich in and which is vital for it’s proper function. You guessed yet? It’s called Co-Enzyme Q-10, otherwise called Ubiquinol. There’s also the matter of another marker, blood levels of Homocysteine.”

    Jonty H. Campbell March 09 2012

  • “My Liver Enzymes were both elevated while taking a statin every day; until my doctor told me that that might be the reason so when I stopped my Liver enzymes went back to normal!”

    Barry March 09 2012

  • “I had a mini stroke in July 2011, also discovered I have A-F as well, so the doctors insisted I took statins whilst in hospital as well as warfarin, Once out of hospital I started on Omega3/QH Ultra and 2 other of your products, since then I have told the doctors my body cannot take statins as I get severe cramps, and warfarin causes severe itching all over my body, so I have now stopped both, and discovered that all was well, saw my senior Cardio specialist last week and he argued with me, but agreed finally that fish oil was recommended, in addition to Cq10, so all seems well, cholesterol is slightly elevated but Cholest-Natural seems to be slowly clearing it up and the reading has now dropped to 5.5 which is closer to the desired target of 4.6-5,1. I also take 4-6 g a day of Vit C ( following the Dr Pauling Therapy) all these doctors seem to operate only within the ideas of big Pharma!, and do not want to even hear about natural, or alternatives. How many more people must they kill before they wake-up to themselves? all I take now is a small beta blocker and ace inhibitor daily, and I have normal blood pressure and no A-F occurring. I feel in excellent health now!”

    Don Walton March 09 2012

  • “I am beginning to view the entire medical profession as mass-murderers. If this sounds like an OTT reaction, try living with and watching a partner rapidly deteriorating after being force-fed statins by a so-called family doctor. I have been researching Lipitor now for 6 years since my bright and healthy husband’s rapid onset of memory-loss some three months after commencing Lipitor. Despite informing his GP of his rapidly escalating memory loss, and the disintegrating quality of his & therefore our family life, a second drug was prescribed, and we were told that "he cannot discontinue Lipitor or he will have a stroke". On asking that the 40mg dose be at least reduced, we were told that 40mg WAS a low dose. (Sent a Sidney M. Wolfe chapter to her on this point; it was not acknowledged.) Nor was a necessary and crucial supplementation of Coenzyme Q10 – severely depleted by Lipitor – ever mentioned;  in fact the doctor seemed unaware of it. It took me many months to persuade my husband to re-evaluate his lifelong ‘doctor knows best’ beliefs and to come off the drug, by which time the harm had been done. We have tried many protocols to restore the damage done to his brain, without success. Much of my husband’s personality has been destroyed along with our quality of life. It beggars belief that medics throughout the world are still prescribing these poisonous drugs merely to lower cholesterol. If someone punched us in the street, one could prosecute for physical harm. Where are the prosecutions against these doctors, and the health officials who aid and abet them, who  are continuously damaging individuals beyond belief!”

    Moyra P. March 09 2012

  • “While in the hospital in December for what the doctors said was a stroke (since then I have come to believe symptoms were caused by lyme disease), they put me on lipotor. When I asked what it was, I was told it was to lower my cholesterol. I asked the nurse what were my cholesterol levels. She tried to look them up and told me I had not been tested for them. I asked why I had to take lipotor for high cholesterol levels when they did not even know what were my levels. The answer, because the doctor prescribed it. I took myself off the poison two weeks after I got home when the medical field’s scare tactics wore off. Guess what? I’m still alive.”

    Suzanne March 09 2012

  • “i read that statin causes memory last and rises blood sugar. My husband is high in cholesterol and he id taking simvastatin please told me if it is danger and if fish oil without simvastatin can lower cholesterol. thanks”

    Oralia Cano March 14 2012

  • “Thanks for all the feedback.  Just thought I would make a comment to Marcia about the claim from some Doctors that statins increase longevity by 30%.  I haven’t seen any studies to support that as most of them have shown only a small improvement in mortality rates from heart disease when statins are used. BUT…here is what is not being told!  In those studies which showed an improvement in longevity through the reduction in cardiovascular disease the overall mortality INCREASED from other causes…cancer being a major one.  They are not required to publish that information in the summary of the results, so, they are being technically correct but it is not giving a true picture. So, in other words you are likely to die sooner on a statin drug than if you are not on it.  But, instead of dying from a heart attack it may be from cancer or from something else.  Personally I would rather die of a heart attack and have a decent quality of life up until that point than suffer all the side effects and potentially die of cancer. Don, good to see that you have recovered well.  Our QH/Ultra is certainly giving good results for people with cardiovascular problems and is a must if you are on a statin.”

