Breast Cancer Survivor?

    Question: from Rose

    I'm a 44 year old. 3-time breast cancer survivor. Currently on Femara, which has increased my cholesterol level. Current level is 281. HDL 75. LDL 190. Trigly. 81. My first cancer was highly estrogen positive. Docs want to start Zocor. Is your product safe for me to take given the estrogen? I've had a total hysterectomy. I'm also on Zometa. I have a strong family Hx of heart dis. (both sides).


    Answer: from Warren

    Hi Rose,

    Firstly, in my opinion you don't need to take Zocor. You have enough issues without adding to them further by taking a statin. Sure your cholesterol is quite high but your HDL is very high which offsets the LDL. Also, your triglycerides are very low so any heart issues you may have will are unlikely to be due to cholesterol alone. 

    If you take our Total Balance as well, (which I would recommend) only take the Unisex version given your high estrogen levels. I would also suggest that you take our new Omega 3 / QH Premium CoQ10 which will be excellent for your heart health.

    I have serious reservations about the medication you are on as your hormones are likely to be seriously out of 'whack' which possibly contributed to your breast cancer in the first place. Have any of the Doctors suggested giving you bio-identical progesterone to help offset the excessive estrogen? This is crucial.

    May I suggest a couple of books for you to read.

    One is "Ageless" by Suzanne Somers and the other is "Stay Young and Sexy" with Bio-identical hormones by Jonathan V. Wright.

    These books will really give you another perspective on your treatment and if you act on the knowledge that is contained within them it may well be the best thing that could happen in correcting your health

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    Hi Warren,
    my dad is suffering from hepatitis c and his liver is not doing well and the doctor recommends biopsy to see how far the damage has gone plus he is diabetic which is also not helping, he has symptoms now like having pain in  the liver area… and it looks like the only option is going to be those 2 liver medication which are 50/50 and their side effects are very horrible!

    Is there any natural product he can take to slow down things or assist him?
    I heard Selenium and Vitamin K2 and Milk Thistle, are good for the liver..


    Farah June 02 2010

    Hi Farah,

    Firstly, apologies that Warren is unable to respond in person at this time. He has passed this to me to help you with, as he is caught up in some business matters.

    The advised medical treatment is invasive and may have side effects, as you mention. I can’t specifically advise against this however as i don’t have full medical info as to your dad’s infection. He should take his doctor’s advice initially if his health is in immediate danger. Longer-term, there are things that may help him to avoid, or reduce the need for drugs, and aid recovery.

    I would advise our Total Balance Premium for its multitude of strengthening ingredients for the liver (and other organs), and boost to his immune system to naturally fight the flared infection. It does contain the ingredients you mention.

    Viral-Protec may help boost your dad’s immune system further, at 6 per day to start with given his current flare.

    Omega 3/DHA at optimum dose can help to reduce inflammation and increase function along with Total Balance.

    These 3 formulas should be taken away from any meds your dad is taking, preferably by 2-3+ hours per dose. If you let me know the names of the meds I can be more accurate on further info. Bear in mind that if your dad is undergoing any kind of surgery, supplements should be stopped 1-2 weeks prior to the operation and continued 1-2 weeks after.

    In addition it is vital to ensure his diet is optimum. I will send you separately our diabetes nutritional guidelines, which will be helpful for his general health condition and of course his diabetes. For his diabetes we also have a specific Diabet-Eze product which could be helpful for the future, once his infection is more under control.

    Xtend-Life Expert June 03 2010

    Hi Sheela,

    Yes, the new Ultra has everything that the other two versions have. It is basically the Premium with the CoQ10 Ubiquinol addedso if your budget can stretch for it, this is the way to go.

    By the way, try getting into the habit of having one or two large glasses of WARM pure water IMMEDIATELY on arising each morning. After a couple of weeks you may find that your constipation problems are very much relieved.

    Warren Matthews June 01 2010

    Hi Warren,

    Firstly – i hope Rose will benefit from your great supplements and recover soon. Secondly, i am currently taking your TB Female Premium and Fish Oil DHA/O3 supplements and find them to be extremely good. I dont really have much health issue (thank god, apart constipation and general once in a way illness). I am 44 (and would like to stay young forever) and was wondering which Fish Oil i should go for – the premium or ultra to get the best benefits? Does Ultra has everything that the DHA/O3 and Premium has? Please advise.

    Sheela May 30 2010

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