Dick Cheney Gets a New Lease on Life

July 2010, Xtend-Life Expert


You may have seen in the news recently that former US Vice President, Dick Cheney, received a small heart pump to assist the severely weakened left ventricle of his heart.

You may have seen in the news recently that former US Vice President, Dick Cheney, received a small heart pump to assist the severely weakened left ventricle of his heart. According to experts, his two-year survival odds just went from about two percent to 58 percent.

At $100,000 USD for this pump, called a left ventricular assist device, one may think spending such is a bargain for a decent chance at living another two years...but based on what we know today, this decision could have been averted if he and countless other people had implemented a few simple changes to their lifestyle, for example:

  • Consume a whole food diet, emphasizing fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grains, safe cold water fish, and plenty of clean water
  • Exercise moderately (3-4 X per week of moderate aerobic and resistance training)
  • Manage your stress daily (yoga, meditation, laughter, etc.)
  • Supplement your diet with a complex multi-nutrient like Total Balance and omega-3 fatty acids. For example, there are cases in which patients have avoided bypass surgery even after they have been booked for the operation as a result of high doses of CoQ10...an ingredient which may have a beneficial effect on heart health, especially when taken in supplements like Omega 3 QH/Ultra and Cardio-Klenz.

The excellent work of Dr. Dean Ornish has demonstrated beyond any shadow of doubt that lifestyle modification can profoundly enhance the chances you will not suffer from heart disease.


  • “Hi Dr. Perillo, I read the first article submitted by Michael. Based on that article, Dr. Dean Ornish stated that Omega 3 fatty acids could kill for those who have had a heart attack or have congestive heart failure. May I know your views about this issue? Thank you for the response.”

    Elmer - July 24 2010

  • “Dear Michael and Elmer, Thank you for highlighting the issues brought to the publics attention by Dr. Dean Ornish. I was fortunate to have studied briefly with Dr. Dean Ornish many years ago (mid to late 80s and 90s). At the time I was serving in the volunteer position as President of the American Heart Association in Northern California. Dean is a strong proponent of prescribing fish oil supplements, personally taking about 3-4 grams per day. Although the overwhelming evidence to date is that for most individuals taking omega 3 fish oil supplements, the result will be a significant improvement in health, reductions in harmful triglycerides and specifically a reduction in sudden death in those with certain heart disease risk factors, there is however a small fraction of sufferers of heart disease who will likely not benefit from the additional omega-3s. The Bottom-Line: If you are currently taking omega 3 fish oil supplements continue doing so. Please speak to your nutritionally oriented physician about the advisability of continuing to take omega 3 fish oil supplements and or eating fatty fish if you fall into any of the following categories: 1. Severe congestive heart failure 2. Angina pain that is chronic, persistent and or recurring 3. Have a surgically implanted cardioverter defibrillator device in your chest A brief comment about debates between academics and non-academics in matters of scientific validity; there are countless numbers of experts on the Internet proposing one theory after another about why their particular their opinion is right and everyone elses is wrong. I do value the work of scientists, especially those clinicians that have dedicated their professional careers to solving the difficult issues surrounding health and illness, morbidity and mortality. Its one thing to hold an opinion or a theory, if you will, and quite another to actually test it. Dr. Dean Ornish has done this throughout his career. Statements taken out of context can easily lead one to believe things never intended by the person being quoted. I hope this helps.”

    Xtend-Life Expert - July 28 2010

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