Carin's Story: When Lifestyle Isn't Enough

Carin is a long term customer and holistic practitioner, she knew the path to true wellness wouldn't  happen overnight but is well worth it when it happens. We are delighted to share Carin’s experience with you.

Four years ago, Carin couldn't shake a constant “fuzzy” feeling. She was tired, sleeping poorly and just didn't feel her head was ever really clear.

At 59, she wondered if this was just a result of getting older or a busy job with lots of travel.

But it didn't seem right. Carin had been living a healthy lifestyle and studying holistic treatments for 35 years. She was eating well, exercising three to four times a week, and avoiding toxins.

"I've always felt that we are responsible for our own health and that we do have the power to make better choices. But I began to realize that I was now going to need some extra help."

Carin started researching supplements and found Xtend-Life. “I could see that the quality and purity were important and I felt that Xtend-Life was honest and open with their customers.”

After a few weeks taking our Core Wellness Activator package, Carin noticed an improvement in her energy levels and digestion. After just three months, she noticed an improvement in her sleep and described her brain as “brighter and clearer”.

Of course, she was spurred on to continue and now over 3 year later is very pleased with the results she and her husband have noticed. And so are we!

"It doesn't happen overnight but it is well worth it when it does happen. I am more alert, with less inflammation and all around much better."

Carin's Wellness approach

Carin's favorite is the Core Wellness Activator, which contains Premium Omega 3 /DHA, Prebiotic Kiwi-Klenz and Total Balance for Women. 

Total Balance Women' Premium provides Carin with 97 targeted potent vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and age-defying nutrients to support cell health and function. It has been designed to boost energy levels and vitality, support mental clarity and general health. 

Omega 3 / QH Premium CoQ10 blend helps to nourish all of her body systems, especially her brain and heart. Omega 3 supports sleep and is critical "brain foods" to maintain brain health and function.

While Kiwi-Klenz provides vital support for optimal digestion, helping Carin to absorb nutrients from her food and support her immunity.

"Supplements are called ‘supplements’ for a reason because the best results will be seen if they are used in conjunction with a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle," Carin said.

"The first step is to plant the seed, visualizing yourself living a healthier life is a powerful motivator. Changing your mindset and daily habits may not be easy, but once you are facing the right direction all you need to do is start walking. Every step is one closer to where you would like to be."

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