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Even L’Oreal suggests you take lycopene supplements!

It’s true! L’Oreal - along with Nestlé – have conducted a study that only echoes what we’ve been saying for a long time…building the foundation for beautiful younger-looking skin starts from within.

We have been using astaxanthin and lycopene in our Total Balance range for years...which explains why we get many of our customers are saying that the appearance of their skin has improved since they've been on Total Balance.


As you may have read on the website, our Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil Premium also contains natural forms of lycopene and astaxanthin…proven for their role in helping to protect your skin against photo-aging, sun damage, roughness, scaling...the list of benefits just goes on and on.

L’Oreal’s study is just one of many that promote lycopene supplements for healthy and attractive skin…some additional studies can be found under the More Info tab on our Omega 3 Premium product page. It’s true! L’Oreal - along with Nestlé – have conducted a study that only echoes what we’ve been saying for a long time…building the foundation for beautiful younger-looking skin starts from within.


  • “Hi Brad, I found this website quite amusing. There is nothing special or unique about this product. Very good website though. All the ingredients are very low cost. This is a product that has obviously been put together at minimal cost with a good marketing twist. It does not reveal what is being used as a preservative. They say that they do not use parabens. Whatever it is it would have to be powerful as it is a jar and exposed to air. This is why we use tubes otherwise we could not use the type of preservatives we do as the exposure to air would be too much for them to handle.”

    Warren Matthews June 24 2010

  • “Dear Sir, As a practicing homeopath i have seen patients sparkle after taking Lycopene which i gave to some of my patients as a survey trial. The set of medicine in small packs was sent y a manufacturer in India for free distribution. If you have any such programme i would like to participate and evaluate the results. Sudheer Uppadhayay”

    Sudheer Uppadhayay April 08 2010

  • “Hi Don, There is no single ingredient which can be singled out just for hair alone as there are many components to healthy hair. For example, preventing hair loss, preventing brittleness etc. Hair loss may be hormone related whereas brittleness is usually due to a nutritional deficiencyor, perhaps neglect through over exposure to sun. The best thing to do is to focus on your general health and the health of your hair will follow. This means taking a very broad range of nutrients such as in our Total Balance. To help slow hair loss due to hormones use the Mens version (its also good for your prostate). The Omega 3 should be taken in conjunction with the Total Balance to give your hair the best possible nutrients.”

    Warren Matthews April 12 2010

  • “Thanks for your comment Sudheer. It’s good to hear about your patients ‘sparkling’ after taking Lycopene…we can definitely relate to that. May I suggest you write to us directly, outlining what you have in mind and we’ll consider it. Looking forward to hearing from you.”

    Xtend-Life Expert April 08 2010

  • “Hi Warren, I just read a review for a new product called "37 Actives" ( What do you think of the claims as far as dna repair, anti-pigment, UV damage reversal etc.? And how does your facial fluid compare? The price seems astronomical but if this product does everything it says that would be pretty amazing. Thanks for the feedback!”

    Brad June 23 2010

  • “It’s good to know that lycopene is a good specific for healthy skin. Is there a particular specific for healthy hair as well? Thanks so much.”

    Don McFarland April 10 2010

  • “Great article! It’s been known that taking vitamins especially fish oil Omega 3 is vital to body functions and is great for hair. Here’s a credible source on natural ways to slow down hair loss:”

    James September 16 2010

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