Conference for Alternative Medicine for Pets

Having had my career beginnings in the animal health industry, I had to make comment on a news article today for the first national Alternative Medicine for Pets conference, to be held in Ilkley, UK, in November of this year.

This is great as there are very few (almost no) such events on the potentials for animal health to be improved in this way as well as human health.

The conference is being headed by Paws and it will be their first Natural Health Conference, of course focusing on all aspects of pet and animal health.

Having originally found my interest in natural health via my work with animals many years ago, this is of great interest to me. I originally trained as a veterinary nurse, and then in animal behavior.

It was during my years working with animal behavior that I first came across natural supplements and aromatherapy that helped in animal behavior treatment. From there I become more and more interested in how it helped humans too, and moved my study to this area. The rest is history, as they say!! :).

However, my interest in animal health has always remained, and to date I still have people contact me with regards to animal medical and behavioral conditions. I am therefore really glad that we are seeing, more and more, emphasis on animals being given the same options as us in terms of how their health is treated.

Natural health for animals isn't as widely understood (or expected) as it is for humans. But it is there. However, information, advice, and products are a lot harder to find.

At such conferences as this (and there will be more from other animal sources) experts in holistic treatments, complementary medicine, animal psychology and physical therapy for all types of pets can be on hand to get the ball rolling and expand people's knowledge.

We already have many homoeopathic and naturopathic vets in the UK now, and there are many more worldwide (with the US leading the field). This type of event only helps to advertise the abilities and experts in this area and is a wholly positive experience.

Tracey Crewsdon, the founder of Paws, said to the Ilkely Gazette: "I believe it is essential that an awareness of the benefit of using complementary medicine in conjunction with conventional methods is raised and that animal owners should be empowered to make balanced and informed decisions about the range of health and medical care options available." I couldn't agree more!

Areas of current animal drugs and potential alternatives will be discussed, along with certain condition aspects and general natural protective health advice, of course including diet and foodstuffs.

It will be excellent to see experts in animal health and pet owners coming together in order to learn more about how to care for pets naturally and for the long-term.

At Xtend-Life we have discussed the potentials of producing some such formulas ourselves, and to date many times I have been able to offer advice on our Omega 3/DHA product and how it can be used for dog and cat health under some circumstances.

In the future it may be potentially possible for us to expand in this area and offer more along this line, and we will keep you posted if at a future time we are able to work further on this idea.

In the meantime, with events such as this the public will have the opportunity to hear about the power of natural therapies in treating common and serious illness, in the areas of acupuncture, homoeopathy, natural nutrition, and other alternative and complementary therapies; as well as areas I am also familiar with such as animal psychology, physical therapy and training.


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Hi Lorena,

I assume this is for their general overall health protection, and not for a particular condition. If they have any particular conditions or are on any medications, please let me know in case this effects the below dosage information.

At the moment all our products are formulated for human use. However, I can advise our Omega 3/DHA fish oil product (standard version) as being safe for dogs to take. I would ideally need to know more about their breed and any health issues, but to begin with, start off with just 1 every other day for overall general health, and see how they get on.

If they have no digestive upsets, such as diarrhoea, this could be increased to a daily intake. If they do have any diarrhoea stop use for a few days and then reduce dosage.

Xtend-Life Expert July 26 2010

I have two dogs, one med large, one mediuim and I am wondering if I can use any of your supplements to help them. They are 10-11 yrs old each.

lorena July 23 2010

a type of acupuncture in which a pair of needles are connected to a battery that generates electric pulses

Wirral Acupuncture September 29 2010

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