Daily nutrients are essential for perceptual motor skills

The ability to move your body in any direction, at any pace, and in any way you wish is what makes the human body such a wonderful instrument. Perceptual motor skills refer to this ability for humans to move…to take a desired action in order to achieve a purpose, whether it’s catching a ball, balancing on a beam, or simply sitting upright.

However, freedom of movement through physical activities can often be taken for granted. Every day we walk, play sports, drive, balance ourselves as we get out of the shower/bath, climb stairs, sit down, stand up, and run to catch the bus/taxi. These activities require the body to perform specific movements…whether we’re consciously aware of them or not.

In order for the body to do this, it requires the right nutrients to fuel the complex processes that enable the brain to send neural messages to the muscles…’telling’ them where to push/pull, how hard, in what direction, and even to prepare them for countermeasure-movements should they be needed…all in a matter of few milliseconds. By depleting this ‘motor skill fuel’ the ability to perform these functions and movements may become more difficult – especially with age.

Learning new skills like kicking a soccer ball, hitting a tennis ball over the net or even sitting up straight require conscious perceptual motor skills. By practicing these movements (yes, sitting upright is a static movement) you can improve the efficiency of the nerves and muscles required to perform the desired action. With the right nutrients helping your body, these movements can even be improved.

Even unconscious movements require necessary nutrients. The ubiquinol in our Omega 3 / QH Premium CoQ10 for example may help improve the cardiac output of the heart by providing more energy to the cardiac muscles. Other nutrients can help improve reaction times. For example, some ingredients found in our Total Balance may help improve eye health…this is especially important should you suddenly see something in the corner of your eye and have to react very quickly.

Degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s have been associated with long-term nutrient deficiencies and may be prevented by supplementing with the optimal amount of the necessary ingredients that your body needs for improved brain, nerve, and muscle health. These three systems are the driving forces behind movement and you need to ensure that they receive the daily fuel they need to help keep you moving and doing the things that you love.

A great way to do this is by following a regime that incorporates Total Balance, and our Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil(ideally the QH Premium CoQ10 version).

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