    Warren Matthews March 09 2012

  • “It is always important to see where articles originate and whether the authors have their own agendas. It is interesting that this report was written by a company selling vitamin supplements and "natural " remedies. Poses a large question mark in my book and to the person who speaks about dying of a heart attact as preferable to cance, fair enough but my concern is more about having a stroke and landing up dribbling out the corner of my mouth in a wheelchair. Let the debate continue! ”

    june March 11 2012

  • “June, I would point out that this report did not originate with us.  It came from the international news reporting agencies  (Reuters etc) as a result of a directive from the US FDA.  I agree with you about with you about the stroke versus cancer issue.  My comparison was to an unexpected fatal heart attack which is what statins are primarily promoted for.”

    Warren Matthews March 11 2012

  • “Dear all Any drug taken for "As long as you live" will naturally develope other disease.My suggestion if we modify our life style by consulting the Dieticians,(Give your whole day activity) by this we can improve our general Health.Believe in me.”

    syed March 12 2012

  • “I could not agree more about the negative side effects of this over-prescribed, over-publicized medical product(statin drugs) that has proven only to increase longevity by 30% but does not truly disclose all the side effects which are more than what has been disclosed by the FDA. These side effects pose a more present danger(s) than what they are so-called  classified to help.”

    Marcia March 09 2012

  • “I took three Lipitors and had such a reaction to it that I couldn’t walk and had to carried into the ER. Those disclaimers about muscle pain and potentially life threatening reactions are so often ignored. When I asked my doctor how long it would take to get this out of my system, he replied, "About 3 Months." IT’S THE ONLY DRUG I HAVE EVER HAD A REACATION TOO. How many others are having reactions that border on life-threatening but put up with the muscle pain because they think they’ll have a stroke.”

    GMan March 14 2012

  • “In 2006 at age 64 I had an unexpected heart attack and was airlifted to a regional hospital where I underwent a quintuple bypass operation. Following two months in hospital, I was discharged on a cocktail of drugs, including Simvastatin "to control my cholesterol", which had been measured at 5.7 shortly prior to my heart event. (Hardly "elevated"!) Within three months I had almost lost the use of my arms due to the pain in my shoulders and upper arms. I also had muscular pain in my lower limbs and discomfort in all of my joints. I stopped taking Simvastatin and within days, I started to feel better. Following a search on the internet, I also started taking CoQ10. I didn’t see my GP for a period of about six weeks following discontuation of the statin drug. He went "ballistic" over my decision to cease poisoning myself without his knowledge. I also "lost it" over his failure to advise me of the need to take CoQ10. He then insisted that I take Lipitor as I was "obviously affected by Simvastatin". He seemed to be convinced that I would not survive for long in the absence of a daily dose of a statin drug. After a short period on Lipitor (20 mg daily) I was in just as bad a state as I had been on Simvastatin. I again stopped treatment and advised my GP that I would continue to take CoQ10 (I’m now taking it as Ubiquinol) but I would never take statins again. I also suggested to my GP that he should open his mind and "wise up" to the widespread damage being done by statins. (More recently, I suggested that he should read Dr Duane Graveline’s excellent book; "The Statin Damage Crisis") I now take a beta blocker and an antagonist plus a few selected supplements (incl Xtend-Life’s excellent fish oil) and, six years after my MI, I’m statin free, pain free and in good health. To many, statins are pure poison and I do not believe that any user is completely unaffected. They appear to have a limited effect as an anti-inflammatory only, but there are many safer and more natural ways to achieve this result.”

    Les R April 10 2012

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