Debunking Claims against New Zealand Fish Oil

You may recollect that late in 2015 there was a lot of international media coverage about a study on Fish Oil conducted by an academic institute in New Zealand. This study concluded that the overwhelming majority of Fish Oil sold in New Zealand was either excessively oxidized and/or didn’t contain the amount of DHA or EPA as claimed on the product labels.

This study was widely publicized with many news releases in Australia and New Zealand, some of which were taken up by the New York Times which in turn spread to other media and was given extensive coverage.

The mainstream media tends to focus on and redistribute negative reports about supplements and natural remedies. They not only did that in this case but they sensationalized it with inflammatory headlines, with little or no attempt to question the validity of the study.

Sadly, we have seen this sort of thing time and time again over recent years. Where the media will latch onto a poor-quality study about preventative health or dietary supplements and write negative stories about it without doing their due diligence or understanding the validity of the news release which they are relying on.

Some of these ‘studies’ are grossly misleading and influenced or designed to arrive at an outcome the authors or sponsors have a vested interest in arriving at.

For example, there are studies available giving a negative result on a dietary supplement ingredient which upon further investigation was set up to fail in the first instance. In some cases, this is achieved by using a form of an ingredient which is known not to work…such as a synthetic version, or an incomplete or non-bioavailable form of the ingredient. Some of these studies are funded by pharmaceutical organizations as part of a drive to discredit natural solutions.

I cannot be sure of the motivations of the authors of the 2015 study of fish oil. What we do know, is that it contradicted all of the credible evidence and it seems clear that it was very inaccurate and highly misleading.

In the wake of this study, there was a great deal of concern, and this prompted the Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) to do its own study. The TGA’s study found no significant evidence to support the contention that the fish oil products on the market are highly oxidized or that they do not meet label claims.

However, these results published by this respected government agency were not widely known by the general public as the media had little interest in picking up this side of the story and publishing the real facts.

The TGA was not the only organization that chose to follow up on this negative story.

The Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED) is the leading global organization, representing industry, educating consumers and working to raise standards around the world.

GOED has now released the results of a high-quality study that was commissioned to validate or refute the findings of the 2015 study that had harmed both the industry and consumer trust in fish oil products in New Zealand.

The findings of this comprehensive study support the TGA’s findings. The GOED study has found that the fish oils not only met the regulatory standards required, but the majority actually passed the standards specified in the GOED voluntary monograph for purity, which is a lot more demanding than the regulatory standards.

Xtend-Life is proud to be a member of GOED. All of our fish oil products meet our standards which are even more demanding than GOED’s stringent standards.

Here is a link to the report prepared on this subject by GOED which you may find interesting.

In summary…the overwhelming majority of fish oils produced and sold in New Zealand and Australia are of high quality. Because of our production methods for our fish oils and the testing we do, we can assure our customers that Xtend-Life’s fish oil products always achieve the very highest quality standards.

11 Responses

I continue to purchase xtend life. No problem.

Jimmy Pruitt May 17 2017

Thanks for the update. I keep taking your fine products.

George Cawthorne May 17 2017

Thank you all for your positive feedback. It is wonderful to hear that our customers can recognize and appreciate the high quality, pure and potent ingredients used on our range. We always strive to produce supplements that are a cut above any others, and also aim to be as transparent and open with our customers as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer relations team, as they have a wealth of knowledge and are more than happy to help at any time.

Customer Relations May 30 2017

Have taken omega 3/QH ultra for many years. I heard the report on TV and just knew that it was not true for Xtend-life. My daughter bought this and a friend will buy also.

ES May 17 2017

How about giving the actual % of EPA and DHA in your product. I like what I have read so far. Been using fish oil for many years. My doctor is always amazed at my blood test every year. My internal organs are in exceptional condition. I have them available for any research studies. That’s the studies not the organs.

Gary J Gray August 07 2017

Although I’ve always believed Xtendlife sells high quality products, I appreciate the update information, as well as the assurance that I’m getting the high quality that I think I’m getting. Keep on keeping all of us informed please!

Mary F May 18 2017

Your supplement facts for Omega 3 say that you should consult your doctor if taking ‘blood thinning products’. I am not a doctor but i think this is misleading and you should be using the term ‘anti-coagulants’. Aspirin, warfarin and the NOACs (new oral anti-coagulants) do not thin the blood, they inhibit clotting and thus reduce the risk of strokes.

Handy August 17 2017

What is the % purity of your Omegas 3 fish oil?

Handy August 17 2017

Hi Handy, Thats a great question!
We are very proud to say that purity is on one of our biggest strengths. We assessed purity by measuring the levels of heavy metals, PCBs and Dioxons present in the oil. The great news is that our team here at Xtend-Life routinely test our fish oil that we make, to ensure we consistently produce a high quality product so customers like yourself can notice all the wonderful health benefits.

Not only do we test our products ourselves, but testing is also done by a third party laboratory, which helps to confirm the in-house testing we perform is correct.

Handy, when you get a chance I would highly recommend taking a look at our Certificate of Anaylsis, which will give you an understanding of everything we test for along with the measurements of each of these;

We would love to help you further so please dont hesitate to contact us again.

In good health,

Customer Relations August 17 2017

We are pleased you enjoyed reading our blog about our Omega 3 Fish Oil Gary. It is also fantastic to hear that Fish Oil has been so beneficial for you over the years! We are happy to advise that you will get a minimum of 1100mg total Omega 3, including 700mg DHA and 300mg EPA in each daily dose of two soft gels. We can guarantee that you will always get this amount of Omega 3, in this daily dose, but in reality it is usually a little more. We are very proud of our fish oil for it’s quality, purity and freshness, and this is one of the most important things to remember when choosing your brand. If you have any questions you can phone, email or contact us on Live chat. Please see our website for contact details. Jacqui – Xtend-Life Customer Relations

Customer Relations August 09 2017

Hi Handy, Thanks for your feedback and for taking the time to read our blog.

We do understand that these medications are a chemical substance that prevent or reduce blood clotting or slow down the clotting time. However, to the majority of people they are known as blood thinning medication, but we appreciate your insight into this. We would love to help you further and if you have any questions about this or any of our products please dont hesitate to get in touch again.

In good health,

Customer Relations August 17 2017

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