Digesten-K becomes Kiwi-Klenz

Many of our customers will be familiar with our popular Digesten-K digestive product which is packed with natural prebiotics, phenolics, enzymes and much more sourced from nature's best source - the humble kiwifruit. As a result of this product's popularity and proven research, we are planning to introduce it into new markets.

However, due to various regulations, some government agencies in certain countries will not allow us to use the name 'Digesten-K'…although they are extremely pleased with the product's ingredients and formulation, which hasn't changed at all since the product was first developed.

So, when it came to the renaming process we thought more focus should be placed on the kiwifruit and its primary function in helping to 'clean out', balance, restore and support digestive health…hence the name Kiwi-Klenz.

We like to emphasize the fact that only the name is changing…nothing else:

  • The Kiwi-Klenz formula is identical to Digesten-K.
  • The same exclusive procedure is used to process the kiwifruit.
  • You'll see the same fabulous results with Kiwi-Klenz that you've experienced with Digesten-K.

For our new customers or readers who may not know about Kiwi-Klenz, here's a bit of background info about the product and the reasons why we developed the formulation in the first place.

Having an unbalanced digestive tract may prevent you from absorbing the maximum amount of nutrients from your food and even your supplements.

It's therefore extremely important for you to ensure that your digestive tract is in good working order and the colon is clean…not only will this help improve your body's uptake of nutrients from food and supplements, it will also significantly reduce the risk of toxins entering your bloodstream.

This is why so many of our customers have started using Kiwi-Klenz. Just look at what it contains and see the benefits for yourself:

Soluble Fiber -It's well known that soluble fiber is vital in maintaining a balanced digestive tract. This is why it's so important to ensure you're getting enough of it daily. Kiwi-Klenz is an excellent concentrated source of soluble fiber…offering more than dried kiwifruit powder, and psyllium husk, and more than even most high fiber dietary supplements.

Digestive Enzymes -These food-based enzymes are natural compounds that work to break down what we eat, making it easily absorbed by your body.

Phenolic Compounds -Found predominately in the raw skins of grapes and especially kiwifruit, these natural bioactives have been shown to inhibit the growth of bad intestinal bacteria in your gut while boosting the growth of good intestinal bacteria.

One daily dose of Kiwi-Klenz is the equivalent of eating two to four whole kiwifruits. Can you imagine yourself eating this amount of kiwifruit 7 days a week, 365 days a year? Probably not…

By whole, we mean the skins as well as the flesh of the kiwifruit. One vegetarian capsule of Kiwi-Klenz daily is so much easier and convenient.

The premium kiwifruit that goes into Kiwi-Klenz is harvested while in their prime condition. The supplement itself is actually less expensive that buying kiwifruit from your supermarket. Best of all it is stable and doesn't degrade like raw kiwifruit.

All this proves that Kiwi-Klenz is by far the best, most affordable and convenient way of getting your daily dose of prebiotics, soluble fiber, digestive enzymes and phenolic compounds.

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I have been using Kiwi-Klenz since it first became available. Previously, 3 glasses of warm water ensured a morning bowel movement for me. However, it would take 2-3 trips to the toilet before I was finished. Since I began taking 2 Kiwi-Klenz capsules, after my evening meal, I need only one trip to the toilet to be finished and ready to start my day.

Eric April 20 2012

This stuff has been a life saver for my acid reflux at night. I take two capsules after my evening meal and have not had any issues since I started taking it. Thank you!

Josh W. April 18 2012

My whole digestive system has changed dramatically.  I felt great changes with the first bottle.  My 17 year old son is on a daily antibiotic so he takes them now too.  I will always take kiwi klenz.  Thank you.  : )

Diane Johnson January 27 2016

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your great comments. We are happy to hear how well the product is working well for you.

We appreciate your feedback and if you are happy to, we would love for you to leave a review on the Kiwi-Klenz product page. I am sure that all our other customers would love to hear of your experiences with this product.

In good health,


Xtend-Life Expert January 28 2016

I have been having digestive problems which included chronic indigestion for most of my adult life. 3 endoscopies over a period of many years revealed the same thing-chronic inflammation of the stomach lining. Ultra sound revealed some small gallstones. One doctor suggested surgery to remove the gall bladder but another doctor asked me to hold on because there was no pain. I am glad I listened to the second doctor. I have been taking Digesten-K (Kiwi-Klenz) for the past 6 months. I am happy to let you know that my digestive problems have mostly been resolved in a natural way without invasive procedures like surgery. I recommend people give this product a try for a few months to confirm its efficacy.

CV April 22 2012

fantastic supplement,real good products. I’m going to take it forever. Thankyou very much for all the good/hard works. Your company ROCK!!!!!!!

stephen May 14 2012

what a wonderful product.
i always has bowel problems but this product has evened it out and im easily regular now.
thanks for such a superb formula.

Eric April 19 2012

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